In Which We Regain Our Dignity Down By Down By Down

Sports Corner: Week 9

by George Ducker

Lee puts on the Duck Head.

The definition of true sports fandom, I think, is based on how much said fan is willing to forgo in the interests of seeing his team play.

If this is the case, then that doesn’t make me much of a fan, as I opted out of the Broncos / Lions game to go see German director (and the world’s friendliest sociopath) Werner Herzog give a lecture on film-making, the antarctic climate and suicidal penguins on top of a parking garage in Hollywood on Sunday morning.

Since we here on the West Coast have to get up at the ungodly hour of 10:30 in the morning to catch an EST 1:30pm kickoff, I’d slept through most of the game anyway.

Jay Cutler should have slept through the game.

“I Should Have Been Watching You” – Hayden: mp3

It was much better than watching the Broncos lose, let me tell you. And it only bit into ten or so minutes of the only game that truly mattered this weekend.

The last two Colts fans wait for their ride to come pick them up.

“Feeling For Something Lost In Two Parts, Pt. 1” – Library Tapes: mp3

“Feeling For Something Lost In Two Parts, Pt. 2” – Library Tapes: mp3

In regard to that Broncos game, I’d like to start off by saying that I’ve been keeping my eye on John Kitna ever since Week Two (or so) when he was brought back in the fourth quarter (after suffering a concussion) to finish up (and win) the game in a handy fashion. And now I’m going to say it. Lions in the playoffs. Not that beating Denver is a very difficult task these days–it’s just a feeling that I have.

How high up is Invesco these days?

Keith Perelli

“Goodbye Enemy Airship, The Landlord Is Dead (Peel Session)” – Do Make Say Think: mp3

I mean, Kitna has the lord behind him. How can he err?

J. Kitna, God’s man in Detroit.

Fitzcarraldo, God’s man in South America.

“Awaken John – Lord Am I Dreaming” – Bobby Callender: mp3

Jaison Williams

But really, lets face facts: there were only two games this weekend that mattered. Of course, the second one you all know about, (poor poor Peyton) but the first one was the little game in which Oregon showed that all the pot smokers up in the Pacific Northwest have something to crow about.

The Ducks looked great. With 4 touchdowns and 189 yards, Dennis Dixon was masterful. Despite the fact that he got hurt in the fourth quarter, I’m expecting big things from these fellas. Their outfits do give me pause though. Check out the weird mesh shoulder pads and their team numbers that look as if their graphic designer ‘s last exposure to pop culture happened to be Pac-Man.

“Walk With A Winner” – Gene McDaniels: mp3

Looking forward to next weekend, I’m hopeful that Michigan, who’s quietly played very solid ball since their early season trumping by a couple of lucky teams, will rock Ohio State right out of it’s ridiculous No. 1 perch. Talk about coming full-circle. Now if someone could help Notre Dame win something

Faulkner and park bench are one.

Also, on the 17th, Clemson will play a game right out of the Book of Revelations when the boys from Yoknapatawpha (Cullen Harper, Jacoby Ford, Tribble Reese, Sadat Chambers–a collection of kudzu clutch players if I ever saw one) take on now No. 8 Boston College. Clemson won’t get the ultimate love this season, as they’ve lost two, but I imagine they’ll take an ACC title game with much happiness.

Albrecht Durer

But getting back to the Sunday-themed match-ups, and since we’ve already seen a preview of the AFC title game, the NFC Championship should be taking place when the Packers play the Lions on Thanksgiving. That’s a game that everyone should look forward to. Screw the Cowboys–they’re just a nice-looking car that’s about ready to fall apart spectacularly.

“Soul and Onward (Peel Session)” – Do Make Say Think: mp3

Lastly, if the Lions don’t make it to the playoffs, I’ll eat Herzog’s other shoe.

George Ducker admits that you more about sports than he does. He is a senior contributor to This Recording.

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