In Which We Deservedly Next Some Toxic Bachelors


by Molly Lambert

Superfoxy Jewess From Philly Kat Dennings: Jailbait no more.

Notice anything weird about this cute little kitten? IT’S A CLONE. That’s just a taste of the surreal futuristic magic to come very soon in a new Science Corner column from yours truly.

Guess what dudez? Men and Women don’t actually communicate differently at all. I mean duh, I already told you that but YOU WEREN’T FUCKING LISTENING.

I was flipping around after Mad Men the other night and saw this this commercial where a female politician is up at a podium campaigning, it turns out to be for the Swiffer WetJet, and then we see her mopping with it at home. WTF Swiffer? In other better news, how off the hook awesome has Mad Men continued to be? Peggy Olson is my spirit animal.

Why did we get married, betch?

Try not to cheat on your spouse during election season okay guyz? Speaking of cheating scum/general douchebaggery…

Jude Law is sooooo super bald now. And the furry coat just makes him look more like Roxy Music era Brian Eno.

Team Sienna!

I do not “get” Josh Hartnett one bit. He’s a greasy unibrowed homonculus who can’t act. Anyway he made out with Rihanna. Team Shia!

Oh and Hugh Grant likes Swedish coeds. I mean, durrrrr.

Nice living room (in the Hamptons), betch.

We totaly feel (controversial blogette) Jessica’s Pressler‘s piece about Sudden Revulsion Syndrome and not just because she uses “next” as a verb.

ROW 1: Jew, Canadian Jew, Jew, From Irvine
ROW 2: Jew (!), Canadian, Irish-Lithuanian-American, Jew
ROW 3: Totally White, Massachusetts Guido, The ‘Squiggle Girl‘ From Virgin High, Incredibly Hot Jew

Apatowniverse Junior Squad repertory player and daughter of a poet Kat Dennings is sooo hot (she was Cat Keener’s daughter in 40 Year Old Virgin) Mean Magazine dressed her up like Sean Young in Blade Runner.

Nerd Bonerz Ahoy!

She is also funny, as evidenced by her website and video blogs where she rambles and lipsyncs to Soulja Boy.

I Am A Party Photographer

Soon she will be seducing America’s Favorite Sweetly Awkward White Teenager Michael Cera in High Fidelity/Reality Bites hybrid vehicle Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist.


Nerd Bonerz flag thyselves. Ooh is that a Chocotaco?

Los Angeleno folks take note, I’m DJing Country Night at Little Joy in Echo Park again this Wednesday from midnight to close. Please roll through like the tumbling tumbleweed you are. To gear you up here’s some jawns I might play, starting with a song from one of my favorite albums ever The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark.

Doug Dillard and Gene Clark

Lyin’ Down The Middle – Dillard & Clark: mp3

I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby – Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner: mp3

Ain’t No God In Mexico – Billie Joe Shaver: mp3

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording. She is still not sure what to be for Halloween. Suggestions are welcomed.

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