In Which You Gotta Strike For Your Rights To Porter

by Molly Lambert

Liz Lemon on the picket line

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show: “The internet – it’s too new!!”

I’m not in the WGA yet, but I am in the Dramatists Guild, and in solidarity with the WGA I promise not to write any plays until the strike is settled. I actually started striking two years ago in anticipation of this event.

Amazing Blind Item: Which chairman of a major television network and executive producer of the hottest shows on TV has been getting emails from daddy reminding him that they are a “pro-union” family and that they “don’t see unions in Nazi Germany or Stalin Russia.” Daddy also went on to tell his son to always be nice to the picketers.

Head JAP in charge B. Silvz with Melora Hardin (Jan from the Office)

Hmmmm…Could it be head of NBC Ben Silverman, whose mother apprenticed him into the TV business? He’s from Pittsfield, where my parents met.

Whoever started the chant of “KEEP YOUR BLOOD PIZZA!” when the Desperate Housewives writers crashed their show’s shoot definitely deserves a raise.

The Office is Closed: the writers on strike

I hear aspiring writers are actually crashing the protests in hopes of networking with real live TV scribes. Sounds very Rupert Pupkin. This world only gets more Pupkinesque.

For all the newest strike news check Nikki Finke’s site, she’s been on fire.

Writer/Producer of The Office/Bloggeur

Mindy Kaling’s favorite dystopian surrealist satirist George Saunders on Letterman.

I hate the Hollywood Eco-Wives

The Sound Of Young America adapted a George Saunders story (see his interview with This Recording here) into a video with puppets! Not to mention the voice talents of folks like Maria Bamford, John Hodgman, and Jen Kirkman.

Internet Rabbit Holes and People Watching Among The Multitudes with Virginia Heffernan

“We Internet users are told, as novel readers and moviegoers and television-watchers used to be told, that our pastime is obscurely dangerous. Immersion in art, away from the tasks of daily life, always strikes someone as unhealthful.”

You may not know that This Recording has a large and vocal Asian American fanbase. I don’t want to ghettoize them by putting these links together, but I also believe in the power of numbers and solidarity.

The Peter Sellers film The World Of Henry Orient was about two trouble-making little white girls in England. They’ve been reincarnated as Diana and Jen, two hottt Asians from Los Angeles raising e-hell about the media’s rampant Orientialism. They run shit at the ultra fabulous Disgrasian site, RSS it betch!

the ladies of Disgrasian

They’re so wicked cute and smart it makes me want to jump on the creepy train to Asian Girl Fetishville! Plus they coin the best slang:

Chinysteria – The alarmist fear that China is our new enemy and wants to poison our food, eat our dogs, take over the country and force us all to speak Ching-Chong.

Discrazian – Shameful member of the tribe who is also crazy.

Disgaysian – Shameful member of the tribe who also happens to be gay.

Ricism – Racism against, among, and for rice eaters.

Racial Drag – Accoutrement and/or affect donned by one race to mimic another. Example: when a white girl wears chopsticks in her hair.

Uncle Tam – Yellow Uncle Tom.

Peter Sellers in Brownface for The Party

Angry Asian Man is angry, and we don’t blame him! He fights the power of Graycism (my new word for disguised racism) in pop products like Kung Fu Panda (featuring the voice of not an Asian guy Jack Black!) and The Love Guru, starring non-actress (soon to be Speeding The Plow) Jessica Alba and Pitka, Mike Myers’s dreadful sounding Swami character. Myers claims it’s his tribute to Peter Sellers, but uh, it’s not cool to make fun of Indian accents in 2008? Unless you’re like, Indian?

We don’t blame Better Luck Next Time director Justin Lim for taking that Fast & The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift money (secret: I love those movies!) to finance his own next effort, Finishing The Game, a mockumentary about Bruce Lee’s death on the set of The Game Of Death. It’s in theaters now and distributed through IFC. Sounds like an instant DVD cult hit to me. With a cameo from Spiderman 3‘s James Franco!

