In Which We Go To Georgia In Our Minds


by Molly Lambert

Wonderful Lance Bangs directed video for Belle & Sebastian from 1998 (nearly ten years ago!!) with cameos from Elephant 6 personage and Sleater-Kinney at E6 fan blog Optical Atlas. Who knew Of Montreal would be the late breakout? My money was on Beulah but they broke up.

The Explorers Club with Zach Galifianakis (I have learned how to spell his name by now) and tractor

My favorite Elephant 6 type band that is not officially affiliated with the collective is The Explorers Club, (from Charleston, SC) who rip off Pet Sounds exquisitely and put on of the best live shows I’ve ever seen (backflips!) at the Echo last year.

Chunklet is the only magazine and Henry Owings is the real President Of America as far as we’re concerned. Apparently the Flaming Lips roadies get shirts that look like this on the front:

and the back is so obscene we suggest you just go look at it on the Chunklet Blog. Bravo to whoever left the comment that it’s actually four t-shirts and you have to wear them all at the same time.

Haaaaaay guyz (and girl). Gmail my heart!

Cable & Tweed expertly covers comics and the Atlanta music scene, among other things.

Electric Sailor tells you what was good at Popfest in Athens this year and talks Tomorrow and Pink Floyd reissues.

Chris lives in North Texas and drives around to tape shows by the likes of Marbles, the Apples In Stereo, M Coast and Folklore.

More taped live shows at Def Gav and all kindsa stuff at The Day Jobs.

Urban Pollution is looking for contributors, so hie hence all you would-be music bloggers.

Discollective and The Fabulist are super.

Rockbeatstone is another good music blog, and so’s RetroLowFi from Florida.

Athens art-rock pioneers Pylon are touring and putting shit out on DFA!

The Neutral Milk Hotel fansite and Of Montreal blog.

A pair of Elephant 6 message boards.

Elephant 6 Official Site.

Georgia Moon – Cliff Carlisle: mp3

Tall Trees In Georgia – Buffy Sainte-Marie: mp3

Peach Picking Time In Georgia – Merle Haggard: mp3

Georgia, Georgia – Elliott Smith: mp3

Georgia On A Fast Train – Billy Joe Shaver: mp3

Here We Are In The Years (Live In Atlanta ’76) – Neil Young: mp3

The Losing End (Live In Atlanta ’76) – Neil Young: mp3

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording. She’s never been to Georgia but she’s been to California and spent her life exploring the subtle whoring that costs too much to be free.

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