In Which Weekend Links Thrill The Roundtable Of Nazi Glorifiers

Sometimes You Can’t Believe Your Eyes With Some of These Links

by Barclay Memphis

One may die so that the other may live

The fact that Tom Cruise has won something called the Bambi Prize in Germany fills us with consternation and delight.

Consternation because he is the psychotic zealot of a made-up “religion” and delight because my least favorite nation and my least favorite person have finally been united in harmony.

This is quite nearly as awesome as the Barack Obama-Michael Bloomberg breakfast, where it appears Obama is threatening to kill the mayor.

Q: Are you my bitch now? A: Didn’t you go to Columbia?

If you are wondering, TC won the award for playing a Nazi officer. Seriously.

The movie in question, Valkyrie, is about a plot to kill Hitler. Ah yes, let’s glorify the four or five Germans who didn’t like Nazism so much that they kinda wanted to kill Hitler but couldn’t even do that.

Bryan Singer directed. Two gay guys make a movie about how great Nazis are, are they not familiar with the view of Nazis towards their people?

Past Bambi recipients include former United States President Bill Clinton, tennis star Boris Becker, boxing legend Muhammad Ali and actors Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford.

I’ve had more wives than you, you miserable piece of shit.

Watch out for bears, not these bears.

Jake Gyllenhaal will play Joe Namath.

Beowulf is somehow anti-Christian.

Raven Sings the Blues with an artist you should know by now.

Speaking of that clan, this couple intrigues me.

Maggie and Peter…Maggard? PeteHaal?

It’s like, I find neither of them attractive on their own, but together, I just want a three-way, you know?

Siggi Eggertsson’s designs thrill us.

This site’s a little overwhelming, but I think I’m starting to get the point.

James Wolcott on the taser.

Liza Richardson’s best of 2007.

Emily quits Gawker?

Audit on the horse-carriage industry.

Paste starts off the year-end list fun.

Eric Asimov on bourbon.

Jennifer on chinese herbal remedies.

Son sells out father, & rightly so. The father’s a twat:

“My father has turned a blind eye to [my grandmother], intentionally and repeatedly ignoring her health, safety, personal and household needs, while enriching himself,” Philip Marshall wrote.

Anthony Marshall wasted no time firing back.

“My son Philip has caused irreparable and enduring damage to my mother,” he wrote in court papers. “I do not believe that my son was motivated by a genuine concern for his grandmother since before this proceeding started, he rarely visited her.”

What happened to the fourth quarter album release?

Hillary backlash. (MoJo)

New Elvis Perkins.

Duos from Wesleyan disgust us.

Vampire Weekend comes to your town.

Awesome photos by David Hume Kennerly.

Women can now carry condoms in China–phew.

All the Felix Caral remixes you can handle.

Hate Something Beautiful on The Black Ghosts.

We are all Palestinians now. (Contentions)

James Piereson on The Closing of the American Mind.

Kanye changes minds:

The stuntman sued West and his record label last December, claiming the rapper had damaged his reputation by using the Knievel image to “promote his filth to the world.”

But Knievel, whose real name is Robert Craig Knievel Jr, changed his mind about West after meeting him in person.

“I thought he was a wonderful guy and quite a gentleman,” he said.

This on other hand, is downright horrifying.

More on the myspace hoax that led to suicide.

The end of a relationship. (Carry You Away)

I missed Bruce and Win Butler talking about how rich they are.

Crazy Muslims in the Sudan.

The Music Slut on Manic Street Preachers.

Anti-immigration peeps spit on apparently good news

Julia Cohen’s new book is a freaking steal at $6, buy it nowsies.

Barclay Memphis is the inaugural This Recording intern. He is a writer living in Seattle.


“Doctor Pressure (Dirty Radio Edit)” — Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine (mp3)

“Sonnet (live)” — The Verve (mp3)

“The Life I Lead” — Champion Jack Dupree (mp3)

“I Was the One” — Elvis Presley (mp3)

“Little Red-Haired Girl” — Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (mp3)

“You and Me Against the World” — The Sleeping Years (mp3)


Late Show Writers on Strike

Leigh Stein

Yes But No But Yes

Rachel Mallino

Fire Joe Morgan

The Corner

No Coast Films

I really want to get CapGun on Press Press Press.


Rachel Dacus


Peter Asen on Gertrude Stein.

A biblical journey for the ages.

Goddamn you half Japanese robots.

3 thoughts on “In Which Weekend Links Thrill The Roundtable Of Nazi Glorifiers

  1. Just because I’ve been obsessed with Astorgate for awhile, I feel I should point out that Brooke Astor’s on record saying that her grandson Philip was only out for her money and kind of a brat; there’s a really interesting article in maybe the most recent, or at least a fairly recent, issue of New York magazine that explores the whole shebang from Anthony’s POV a little more than the other articles I’ve seen.

    Neither of them seems like someone you’d want to have over for dinner. But Brooke Astor seemed like a superfunexplosion.

    PS — this list of links will keep me busy 4evz. Thank you Barclay Memphis.

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