In Which Links For A Friday Sent You Spiralling Into the Atmosphere

Annie Lennox. The new album is incredible.

Secondhand News

by Alex Carnevale

There’s been a lot of writing about nooses lately. This morning, another one.

“Smithereens” — Annie Lennox (mp3)

“Big Sky” — Annie Lennox (mp3)

both classics, both off her latest release, Songs of Mass Destruction. No, seriously. I don’t care what this dude says, the album is awesome.

The damn thing was found at a construction site. When you’re picking something as a symbol, one of the keys is that it have only one meaning. A noose means that somebody’s going to hang from it, or that Michael Hutchence is having some alone time. Too soon?

Up at Columbia, a noose was found on this female black professor’s door.

Since the infamous noosing of Jena, LA, the copycats have taken over. And at Columbia, as per the usual for that school, a rash of anti-Semitic imagery has overtaken the campus as well. This part, at least is no surprise–Columbia offers a minor in Jew hating. Too soon?

A man chants while marching on Columbia University's main campus in New York in a rally to protest against the discovery of a noose on the office door of Professor Madonna Constantine.

The reaction of the predictably vapid campus ideologues (and we’re referring first and foremost to those on the faculty) is to motivate the masses for the protest…of racism? I mean, I admit it’s a compelling issue, but it’s not exactly going to inspire those who commit the crimes to mount a counterprotest.

I am just kidding, good for them. They call tell their grandkids about it. “We marched against racism! It was crazy!” “There was still racism, grandpa?” “In some ways, it was even worse than before the civil rights era.” “Really?” “I mean, probably, grandson. Go get me a Fresca.”

The real annoyance is that we have to hear the usual malarkey from the local marauders (in this case director of the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force Michael Osgood).

Is it worse to do something because you don’t like the color of the person’s skin? Absolutely not! It has nothing to do with it! Thoughts cannot, should not, must not be prosecuted.

“It’s not a 65-year-old man who is going around doing this,” said NYPD Inspector Michael Osgood, commanding officer of the department’s Hate Crime Task Force.

Osgood said bias crimes do not follow patterns, but police in the task force have been able to create a profile of a typical suspect.

“He has a low level of what I would call emotional intelligence. He either does it for the thrill or as a reaction to someone of a different identity walking by,” Osgood said.

The suspect is between the age of 13 and 20, has a criminal record and “low impulse control,” Osgood said.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m glad students are against racism, and this was an especially egregious act. No one knows this more than myself. After all, I was the very first anti-racist person. In the world. And this case in Jena…it bothers me deeply. It is a deeply confusing, messy situation. It is really where the rallying needs to be done. A student’s cagey observation that New York isn’t all that different than the South is absolutely meaningful, but the fact is, the South is even worse.

Seriously, do it. Now.

Dopey piece on Bob Wyland.

Not Safe for Work.

The toxic goop of Brooklyn.

Conversations about Coltrane.

David Lynch Gucci commercial.

Your husband tries to hang you. Yes, it happened to one woman.

Doris Lessing winning the Nobel was adorable:

with skepticism, fire and visionary power [she] has subjected a divided civilization to scrutiny.”

Hillary likes to be obsessed over. Her husband certainly can’t comply.

Diamondback fans suck.

The first issue of Tarpaulin Sky is ready for preorder.

The plight of viral video site FunnyOrDie.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. That’s possibly the most appealing couple ever.

Chick from America’s NTM photosetz.

Harold from Harold & Kumar is the new Sulu.


I may not agree with the hat you are wearing, but I will defend to the death your right to wear it.

Lebron, whatchoo thinking bro?

Scott Boras exaggerates, what else is new?

How to improve your wireless network.

We love indexed, but we didn’t get this one.

Gaming the system that supports the homeless.

Drew Carey is in a very dark place right now.

Turkish government gonna punish Boeing unless they admit the Turks didn’t commit genocide WTF??!?!?

Lessons from a Life in Science

We don’t disclose conflicts of interests, that’s our rule.

Interview with Deb Olin Unferth.

The new Beyonce cell phone.

Norman Mailer’s new religion.

They are turning Hitch into a series.

Patriarchy hurts us all.

Paul Phillips (right)

Paul blogs at extempore

Ann Coulter is always making “jokes” that “people” are “taking” too “seriously.

Playing cards to protect civilization.

Crazy notes in red ink. (Passive-Aggressive Notes)

Consider taking a mancation.

They play the twin switcheroo on The Bachelor.

Krauthammer on why he won’t vote for Hillary.

Reviews of the new seasons of Heroes and House.

Clooney gets a bunch of hospital workers suspended, way to go.

The six scariest foods in the world.

Definitely too soon.

Projective Verse at 50.

The new Jens Lenkman over at Mixtape Maestro.

Stern rebuke to Ron Paul-ites.

Ortiz hearts Joe Torre.

Our man Jason Jones linked to us, you don’t know how huge this was. This was like when Daniel Drezner once linked to my old blog. The older you get, the more comfortable getting hyperlinked becomes.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording. He was born on Millington Naval Base in Tennessee, the first child of Robert and Joanne Carnevale.


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We talked about Julia Allison. We owe her an apology re: yesterday’s post. We linked to this thing that mentioned some plagiarism business, and we want to make it clear that

  • Julia is not a plagiarist.
  • She is awesome.
  • We wish all our posts were about her although that would probably get old.
  • Her boyfriend seems like a huge dick.
  • Her Flickr is still tremendous.

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