In Which The Universe Happens To Be Shaped Like Your Brain

Global warming opens Northwest Passage, will eat away gulf coasts. An earthquake triggered a tsunami in Indonesia.

This Capri Sun is colder than outer space!

37 percent of country songs, 14 percent of rock songs, 77 percent of rap songs make reference to substance abuse.

Ron Paul supporters are a bunch of Hikkikomoris

Best and worst islands.

Strange and evil new dinosaur.

Cutting down your own Christmas tree

Digging into whale feces

Joni Mitchell never lies lies lies.

caveman instincts thrive

“People develop phobias for spiders and snakes and things that were ancestral threats. It’s very infrequent to have somebody afraid of cars or electrical outlets,” New told LiveScience. “Those statistically pose much more of a threat to us than a tiger. That makes it an interesting test case as to why do tigers still capture attention.”

Aquanauts! “It’s not claustrophobic, really,” said Prager, the chief scientist. I don’t belieeeeve you. You’re a liaaaaar.

The oceans flght global warming.

Court won’t declare chimp a person, have obviously not seen Any Which Way But Loose or this Israeli monkey.

Stephen Colbert’s favorite leatherback Stephanie Coburtle missing after Great Turtle Race, feared to be Amelia Earheart of turtles.

Dinosaur capable of fellatio.

older brothers fuel aggression (older sisters fuel awesomeness!)

finally, The Pill for men! Does this dudes are going to burning their jock straps and demanding equal pay for modeling?

Ancient salamanders got laid and paid

or if you don’t want to take the pill, how about REMOVABLE VAS DEFERENS PLUGS. Yeek!

If only the X-Files were still on so they could make an amazing episode about this Peruvian Meteroite Hysteria.

Built for naps!

giant Russian baby girl

cities breed tough birds

Earth and Venus separated at birth.

Molly Lambert is the senior editor of This Recording.


“In McDonalds” — Burial (mp3)

“Air” — The Owls (mp3)

“The Philadelphia Grand Jury” — The Fiery Furnaces (mp3)


Synaesthesia, Flavonoids, and Baby Otters

Space’s Stellar Explosions and Sade’s Quiet Storm

Ginger Cavemen

Paper Bones

H.P. Lovecraft

Asexual Reproduction

Stem Cells

Napping Helmet

New Planets


We care about you way more than Meg White does.

Dumb ruling planet.

The saddest WASP-y teen in the You Ess of Eh.

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