In Which Boys Become Men and Men Become Wolves

My Favorite Moment From This Week’s 30 Rock

Kelly x Britney = Gimme More Shoes (Betch)


Bonobos Hump To Music

Young Moss Tongue

The Wicked Thing

Mostly Certain


Alex could not pardon Wes Anderson for his sins, and Jess Grose got all feministic and brought Laura Mulvey and the patriarchy into the fray.

George Ducker asked are you ready for the country, and found something very strange in a meat smoker.

Guest Contributor Andrew Zornoza discussed Jun’ichirō Tanizaki and Will Hubbard got Ekphrastic in this bitch.

I embarrassed dreamy Ryan Gosling with his past, pushed the Loudon Wainwright III revival forward, looked at the incredible sadness of Charlie Brown and wished that you would burn my motherfucking clothes.

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording. She will be getting the key to the city of Gary Indiana any day now from Freddie Gibbs

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