In Which We Go Somewhat Over American Gangster


Ten Thoughts From My First Listening Of American Gangster

By Danish Aziz

1. Anyone who has heard this album before November 8th is going to HELL for violating the dictates of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as laid out in the BIBLE

2. I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t exactly get the “concept” of this concept album

3. Weezy & Beanie are the only guest appearances I wanted

4. Neptunes go 1 for 2

5. Just Blaze goes .5 for 2

6. There’s a track called “No Hook,” wherein Jay says “I don’t need no hook for this shit.” He’s wrong

7. “I’m more Frank Lucas than Ludacris”

8. “Roc Boys” has grown on me, props to Diddy

9. For a Jay Z album I’m kind of bored. Gray-hova indeed

10. Maybe Jim Jones’ “Harlem’s American Gangster” will be better?

“Pussy” — R. Kelly & Jay-Z (mp3)


The Sopranos on Lexapro.

Bob Creeley will live forever on this blog pretty much

Richard Jeni died, some other stuff happened.

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