In Which Who Says Exactly What They’re Thinking, What Kind Of Game Is That?

I Trusted You. You Wear Glasses.

by Molly Lambert

Good news for Alex, the death of Joey Bishop has opened a slot in the Rat Pack!

Thursday Night TV has been an incredible two and a half hour block of workplace drama for the past few weeks. The Office, 30 Rock, and Mad Men have been consistently knocking it out of the park and converging every which way. Making fun of PowerPoint is a bit like trotting out a Kodak slide carousel as the latest in photo technology.

Poor Dwight. These hourlong Office eps are emotional rollercoasters.

Sadly Mad Men’s season is over now, but the finale certainly kicked out the jams. The unforseen flirtation developing between Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss) and Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton, the hot faux-Gosling who had his story “Tapping a Maple Tree On A Cold Vermont Morning” published in The Atlantic Monthly) is awesome. He totally gave her a neg with that “too bad your voice is so annoying” quip.

Junior Copywriter Betches! (this picture is from the Battlefield Earth premiere, yes really)

Elizabeth Moss is a practicing Scientologist witch who you may know as Zoe Bartlet, the president’s daughter. She has plenty of experience in the advertising world, having starred in commercials for Excedrin and Secret Deodorant.

30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer

Aaron Staton’s dirty secret is that he starred in the Broadway production of Mamma Mia!, the Abba musical. We are here to expose embarrassing actor pasts.

Finding out your husband is cheating by reading his phone bill is the fifties equivalent of breaking into your partner’s email account. Not that anybody we know has ever done anything like that. Mad Men writes its own fan fiction. The sex scenes are eight million times better than the ones in Tell Me You Love Me because it’s all about what you don’t show, ya know?

I know some peeps are not into The Office this season but I think it’s better than ever. I mean, come on. Women Be Shopping. Awesome throat-slitting jokes on both The Office and 30 Rock tonight.

Tina “Emmy” Fey

People who criticize The Office and 30 Rock for being too silly are like people who criticize Gawker for being bitchy, or the sky for being blue.

Still singing Werewolf Bar Mitzvah every few minutes in my head

Witchcraft are a band from Sweden that get lumped in with Stoner Metal but are more like a straight-forward approximation of seventies heavy classic rock like Black Sabbath, Led Zep, Blue Oyster Cult, and Thin Lizzy. These are songs from their new album The Alchemist. I think it’s about time we got stoked for my favorite holiday, Samhain.


“Samaritan Burden” – Witchcraft: mp3

“Remembered” – Witchcraft: mp3

“The Alchemist Pt. 1/2/3” – Witchcraft: mp3

Witchcraft myspace

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording.


We cupcaked with Jim and Pam as they started to get serial.

I still have absolutely no idea what this Will Hubbard post is about.

Alex smoked James Blunt and went Into The Wild with Sean Penn and The Boy Who Loved Ronald Reagan.

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