In Which Thursday Links Shoot A Shot to the Heart But It’s Probably Too Late Ah What The Hell

Politics, Barclay-Style

by Barclay Memphis

With George W. Bush about to become the de facto candidate for commissioner of Major League Baseball, we probably need a new president, or Dick Cheney could just step up to the plate. You already know about the draft Cheney movement.

There’s a few things to take from this polling, and this is a major one–Rudy Giuliani may be the strongest of the Republican candidates. His prominent role in 9/11 gives him a nice element of credibility. He’s viable, the best known, and frankly the best person of the four male Republican candidates.

Are these numbers meaningful? Absolutely not. They emphasize the advantage the Democratic candidate will have in the election due to President Bush’s popularity.

Hillary could well be a risky choice to put up against Giuliani. Obama’s polling much better against Rudy than she is. It’s a tough spot for the Democrats, because she’s the better candidate and is fairly immune from the Republican machine at this point, whereas Obama is a fresh face who is going to have it tough as a young man of color. Clinton’s poll numbers can move up as she makes her case to conservative/centrist women, Obama’s can seemingly only move down once Karl Rove’s semen (Rove’s children never lose their basic semenesque shape) get a hold of him.

The question of the moment is whether Barack Obama would be willing to accept a role as vice president with the idea of him getting a little more seasoning and running as the Democratic candidate in 2016. That’s a long way from now–is it better to stay in the Senate if you don’t win the nomination–probably…

Rebel cleric’s domain.

The best quotes from the NFL.

Philip Levine recommends Space Walk, poems by Tom Sleigh: “Sleigh’s reviewers use words such as ‘adept,’ ‘elegant,’ and ‘classical.’ Reading his new book, I find all those terms beside the point, even though not one is inaccurate. I am struck by the human dramas that are enacted in these poems, the deep encounters that often shatter the participants and occasionally restore them. What delights me most is seeing a poet of his accomplishments and his large and well-earned reputation suddenly veer into a new arena of both our daily and our mythical lives. For the writer, such daring may be its own reward; for the reader, it is thrilling to overhear a writer pushing into greatness.”

Space Walk

A few sweet Talking Heads live performances, including a kickass version of “Crosseyed & Painless.”

Lakers are better than advertised.

Mark Greenwold’s paintings entertain us.

The law requiring chain restaurants to display calorie information in the restaurant borders on being the most ridiculous law ever in existence.

A new stack of obits.

Report from night 3 of Morrissey.

“Sun in An Empty Room” — The Weakerthans (mp3)

Drawing just to get the pen moving.

One of our senior contributors is a scion in the insurance industry.

Fat squirrel locked behind bars.

The outer reaches of fan fiction.

The photographer who took this picture killed himself.

Ed Koch on Blade Runner:

I had never seen this 1982 film which is now playing at the Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema. Other than it being a classic sci-fi movie, I didn’t know much about it and honestly thought the term blade runner might have something to do with skating.

The location is Los Angeles and the year is 2020. Creatures have been created that are far better equipped than robots and are much smarter and stronger than the humans that made them. Some of these creatures have turned on their creators and escaped. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a blade runner, is charged with locating and eliminating the escapees. The plot primarily concerns his fight with one of the machines.

“Blade Runner” is one of the most forgettable movies I have ever seen, notwithstanding the fact that there are long lines waiting to enter the theater where it has been playing for several weeks. Stay away. It’s dreck.

Retarded NYT piece on Christian rawk.

Really, what does the Times do well? The emptiness of their coverage of everything epitomizes what’s bad about the new blog form without any of the good parts (timeliness, wisdom of the crowds stuff, transparency) and including most of the bad (lack of investigation, cliched writing, lack of timeliness, poorly edited attempts at viral video:

Dick Cavett and Stanley Fish blogging). They also suck at baseball analysis.

At least they have Frank Rich.

A Danish update from Music of the Moment.

Forget the thing in the box.

“Fugue State” — The New Pornographers (mp3) from Challengers.

Speech accent website.

More of these delightful answers here.

Also, B is the new C.

We should start a band!

Your vagina is your center.

Great stuff from the Shout Out Louds. (Quick Before It Melts)

Shauna Sand photoset.

Screenwriters are striking, and rightly so.

Fabio vs. Michael Clayton was pretty funny:

George Clooney got into a shoving match with fellow sex symbol Fabio at a Los Angeles eatery last week, it was reported Wednesday.

The altercation apparently happened because Clooney thought one of Fabio’s five female dinner guests was photographing him.

But a source told “Access Hollywood” Fabio approached Clooney’s table to explain he was having a charity dinner for the California Highway Patrol’s 11-99 Foundation and his guests were only taking photos of each other — not Clooney.

However, a photo obtained by the news magazine indicates one of Fabio’s guests did take a picture of Clooney flipping them the bird.

The source said Clooney and Fabio traded barbs, then had to be physically separated.

“The women and I were taking pictures of us together only,” Fabio told “Access Hollywood.” “The women were not taking pictures of George. Out of courtesy, I even went over to George’s table to explain that to him. I just feel badly that it ruined the night of these women who paid to support charity. I am thinking of something to make it up to them.”

Fabio’s manager, Eric Ashenberg, said, “Clooney started on ‘ER’ and Fabio was going to send him back there.”

This has to go down as the most disturbing new couple this side of Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen.

Naughty gifts are best.

We continue to love Said the Gramophone.

Owen speaks:

On a more personal note, Wilson said that The Darjeeling Limited may be his favorite of all of their films, and of course Anderson asks why that is.

“Because…I just like the themes it’s exploring,” Wilson explained, “in the way my character says, ‘I want us to become brothers again, like we used to be.’ I really like that line and it means a lot to me. There’s a lot of stuff like that in this movie that has that feeling. There’s stuff that feels exhilarating.”

“This to me feels like the most personal one for all of us, like the most overtly personal,” Anderson agreed.

Commonly misused words.

How to ask a dude on a date via IM.

Stylus has some neat stuff on it.

“Some Loud Thunder” — Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (mp3)

“Emily Jean Stock” — Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (mp3)


“Chemicals Collide” — Cloud Cult (mp3)

Henry Miller:

Barclay Memphis is the inaugural This Recording intern. He lives in Seattle, WA. He can be reached at barclay dot memphis at gmail dot com.




Emerging Writers @ CWP HOUSE this Friday, 11/9 w/Breyten Breytenbach

Please join us for a night of poetry and fiction with emerging writers from NYU’s MFA program this Friday, 11/9 at 7pm.

Our headliner will be Breyten Breytenbach:

A native of South Africa, Breyten Breytenbach is a distinguished painter and a writer of more than 30 books of poetry, numerous novels, short story compilations, essays and dramatic works. A committed opponent of apartheid, Professor Breytenbach was a political prisoner in South Africa from 1975 – 1982 serving two terms of solitary confinement.

MFA readers include:

Will Hubbard

WH. Only one man is this self-aggrandizing.

Brooke Lewis
Dante Micheaux
Nikki Moustaki

Lillian Vernon Creative Writers’ House
58 West 10th Street between 5th & 6th Aves
Friday, 11/9, 7-9pm

Next Sunday:


Molly on Wilco & Spoon.

Will’s Childhood entry.

Just like the rest of us, Lindsay Lohan turns 30.

The best photos of 2007 may be found here.

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