In Which I Want To Bear Your Children!

They Called Us Rich And Jealous

by Molly Lambert

5 Neat Guys (l-r) John Candy, Eugene Levy, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty

I’m probably as much of an SCTV geek as Judd Apatow. The only difference between us is that Judd Apatow is rich/well-respected and I’m broke/blog for a living. But we can still like all the same comedy sketches, right? That’s democracy for ya. I mean who doesn’t love 5 Neat Guys Neatest Hits featuring “Let’s Have A Party In My Rec Room,” and “She Does It”? I wish someone would mash this up with Mad Men.

“Who Put The Pennies In My Loafers?”

The Original Yacht Rocker, Gerrrrrrry Toddddddd (Rick Moranis) on SCTV. Watch as Michael McDonald has to ride like the wind to record his guest spot on Christopher Cross’s hit song!

Another classic from the same episode, Tess’s favorite band of all time The Doobie Brothers for Carpets Galore. SCTV sure did portend the whole online comedy shorts movement like a bunch of Canadian humor Nostradamuses.

Andrea Martin and Rick Moranis

Woody Allen’s Annie Hall x Albert Brooks’s Modern Romance = George Carlin’s Reel Love (Rick Moranis as George Carlin, Eugene Levy as Tony Roberts) and Don Rickles’ Love Is The Greatest Gift God Gave Us And I Mean That Sincerely.

Eugene Levy and John Candy are The Schmenge Brothers! I remember renting the Schmenge Brothers movie The Last Polka from Eddie Brandt’s a million years ago. God I fucking love YouTube!

“Who Made The Egg Salad Sandwiches? They’re Better Than The Tuna And The Cheese…”

SCTV’s O.G. Hilarious Womyn Andrea Martin as Babs Streisand in “Rich & Jealous” and Catherine O’Hara as the legendary Lola Heatherton guesting on the fabulous Sammy Maudlin show!

The Dusty Towne holiday special starring Dusty Towne (Catherine O’Hara) and Divine (John Candy). Sexy holidays to yoooou.

Julia Child vs. Mr. Rodgers on the Battle of the PBS Stars

Max Silvestri is one of my favorite genius polymaths. Here are his top ten records of the year on Brooklyn Vegan. He’s so much funnier than me that I won’t even try to be clever introducing this link to his second How To Use The Internet video with Gabe Delahaye. Bing Boing!

Jenny Slate, don’t blame me if I just learned how to stalk

Max’s co-host tomorrow night at Rififi for his monthly “I Like Attention” show is the indescribably talented and funny Jenny Slate. She’s half of Gabe & Jenny with another Gabe (Liedman). Together they host “At Night With Gabe & Jenny” Monday nights at Rififi.

I haven’t even mentioned yet that Jenny is a mind-meltingly hot Jewess, but that’s just extra syrup injected deep into the griddle folds of her magnificence. Can you cupcake with a girl crush? Or would that be muffintopping?

Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate, possibly not at night

If you listened to Pinback for a long time without ever seeing a picture of them, as I did, their melodic bittersweet rock in weird tempos might make you imagine them as a group of spindly-fingered pale-faced Jarvises hiding in a basement cave somewhere. I was surprised, when I finally saw them play, to find out Rob Crow and co. looked like their San Diego bros Blink 182.

Rivers Cuomo was also at the show I went to, surrounded by a throng of Asian beauties. (No, really, he was.) That has no bearing on Pinback’s music, which continues to rule in a quiet and quirky workmanlike way, like How I Met Your Mother. Their newer stuff sounds like Synchronicity. That’s not meant to be a backhanded compliment, just a regular one. Synchronicity rules, and Pinback too. Math-Pop!

“I’m The Goof In The Classroom”

Sleep Bath – Pinback: mp3

Hohum – Pinback: mp3

Seville – Pinback: mp3

Subbing For Eden – Pinback: mp3

How We Breathe – Pinback: mp3


Film Is About Hair – Cinema Week Delights

Harris Feinsod valiantly tries to describe Javier Bardem’s haircut in No Country For Old Men.

Brenda Cromb on Tony Leung’s sex hair in Lust, Caution.

Ben Mercer on Tom Cruise’s weird bangs comb-over in Lions For Lambs.

I could write a book about my love for Shampoo.

Molly Lambert is senior editor of This Recording. Sexy Jewish holidays to you.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Want To Bear Your Children!

  1. I have to make this powerpoint for school, and I thought it’d be cool to add some background music for the slides. I get the song from iTunes, then it plays like i want it to (i have it for ‘Play through slides”), but as the slides run, the music will just stop in random places then keep playing. What am i doing wrong? How can i get it to stop? I really want background music, so i don’t want to take it completely out, just stop the stalling. Please help!.

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