In Which Friday Links Are The Man In Your Marmalade

Friday Links & Mink Coats

by Alex Carnevale

Before we get into the links, please do us a favor and go read this all too classic post that simultaneously bashes Diablo Cody, Chelsea Handler, and vegans. God bless that post.

Yes, we read Glamour. I’m as ashamed as you are:

My ex-boyfriend and I had been dating for six months. One day, out of nowhere, he told me he had a girlfriend. When I started to cry, he told me I was overreacting. I was furious! Then he told me he was just kidding and he really loved me. I believed him. The next week I went to visit him at his house. When I rang the doorbell he opened the door and gave me a kiss. There was a girl sitting on the couch that I’d never seen before. He walked over to her, gave her a kiss, and said “Hi, Julie. Meet my girlfriend.” They both started laughing. I found out later from him that he wanted just to do that for fun to twist my heart and play with it. I was really upset, but don’t worry, I found out a way to get him back.

Then again, maybe we just liked the accompanying photo.

i don’t know why i said i thought knocked up was sexist!

Rachel B. Glaser in elimae.

Best of graphic novels, since we will likely not be doing a similar list. The only “book” we read and liked this year was Lost Girls, but it came out last year.

James Bond villain for president.

Why Huckabee’s a dumbass in Foreign Affairs.

As someone said after sending me this link, “I’m going to turn all kinds of dudes gay and jack their girlfriends.”

Also the comments are stupendous:

This theoretical drug seems dangerous to me – if it fell into the wrong hands, it could be used inappropriately or forcibly. Furthermore, like any drug, there is the potential for addiction…Human sexuality seems to be one of earth’s many mysteries and a fluid spectrum…trying to define or modify it with a pill or injection may be setting a bad precedent.

Asteroid will hit Mars. Speaking of asteroids…

The new Hot Chip album leaked, I review it this weekend. I also will be buying probably 8,000 copies because it is the best album of this year or next year or any other year. Here’s a sample…

“We’re Looking for a Lot of Love” — Hot Chip (mp3)

Al from Hot Chip opined on his messageboard:

well it’s lucky I take a look at this board from time to time, this is the first we’ve heard of “the leak”. After a quick search I couldn’t find it, if anyone can let me know where it’s been put up I’ll be… interested to hear.

I can only speak for myself regarding downloads of our album before release date. I’m happy for people to be listening to our music, whether they pay for it or not. I’d rather they paid for it, because I can use the money to do good things; for instance I can provide support to my family, and support good old british charities with excellent charity shops, like Help The Aged, Marie Curie and of course the British Heart Foundation. And I can make more music. But we make money in other ways, and I suppose free downloads hurt record labels more than artists. However, although in the short term artists won’t suffer, damaging the labels will be to the detriment of music in the long term I suspect, because labels evolved naturally for various reasons, and even if they all went bankrupt tomorrow, five years down the line we would develop other structures which performed the same role, with the same foibles.

I’m a little annoyed if people get to hear the album before the release date because I like the idea of our fans being excited to go into the shop, buy the cd, take it home and hear it for the first time, and be surprised by it. That’s probably a little old-fashioned of me, but I am a hoary 27 year old now. Instead, it’s us that have been surprised by the leak, although luckily it seems as though it’s one of the press versions that’s been uploaded, with (apparently) a kind of robotic voice saying “THIS IS THE NEW HOT CHIP ALBUM AND IF YOU UPLOAD IT WE WILL EXTERMINATE” or words to that effect. So we’ll wait again for the real thing to leak…

Poor Al. Also, Kylie Minogue wrote a song for them. I know.

As much as Mark Steyn irritates and amuses me (he does hate children after all), what is happening to him is ridiculous.

Crazy hoax at Princeton by pro-values people.

Anthony Lane on Sweeney Todd.

Jess covers the female SAG nominees. (Jezebel)

Andrew Sullivan sort of comes out for Ron Paul.

More on the myspace bullies.

The Spook Stays in The Picture.

Lieberman = Senator Palpatine.

More Lost girls:





Speaking of Mother Jones, it is the only liberal magazine that I enjoy, and it’s only $10 for a year’s worth.

The problems with the Wii.

Murdoch is having fun with the Wall Street Journal.

Abandoned wonders of the world.

I’ve been reading Thomas Sowell’s letters. I liked this one a lot, to his surrogate sister Birdie about his daughter, Lorraine:

Dear Birdie,

Last Sunday while I was loading Lorraine’s bicycle onto the car, she ran and picked a flower for me. She handed it to me and said, “This is for you, daddy. You can have it and keep it as long as you want.” I have been feeling good ever since.

Why does it not shock me that Nietzsche was a Julia Allison favorite in college? Also, Jakob’s going to Cabo with another girl? WTF!

there really is nothing like a state trooper and a humpback, i suggest you try it

Embracing Williamsburg goes wrong somewhere.

People keep turning on the internet.

George Packer on Bill Kristol.

Trailer for the final season of The Wire.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


There’s more Sports Corner where that came from.

Links from Tuesday past.

“Elizabeth is leaving me for Ted Turner,” Robert Olen Butler wrote in an all-time classic e-mail.



3 thoughts on “In Which Friday Links Are The Man In Your Marmalade

  1. The audio watermark on that Hot Chip track is both absurd and hilarious at the same time. It sounds like some 12-year-old talking through a vocoder.

    Also, Evangeline Lilly FTW.

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