In Which It’s Time To Play The Music It’s Time To Light The Lights


by Molly Lambert

David Nalbandian defeats Roger Federer, full coverage at Tennis Planet. S’cool with me. I think Federer looks like the villain from an Adam Sandler movie.

Roger Federer enacts phallic phairy tale imagery for Annie Leibowitz’s Disney ads

Actually, wow. Adam Sandler’s lovable man-child in the homosexily aggro world of pro tennis? Sounds like a GUARANTEED GRAND SLAM. I’m not in the guild yet! Call me up Hollywood! I won’t break the strike but I’m perfectly willing to do things under the table for cash.

Leave it to Andy Samberg to make us realize that our Seth Rogen love is borne out of love for Rowlf. Samberg makes a pretty good Swedish chef too, but Maya Rudolph as Janice and Bill Hader‘s perfect physical embodiment of Animal is what nails it.

Michael Scott owns The Muppet Show on DVD and so do I. Srsly.

Bill Hader with TR’s Girl Crush Supreme Charlyne Yi

Bill Hader is awesome and hilarious. He killed it in Superbad, and even though he’s only in Knocked Up for three seconds he’s on the commentary. Whenever Judd Apatow runs out of things to say he throws it to Hader to do an impression, and then Hader actually runs out of material pretty fast, and that’s funny too.

the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational

There’s a really good cut scene on the Knocked Up DVD where Seth Rogen asks Katherine Heigl which one of his roommates she’d sleep with. She picks Jay Baruchel. We kinda see why! He got cute! He looks like the guy from John From Cincinnati if he were a dude in real life.

Jay Baruchel

Fades In Slowly, one of the many wonderful music blogs in tribute to the late John Peel. As blogger Jon Horne (whose Peel tapes are here) puts it, his BBC show was “the voice of sanity mingled with the music of nosebleeds.” Even more John Peel broadcasts here at In Session Tonight and the aptly named John Peel Every Day.

Rachel Weisz as Snow White, photographed by Annie Leibowitz

Vice wants you to take them theriously. They are thuuuuuuuper duper therial. Gawker commenter Cheap Shot lives up to zer name with this zinger:

I will take them serious when I see their ‘journalists’ get beheaded on AlJazeera. If the terrorists knew what Vice was they would put a Fatwah on them. I loathe every single part of Vice. Fucking Canadian, sexist drug addicts trying to take over the world. You think you’re the next Charlie Rose? Go back to Max Fish with your under age model sluts and drink more PBR while you wait for a paranoid dealer to set you up.

Vice does have a few talented folks. I like Lesley Arfin’s writing style, and if I had a niece I would give her a copy of Lesley’s book Dear Diary so that she would turn out cool. And this new Panda Bear video for Comfy In Nautica directed by skateographer/Vice man/Morrissey superfan Patrick O’Dell and Sam Salganik, patterned after gorgeous psychedelic surf film classic Crystal Voyager is pretty sweet.

Emily Nussbaum psychoanalyzes Sweetheart of the LES Chloe Sevigny.

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording. Wocka Wocka Wocka!

All My Friends – Broken Social Scene: mp3

Hotel – Broken Social Scene: mp3

It’s All Gonna Break – Broken Social Scene: mp3

Major Label Debut – Broken Social Scene: mp3

Superconnected – Broken Social Scene mp3

Rosie & Martha: The Baddest Betches


Vanessa Hudgens and Miranda July star in a surrealistic ninth wave feminist joke.

While you mourn this aborted season of television, go out and rent Deadwood (hell buy it) if you have yet to see the masterwork that was sacked for a travesty.

Alex tracked the Seduction Community, and our one sad attempt at bi-coastal videochat polyamory.

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