In Which Electronic Music and Gchat Just Make Sense Together

You And Me Baby We’re Nothing But Tappers So Let’s Gchat Like They Do On The Discovery Channel

by Alex Carnevale

Sometimes I accidentally say things that I don’t mean. Fortunately they usually come on gchat with Danish.

For example, today I said,

Suppose we found that a form of genius was also caused by a virus. Would that mean that genius is a disease?

Danish responded,

Now you know why I used the other bathroom in our suite junior year. Also, check this out.

Ho-ho, hilarious. You bastard. We sat down with Danish for a one-on-one gchat yesterday.

AC: Who is better, Hot Chip or Justice?

Hot Chip if forced

Hot Chip…from an interview:

(What do you do in Hot Chip?

Joe Goddard: I play bass when we play live, and I write the songs with Alexis (Taylor). We’re the only songwriters, pretty much. And the last two albums we produced in my bedroom on my computers.

I saw there were two songwriting credits on Coming On Strong, but on The Warning the songs were all credited to Hot Chip.

Joe Goddard: We just didn’t want to exclude the other guys, but for The Warning the songs were pretty much written by me and Alexis. For the next record, there might be a little more writing from the others.)

AC: You don’t like Justice?

DA: I really like Justice, but Hot Chip are like unfuckwitable. Hot Chip, Justice, and Simian Mobile Disco are like the holy trinity.

AC: What are the top three HC trackz?

DA: Over and Over, My Piano, Bad Luck. Maybe Boy From School over Bad Luck.

AC: Do you prefer the regular or acoustic version of Boy from School?

DA: Another toughie, I guess the original.

Remixes & Originals…Share With Your Close Ones!

“Mouthwash (Hot Chip remix)” — Kate Nash (mp3)

“Boy From School (Queens remix by Jane)” — Hot Chip (mp3)

“Don and Sherri (Hot Chip remix)” — Matthew Dear (mp3)

“No” — Hot Chip (mp3) from David Shrigley’s Worried Noodles

“No Fit State (live)” — Hot Chip (mp3)

“Crambodia (Hot Chip remix)” — Plastic Little feat. Ghostface, Amanda Blank and Spank Rock – (mp3)

“Quick and Painful (Hot Chip remix)” — Free Blood (mp3)

Hot Chip

AC: Also, what do you think about when you listen to My Piano? I love that song.

DA: Carnie folk, as in carnival workers not your relatives

AC: Hmm. It makes me think about porcupines who can’t play pianos or text girls because their quills make it painful. Do you like Hot Chip remixes? Are you excited for the new album?

DA: I’m more a fan of their original stuff than their remixes, and yes of course it’s been quite a while since 2006.

AC: I don’t know, Justice is funny, but outside of D.A.N.C.E., is there anything fun?

DA: Justice vs SimianWe Are Your Friends
I think they’re all fun, but if you mean in the way that D.A.N.C.E. is fun then “we are your friends” is probably your best bet
followed by DVNO

AC: D.A.N.C.E. is probably the greatest song ever, I don’t care if I’m six months too late on that.


From a Pitchfork interview with Daft Punk:

[Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter]: Justice are talented. They make good tracks and have fun doing it. We come from a generation that wanted to make electronic music accepted, at a time [when] it was not. The place of electronic music, culturally and socially, is today completely different– it is now everywhere, and it has been totally accepted. Consequently, there is now a younger generation that is more focused on making great electronic music, good parties, and having fun, where there is not any more so much need for cultural and ideological statements in electronic music itself. We’re genuinely happy if some musicians of this younger generation are influenced by our music, as we were ourselves influenced 10 years ago by older musicians.

DA: That was in response to “What’s your opinion of DJs like Justice, who are obviously hugely influenced by you? Do you feel any sense of friendly competition with them?” Thomas B is the man, remember the music he made for Irreversible? The music when they’re in that gay nightclub “Rectum” is probably the scariest sound ever composed.

AC: What were they doing on Jimmy Kimmel? I didn’t really get it

DA: They’re making a statement about electronic music. I’m not sure what it is, but they confuse the audience by sitting on the sidelines while celebrity impersonators “perform” on stage. Electronic music is great because it’s not about a cult of personality,
it’s about dancing and having fun and enjoying the music. There’s no worship of the stage, except American audiences don’t get it

If you haven’t remixed D.A.N.C.E., can you really call yourself a DJ?

AC: How was the Justice show?

DA: It was awesome but unfortunately on a Wednesday…Justice didn’t take the stage until midnight.

AC: What the fuck? Who opened?

DA: Midnight Juggernauts, who are like the Australian Klaxons. They’re awesome too.

AC: Why not till 12? That’s mad Cartman.

DA: 12 because this is party music, fuck people who have to go to work. The party doesn’t start until midnight.

AC: Did the crowd know their shit? What were the people like?

Xavier de Rosnay

DA: Sort of, but since Justice are DJs they would throw in other popular dance tracks and expect the crowd to explode but they never did.

AC: What was the venue like?

DA: The Mezzanine, which is in SoMa, the Tribeca of SF

The Mezzanine

AC: What other groups tracks did they play that people didn’t recognize?

DA: There was a Simian Mobile Disco song and The Klaxons’ “Atlantis to Interzone.”

AC: Word, I have been obsessed with this SMD track for some time now. How did they not recognize that?

DA: by being square

AC: Check out this comment someone just posted on JessDarjeeling review:

“Much has been made of Wes Anderson’s “racism” but I’m more concerned about his sexism.”

This says it all. If your concern was motivated by idealism and a desire for equality, you would not have said this.

I didn’t enjoy The Darjeeling Limited, but I really think this piece was the most adolescent I’ve seen on this blog.

“I could watch Adrien Brody all day, every day. I would do dirty things to that lanky Heeb, and I don’t even like Jewish boys!”

It is very noble that you have taken it upon yourself to rid the world of objectification and unnecessary attention to ethnicity.

Oh, and I’m Indian. Have you been there?

DA: That is awesome, but does this Indian chick know that Jess works for Jezebel and could thus END HER LIFE?

AC: What was the crowd like? Also, view this Steve Martin thing.

DA: Attractive, young but not too young since it was 21+, once the show started I never really looked around.

AC: I saw some dude in a Justice shirt the other day
I was like, you and the whole world buddy
He was like “they’re pretty underground”

AC: What are the best electronic songs of all time?

DA: I can’t answer that question since electronic music has been around a lot longer than me, but Kraftwerk’s pretty awesome.

AC: Do you hate The Chemical Brothers?

DA: No not really.

AC: What are some up and coming electronic artists we’ll be hearing about?

DA: I don’t know, I’m not very hip, everyone I like is already popular
Midnight Juggernauts and Van She are Australians who are popular on blogs but could maybe get some more attention. Daft Punk could blow up at any minute.

AC: Eiffel 65! I mean, you’re hipper than SFJ.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording. He agrees that you know more about electronic music than he does.

“Love (Duke Dumont Ode to Todd Remix)” — Simian Mobile Disco (mp3)

Van She


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  1. It was nice when he stayed at home. Usually artist’s don’t seem to care about where they came from once they have an unlimited amount of attention, but I sense that he misses that concept. Some of us do too. The first song/remix I heard from him was “Guyman After All.” It was nowhere to be found for a while after he made it. It’s still hiding in certain places though.

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