In Which Weekend Links Grow Old With You

Roid Up The Usual Links

by Alex Carnevale

It’s pretty interesting what baseball did. They had no cause to prosecute any of their players who took steroids, and yet it was obvious to plenty of people that it was widespread behavior, and that certain individuals could have provably said to partake.

They decided to just out everyone they knew about and let the public and the media decide who was guilty. There might be a few players penalized from the interminable Mitchell Report, but basically, this is it for harping on a generation of abusers. Steroids may never appear again in this form, although it appears the Human Growth Hormone epidemic is still with us. That is a far cry from Winstrol.

HGH=helps you heal quicker. decadurabolin=helps you hit better.

That they had all these checks from clubhouse attendant Kurt Radomski made it particularly hilarious.

Now Canseco is openly accusing A-Rod. He hasn’t been wrong yet, but I don’t think A-Rod is necessarily culpable. In any case, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to write a personal check.

There are a lot of people saying the report is biased (it’s a piece of shit, but it’s not malicious) and there are a lot of people crowing about innocent until proven guilty, as if these players were being charged for a crime. They’re not. If they are innocent, it can’t help but come out. If they’re guilty, they got off easy. Either way, baseball is not the government. It’s a lot poorer and can police its own employees however it likes, especially when it’s not prosecuting them.

Clemens is fighting the allegations, and for those of us who find Roger to be a big douchebag, we’ll enjoy watching this play out. There are those who say he’ll never get into the Hall of Fame–I doubt that, as he had the majority of a potential HOF career lined up before he ever had someone inject him.

I don’t really care about steroids, and I can’t make a big deal out of this half-assed report or the moron Bud Selig. As much as they pretend like they want to police the game, they can’t test for the only substance players are still using. The result of all this money spent and talk is nil. Who can get excited about that?

Wal-Mart’s sweatshop ornaments.

The Deadspin crossword puzzle. This was also brilliant.

Experience the joy of the Honeydrips.

the man who hired someone to write this book for him could be your next president

Anti-semitism finds its way to QVC.

Panda Toes and Vampire Weekend.

Ten classic toys.

has there ever been a person you were more sure wasn’t jewish than josh ritter?

“Girl in the War (acoustic)” — Josh Ritter (mp3)

Josh Ritter is the second best thing to come from Idaho. This album takes extremely rewarding to a new and folksier level.

“Chanukah Song” — Adam Sandler (mp3)

RNPS PICTURES OF THE YEAR - A girl cycles through flood waters ...

more photos of the year here


450 top links for web designers.

Do you live in junk food country? I seriously don’t know why major magazines run ‘obesity’ stories. Let people die in peace, for chrissakes. Why does the world need more people, again?

Paul Janka is a genius with a penis muscle.

Jonathan Lethem kinda grosses me out. If it turned out he was Satan, would that really surprise you?

Adrienne Curry’s playboy spread.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

RNPS PICTURES OF THE YEAR - Yang Yang, 3, kisses a Beluga Whale ...

kid, i’ve made out with more beluga whales than you have toes and fingers


Maybe a Diet Coke would get the television industry out of this slump.

The difference between Elton John and Brittany Murphy is narrowing.

Journey to Cherry Hill and back again.

RNPS PICTURES OF THE YEAR - Former Ukrainian Prime Minister ...

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