Dustin Nguyen and James Franco in Finishing The Game

It actually looks like an Asian riff on Hollywood Shuffle, Robert Townsend’s bitterly funny send-up of racism in Hollywood and the limited roles offered to minorities. Townsend is currently directing Ving Rhames in a Sonny Liston biopic called Phantom Punch from the writer of I Accidentally Domed Your Son.

Justin Lim is interviewed in The Slanted Screen, a doc about the misrepresentation of Asians in films.

The Kims of Comedy are Asian dudes doing stand-up, including Bobby Lee from Mad TV and Ken Jeong, of Knocked Up and soon of Pineapple Express.

Filliam H. Muffman on strike

We’ve been talking about Indian fetishes re: The Darjeeling Limited. I believe many young white girls will be developing them based on the Hotness of Kal Penn. He’s an intern on House this season, along with Supersexy O.C. lezzie bad gal Olivia Wilde. Or uh, they were. The seasons are all kinda over now. Kal totally murked it in The Namesake. We are glad he is no longer a terrorist on the (repulsive) “24.”

I have a huge political problem with the role. It was essentially accepting a form of racial profiling. I think it’s repulsive. But it was the first time I had a chance to blow stuff up and take a family hostage. As an actor, why shouldn’t I have that opportunity? Because I’m brown and I should be scared about the connection between media images and people’s thought processes?

– Kal Penn in New York Magazine, commenting about his recurring role as a terrorist on TV’s “24”

A train porter, expressing facially how we feel about discrimination and unfair work practices

Kal reteams for Harold and Kumar 2 with fellow Asian stud John Cho, (who got his start as MILF Guy #2 in American Pie, similar to Leslie Mann‘s debut as the Squiggle Girl from Virgin High). Cho will soon be Sussusulio in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot. Cho also guested on House once, and has done turns on Alex’s favorite show Grey’s Anatomy and mine, How I Met Your Mother.

Asa Philip Randolph: Initiated the March On Washington

Robert Townsend also directed the highly unfortunate B*A*P*S starring Oscar winners Halle Berry and Martin Landau and a wonderful TV movie 10,000 Black Men Named George, starring Andre Braugher as A. Philip Randolph about train porters founding the first Black labor union. Which brings us back to the beginning again, with the strike.

burn, Hollywood, burn! a still from “Within Our Gates”

Really Smart Guys Who Were Pullman Porters:

Fingerstyling Great Big Bill Broonzy, Harlem Renaissance author Claude McKay, the multi-talented Gordon Parks, activist Edward Nixon, who bailed Rosa Parks out of jail, and E.D. Nixon who chose Parks to be the NAACP’s defendant, MLK Jr. mentor Benjamin Mays, First Black Director Oscar Micheaux, who made a response film to (KKK glorifying epic) Birth Of A Nation called Within Our Gates, Malcom X, and Badass Arctic Explorer (first to reach the North Pole!) Matthew Henson

Do not call your porter “George.” You may however call our sports columnist George, as that is his actual name.

3 Songs from Paul’s Boutique:

Shake Your Rump – The Beastie Boys: mp3

Hey Ladies – The Beastie Boys: mp3

Shadrach – The Beastie Boys: mp3

Matthew Henson got to the North Pole first and stuck a flag in it while Robert E. Peary was asleep. Peary was pissed. Henson’s related to Hustle & Flow’s Taraji P. Henson, who is playing Queenie in David Fincher’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

Henson said in his 1912 autobiography A Negro at the North Pole, published in 1912, that he was inspired by Frederick Douglass to make an achievement in life that would bring recognition to all Blacks. This gallery of student artwork depicting Henson is RAD. I have to post some.

Written on Henson’s tombstone is a quote from his autobiography:

“The lure of the Artic is tugging at my heart. To me the trail is calling. The old trail. The trail that is always new.“

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording. The lure of the Arctic is tugging at her heart.


Chapbooks are the balm on your fractured soul.

Our adolescence series began oh so long ago…and will conclude in due time. 16 parts, for 16 wonderful years on this earth.

The now defunct Gilmore Girls.

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