In Which We Try To Find Something To Amuse Ourselves In This Edition of Thursday Links

He’s Dreeeeeamy And Links

by Alex Carnevale

After cutting a girl named Bettina (true story) the latest Bachelor is down to two women. If you haven’t been paying as rapt attention to this season as I have, meet Brad:

Brad Womack, 34, is a successful, self-made entrepreneur. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Brad co-owns four lucrative bars with his two brothers, Chad and Wesley, both of whom are married.

With the success of these establishments, they are now looking to expand into other ventures and are in the early stages of developing a hotel.

Brad’s bar in Austin.

After working diligently in the oil fields, he got into bartending with his twin brother, Chad.

The Rome version was disappointing.

Brad is choosing between two women. One is a Phoenix Suns cheerleader, and the other is this girl:

In a Bachelor first, they all slept with him. Nice. There is some debate over this:

I can see how you would jump to the conclusion that he slept with all these women…..a man’s perspective. However, I give these women more credit…and Brad. I don’t believe he slept with any of them. It is much more intimate to cuddle, kiss, and talk rather than just have sex with someone you may never see again.

Another view:

Whoever Brad picks is fine with me but DeAnna seems too reserved. She never seems to be excited and happy. Even when she was telling Brad she was falling in love with him she spoke in a montone voice. She sounds depressed all the time. I would think that could get a little annoying, definitely a black cloud on any occasion. I just think he would be happier with Jenni. Life would be more fun and exciting. I would think if Brad chose Jenni for the first impression rose because she always laughing and smiling it just seems strange that he would also be attracted to someone like DeAnna who seems to never laugh. They are very different women. This will be an interesting finale.

Go Suns!

I love messageboards:

They’re not the deepest people in the world, but I think they’re compatible.

Brad is going to pick the one that isn’t an NBA cheerleader, would be my prediction. But I’ve been wrong about this before. Usually they always go for the more modest, less-cheerleaderly type. Let that be a lesson to you women.

And if you still can’t meet a man, you could do worse than Paige Parker.

Jens Lenkman live. (Blogs are for Dogs)

This was a cool idea for a PC.

A new kind of physician.

Prince Harry gets caught texting.

This story about the Washington Post reporter calling Marion Barry a crack addict (which he is) amuses me.

The comments in this thread are among our favorite of all time. Here are some classics:

Yeah, why not just copy/paste the whole thing from iPhone? Oh that’s right, you can’t copy/paste with the iPhone.

The pc capable of running our system has not yet been invented.

the word fanboy is the most ridiculous shit to come out of the last decade, btw.

Awesome pics from exploded iPod.

How to spike your site’s web traffic.

The Late Greats is the place to go for all your xmas music.

Photoshop contest with awesome prizes.

Krugman worked for Reagan, is liar.

Gordon Lish’s editor.

An inappropriate onside kick and the middle finger.

The Rutgers’ womens’ basketball team lost their first game in awhile the other day, and this hilarious line appeared in The New York Times:

For Rutgers, Sunday’s game was its first since losing to Tennessee in last season’s N.C.A.A. final. After that game, Imus, a radio talk show host, made disparaging remarks about the team that eventually led to his firing. The situation gave the Rutgers players and Coach C. Vivian Stringer an unwanted place in the national spotlight.

An unwanted place? If you know Ms. Stringer, you know no spotlight is big enough. Not that I’m casting aspersions, deservedly so.

Speaking of the Times, Bob Herbert’s photo amuses me.

If you haven’t seen these yet, do:

If you haven’t seen last Sunday’s Curb finale, I’m going to write about it soon.

Howard Dean permits me to go to heaven. Super, Howard.

This link is for the kids.

This link isn’t.

John Sloan’s NY:

John Sloan wiki

McDonald’s drivethru smoothies.

RIP Kanye’s mom

Why Hillary will win.

This is a dumb article about what words should mean instead of what words mean in popular usage. How do you think words got their meaning in the first place, moron? Wait a second, did I just get mad about something that appeared on Cracked?



“Tender Mercies” — Doveman (mp3)

“The Hollows” — Why? (mp3)

“Say Hello” — Whistle Jacket (mp3)


Ah, bass porn.

Best coffee bars.

Videogames that should be movies. (Vulture)

Redford disses Mormons, I guess they have a long history.

David Frum had a good line the other day:

Which is how we are led to the absurdity of Laura Bush putting on hijab in order to mobilize Muslim publics to support her right not to wear hijab.

I mean, it doesn’t really make sense, but he was a Bush speechwriter, so there ya go.

Sex in Tel Aviv.

Good Weather for Airstrikes is a classy blog that we read a lot.

Marvel puts a bunch of comics online.

Frida fucked Trotsky?

Sheryl Crow finally comments on her ex with Ashley Olsen:

TORY Burch may have no issues with her ex, Lance Armstrong, dating much younger Ashley Olsen, but that’s not the case with Sheryl Crow, whom he dated before Burch. Crow is said to be disgusted by his making out with Olsen in public recently. At Bette Midler‘s Restoration Project Hulaween bash the night after Armstrong, 36, took Ashley, 21, to the Waverly Inn, friends asked Crow, 45, what she thought of the duo. Although her rep denies it, an insider told Life & Style, “Sheryl rolled her eyes and said, ‘That’s pathetic. Ashley’s a kid.’ ”

Mashed potatoes even your mother could love.

This tower is going up next to the MOMA:

Dick Cavett on Norman Mailer is a must-read.

For the love of sideboob.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


Will It Blend?

Jessica Williams

Heroes tries to amuse its fanbase.

The Written Nerd is back.


Tess’ debut post/poem.

Nobody moralizes like children.

We did heroin just for the glamour of it.

NB: Eyes will not be this blue post-TV show.

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