In Which Links for a Tuesday Force You To Feel An Unexpected Stirring In Spite of Yourself

Just another reason not to trust Canadians.

Our love for prog R & B with falsetto vocals is well known. We have always wanted Robin Thicke to accidentally eat brownies with LSD in them and front a group like this, preferably with a joke about Growing Pains in the band’s name.

Miami-based Awesome New Republic is led by frontman John Hancock. They are the most aggressively entertaining band we have heard lately, kind of like the Fiery Furnaces if all they wanted to do was dance, dance, dance.

“10K” — Awesome New Republic (mp3)

“Going Down” — Awesome New Republic (mp3)

“Dirge” — Awesome New Republic (mp3)

John Hancock myspace

ANR myspace

“The Clap” — Awesome New Republic (mp3)

“The Tape They Don’t Want You To See” — Awesome New Republic (mp3)

Mila Kunis is dating Macauley Culkin, NO!!!!

I have been particularly bad at waiting in lines recently. I was never very good about it to begin with. Between 2001 and 2003, I peaked at being good at waiting in them. Now I flip out. If the line isn’t moving, I add sound. Yesterday I yelled at an elderly woman. She was trying to use coupons that were expired. I said to her, “You are a burden to society. You are a burden to this country.” Then I put my orange juice and milk on a radiator and left. Later on, I was buying Gatorade (just Gatorade for some reason, it’s embarrassing to wait ten minutes to buy Gatorade, but sometimes that is our lot) and also Nyquil. This woman pointed to the $13.99 two-pack of Nyquil and said, “Does that stuff work?” I said, “The idea that you could be unfamiliar with Nyquil saddens me,” paid and left. I really fucking hate waiting in fucking lines.

The victory of the nerds.

Hollywood’s best breasts. Speaking of which, Kimberly Bell in Playboy.

Stalked by a bloggeur.

It’s your birthday in Liberia.

would you like to know more?

Wu Tang and the Beatles.

More Office fanfiction.

Gisele on a bicycle.

Get under the covers.

Anthony Daniels had an interesting piece on George Bernard Shaw:

Shaw was in fact a crank of the first water, who had the sophist’s ability to present his publicity-generating eccentricities as the choices of a rational man. He was drawn to odd causes like a fly to ordure, provided they gave him a platform. One of these causes was anti-vaccination.

the author of Pygmalion

This is a subject which I hesitate to mention, because immunization against infectious diseases still arouses passions unequalled by any other medical procedure, and even commentary en passant is bound to bring a crop of responses in which vituperation of an astonishing virulence is made to stand for argument. There remains to be written a history of the opposition to immunization down the ages by a historian with a good grasp of psychology, to explain the almost fanatical adherence that this cause inspires.

The new Bloc Party single. (Pretty Much Amazing) Also from PMA, the Britney Spears you have been searching for.

The masses are turning on I Can Haz Cheeseburger.

Separated at birth?

Be careful about being a dick to your co-workers on myspace. (Passive-Aggressive Notes)

Nellie McKay tracks you shall be downloading in your dreamz.

Edith on a hilarious dating questionnaire. You can read more of her at L Magazine.

Mad props to conjoined twins separated.

The ice cream cone meets pizza.

When Judd Apatow met Steve Martin:

Apatow also recalled his first visit to L.A. when he was a kid and went to his idol Steve Martin’s house, where the comic was washing his car. Apatow begged Martin for his signature but he said if he gave autographs at his house, fans would never leave him alone. “It was an incredibly reasonable request, but to me he was just a [bleep].”

So Apatow stuck a note in Martin’s mailbox saying that people like him bought Martin’s comedy records and made him a star. “Three months later,” Apatow recalled, “I got a copy of his book ‘Cruel Shoes,’ in the mail inscribed, ‘To Judd. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was speaking to the Judd Apatow.’ ”

“This Time Tomorrow” — The Kinks (mp3)

The Late Greats tackles AA Bondy. Also Geoff Berner.

John Burns, the legendary New York Times reporter, on the U.S.

Mystery writer/TV reporter.

Using sunshine to make tattoos.

Feminism gets a bad name.


Retro Music Snob

Bag of Songs

The Pelican’s Perch

The Raw Flame


Adam Riff

Things They Should Invent

Woe & Tell


Our obsession with The Long Winters knows no bounds.

Becky advised the importance of bros before hos.

We never behave ourselves, never.

3 thoughts on “In Which Links for a Tuesday Force You To Feel An Unexpected Stirring In Spite of Yourself

  1. Mila and Macauley have been dating for years and just got MARRIED actually. You heard it first from THE Molly Lambert.

  2. Hey yo! Thanks for linking up the ‘ol Perch blog yesterday. Much appreciated as always. I’ve got a track by track Radiohead review today if you feel like reading the 400th review of In Rainbows. Also, my friend and I rewrote one of my songs and recorded a terribly poor quality demo of it. Let me know what you think. I should have a band here pretty soon.

    [audio src=",000%20miles%20revised.mp3" /]


  3. “We have always wanted Robin Thicke to accidentally eat brownies with LSD in them and front a group like this, preferably with a joke about Family Ties in the band’s name.”

    Growing Pains.

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