In Which The Second Season of Dexter Enters Itself Into the Annals of Television History

Dexter Will Come For You

by Alex Carnevale

With the news that Dexter is going to hit CBS, we will all be able to enjoy the best show on TV very soon.

The classic Showtime black comedy Dexter finished up a second season for the ages last Sunday. The three episode arc that ended this season cannot be lavished with enough praise. I feel like a richer person simply for having experienced it.

The second television show to make Miami look appealing, Dexter is about a forensic analyst for the Miami PD who also murders murderers who haven’t been brought to justice. I know I feel safer.

This season began with Dexter’s watery deathtrap being unearthed by federal authorities. Finally Dexter has been found!

Dexter trips up the investigations into his own activities when it suits his purpose. Otherwise he plays foster dad to his gf Rita’s two kids. Rita (Julie Benz) is a babe, but she’s also a sweetheart.

Dexter, you’re a great guy. Seriously. Seriously.

Some girls just have a bad habit of taking shit things the wrong way, by which I mean, they don’t call them what they are. Rita’s one of them.

She thinks Dexter has a drug habit, like her late husband, who Dexter drugged and framed for possession (go Dex).

To save his junkie soul, she enrolls the killer in narcotics anonymous meetings, where he becomes a jesus freak and meets jesus, what a freak.

All the while Dexter’s sister is banging Keith Carradine and Dexter meets someone new. Love triangle!

Jaime Murray

She doesn’t know Dex is a killer either. No one does, but in this season’s climactic episode, someone um, finds out.

Season 1: The Story of the Ice Truck Killer is must see as well, with an awesome payoff ending you don’t see coming.

This season took it up a notch with better writing and the move to let Dexter have more fun. It’s already a comedy. After all, he’s killing people and we can’t help but cheer.

Morning Comes

It’s tough to write a spoiler-free preview, but you have to watch this show. My officemate Clare watches it and we come up with different screams when the other is Dexter, we are both hilarious, trust me. She even photoshopped Michael C. Hall into our annual office photo.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

“Valentine” — Justice (mp3)

“I Fell in Love” – Alasdair Roberts (mp3)

“The Theme” — Miles Davis (mp3)

About as good as a new love interest gets


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3 thoughts on “In Which The Second Season of Dexter Enters Itself Into the Annals of Television History

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Dexter is one of the best shows on television. I should just go ahead and say THE best since I can’t back up that last statement with any comparisons on tv to the 2nd season of Dexter. You say it’s making the jump to CBS? I hope it’s just edited reruns of the first two seasons, because an edited jump to network primetime for the 3rd season just wouldn’t make sense. Thanks as usual for the great post, as I’ve been back time and time again and finally have gotten around to posting, and let everyone in the TR crew know I love the blog and hope if there’s ever a blogger’s strike, you guys just keep on plugging away. Stop by my site if you want and keep in touch.

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