In Which We Drink Tecate With Our Tea And Crumpets

Sports Corner: Don’t Get Worried Now

by George Ducker

I: Taylor

An extraordinary likeness.

Although I woke up Sunday morning thinking I’d gained an extra hour, that was nothing compared to the confusion that greeted both the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins upon landing in London’s Wembley Stadium to play the first game of American football on English soil.

“Tomorrow’s Dream” – Black Sabbath: mp3

A 26-foot Jason Taylor robot spent the weekend scaring small children in Trafalgar Square.

This video is worth watching repeatedly.

What kills me right now is that, east of Hyde Park, nothing interesting or unexpected is happening in pro football.

When the biggest wonder is who’s going to lose worse in the 49ers – Saints match-up (the 49ers-god bless ’em), you’ve gotta wonder where exactly lies the point of it all.

No international football debut would be complete without a streaker wearing a ref’s cap.

Tom Lutz in The Guardian wrote this about the admitted spectacle of American Football:

“The whole thing is just so damned professional. The cheerleaders are uniformly six-feet tall, with thousands of dollars worth of dentistry blazing out of their mouths and when the music pounds out of the speakers, the bass is powerful enough to send shivers down the spine.”

Dolphins’ depth chart

Of the actual game, he had less to say. What is there to say really, when Miami is now 0-8 for the season?

Jason Allen foolishly believes in God.

Agent Haw-Haw, a robot villain of the comic THB.

Detroit looked good in Chicago. A 16-7 win wasn’t even as close as you’d think, and now they’re 5-2 for the first time since the year 2000.

O Lovie.

It might not be difficult to look good in Chicago these days, but I’m feeling something special about poor poor John Kitna. He thinks there’s something special too.

“Born With Things to Do” – Zookeeper: mp3

Segacat: Cute until it explodes.

College College College.

Ralph Friedgen too, looks to God. And finds him unavailable.

It makes up for all those boring pros getting paid lordly sums of money.

It squanders expectations left

Luke Stocker volunteers for a ride.

and right.

Steve Johnson on his stomach.

If college football’s poll system was a means of transportation, it would be a unicycle. Both are ungainly, antiquated and pretentiously unecessary.

Nope, no robotics here.

“Carried Away” – Hayden: mp3

George Ducker admits you know more about sports than he does. He spent most of his Sunday playing dodgeball. A healthy sport, and fun for the whole family. He hopes things turn out well on Monday night.

4 thoughts on “In Which We Drink Tecate With Our Tea And Crumpets

  1. Hi there, cool website. I was wondering if you have any more photos of Jason Taylor from the London Game (preferably in Hi Res). I am a member of the UK DolFan organisation and would like to compile further photos of Jason Taylor in preperation for our player of the season (2007) award which we are presenting to Jason next month. Your help would really be appreciated. Many thanks. Andrew Conway

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