In Which Adolescence Takes A Quick Detour Back To The Place Where Things Start Looking Familiar


It’s that time in our lives when everything was up in the air, when we didn’t know what the hell was really going on and we weren’t sure we wanted to.

Relive those tender years here at This Recording.

Part One (Rebecca Wiener)

Part Two (John Gruen)

Part Three (Tess Lynch)

Part Four (Jessica Grose)

Part Five (Molly Young)

Part Six (Lucas Stangl)

Part Seven (Andrew Zornoza)

Cop Pulled Me Over

by Rachel B. Glaser

When the cop pulled me over I turned my music up. “What Officer?!” I yelled over it. He stuck his cop hand in and turned my dial down. He told me how fast and I sighed. “I was just trying to be cool. I wanted to impress the other cars.” He scratched his cop face. He squinted in the sun. “Also, the music. The music pushes my foot down. I’m always matching the music.” I took my Queens of the Stone Age cd out and showed him. He turned it over in his hand. He caught the sun’s rays and pointed a glare into my eyes. “Also, the movement. It puts my mind on a train. I’m brilliant when I’m driving.” One cop hand held the Queens of The Stone Age cd, the other hand slid my license between his teeth, working free something from lunch.

“U Nev Give Me My $$$” — Rachel B. Glaser (m4a)


12th grade ended
my boyfriend ran off to Hampshire to major in Rock N Roll
to minor in Dressing Cool

My mom did my application to Smith b/c after my dad left she turned totally lesbo
not like Ellen Show lesbo
more like Salem Witch lesbo
fashion is here and its injured lesbo
not like WNBA lesbo
more like Ellen Show lesbo
Oh wait, not like Ellen Show lesbo
not like that, but we both did watch that

At Smith I met a boy who was “passing” as a girl
“I think they let guys in here now,” I said
“Well I haven’t seen any, have you?”
I hadn’t

We laid side by side in his bed
we jerked ourselves off separately
then switched at the very end
“Let’s transfer to Hampshire and major in Each Other’s Bodies”
And we did

My Division III Advanced Project will be to kill him and dismember his body, burying each part separately
in its own grave
each head stone will have its own Sonnet
or Haiku
whichever is easier

In my Project Proposal I cite other instances of similar burials
Jesus, they buried like this, but underground his body parts found each other like magnets
Courtney Love was going to bury Kurt Cobain like this, but then she wasn’t in the mood

Rachel B. Glaser is a writer living in Amherst, Massachusetts. She spends most of her free time killing people and dismembering their bodies and writing concept pieces about it.

“Paranoid Polaroids” — Slaraffenland (mp3)

“Idealistic (WhoMadeWho Re-Interpretation)” — Digitalism (mp3)

“Fake Palindromes” — Andrew Bird (mp3)

“My Wallet Got Stolen” — All About Max (mp3)


Pranks backfire rather routinely.

A song we couldn’t get out of our head.

Bridget tackled Tell Me You Love Me.


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  1. Hello! I’ve been following your weblog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

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