In Which Samich, Betch

Ten Years Gone

By Danish Aziz

Someone doesn’t think highly of the PoMos at Brown. Why people who strive to lead tours at art museums elicit such strong feelings of contempt from others is puzzling, but at least in this case the contempt is funny in its truthiness. In the real world I’ve come to realize that Brown kids, for all their faults, at least learn to be somewhat cool by the end of their four-year stint.

Sleater Kinney – “Modern Girl” [mp3]

I interact with a lot of Stanford graduates here in the Bay. Nice people who for the most part are either weird in the most boring way possible or boring in the weirdest way possible. I’ve met some gems, though. I was doing a search for one of the co-ops at Stanford (Enchanted Broccoli Forest) because Akron/Family is playing there on Friday and I thought I’d check it out before commuting back to the citay. EBF’s site led me to Stanford True Love Waits. The best part of their website (which doesn’t appear to have been updated since 1997) is the section titled “Look who is waiting!” Here you can find the many young bachelors and bachelorettes who are/were saving sex for state and church sanctioned marriage. Kudos to them, there are worse things to dedicate yourself to (ethnocentrism comes to mind).

Click around the “Look who is waiting” section, read the personal statements, check out the meat. Then go ahead and Google some of them. These being Stanford graduates, most have gone on to become wildly successful, which means pictures inevitably accompany their new bios. Unfortunately we can’t confirm if they maintained their oaths, but at least you can see what ten years of self love might look like.

Roman – “True Love Owes Us Shit (Losoul Remix)” [mp3]

Junior Mafia – “Get Money” [mp3]

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