In Which Friday Links Give You No Way To Take Them Where You Need To Go


We Are Afraid For Your Links

by Alex Carnevale

Tiger attack, could it happen here?

Tigers everywhere, tigers in Dallas

…experts say he couldn’t have jumped that wall. Was he baited?

Cops first received a 911 call at 5:07 p.m., just after the zoo closed its gates. Officials esti mate there were only 20 visi tors left on the grounds at the time.

Police “saw a tiger seated next to a person who was on the ground. The tiger turned back and began attacking that person again. The officers yelled at the tiger to stop,” Fong said.

“Then the animal began rushing toward them and that was when they fired and dispatched the animal.”


The injured men were rushed to San Francisco General Hospital, where doctors said they’d be fine.

“Our two victims – I’m happy to report – are doing very well right now. They are in stable condition,” said surgeon Rochelle Dicker. “They are in good spirits. They look absolutely fantastic.”  

Maybe he did jump. I don’t think so.

25 tigers murdered in Sri Lanka!


Cat Power!

What does the Tacoma area think about this?

Any big cat that gets out, you have to assume their first inclination is to kill somebody. 

Andy Goldfarb, Tacoma biologist

Imagine if you heard dead human cubs were found in a fridge? Wouldn’t you take down a zoo visitor?

Seven tigers die, was the San Francisco attack revenge?

The war continues in Zimbabwe.

PETA says tigers don’t belong in capitivity. We would agree, go PETA.

Could a tiger ascend to the White House? 


OK, onto more important matters.


How weird does this poster look? This is so clearly setting Shia up to be Young Indiana Jones, could they be any more transparent? David Koepp did the main script.

Darabont also discusses his experience as a writer-for-hire on Indiana Jones 4, calling it “a waste of a year.” He says it “showed me how badly things can go. I spent a year of very determined effort on something I was very excited about, working very closely with Steven Spielberg and coming up with a result that I and he felt was terrific. He wanted to direct it as his next movie, and then suddenly the whole thing goes down in flames because George Lucas doesn’t like the script.” Darabont is a pretty powerful guy in his own right, and says he had no problem accosting Lucas about the matter. “I told him he was crazy. I said, “You have a fantastic script. I think you’re insane, George.” You can say things like that to George, and he doesn’t even blink. He’s one of the most stubborn men I know.” Darabont doesn’t know if any of his original work will make it into the film, but might his Indy script ever be seen by all the interested fans? Says Darabont: “I would love it, but it’s not my material to disseminate. At this point, I don’t give much of a damn what George thinks, but I wouldn’t want to harm my friendship with Steven.”

Frank Darabont is gonna fight to get a credit here.

Bill Belichick is what he is.

Q & A with Aaron Rose.

Jessica Alba gets engaged.

the wildly inappropriate edwards christmas card

A Hilton in a bikini.

Philosophy catfight, meow

Bye to Stu Nahan.

“Walking with Jesus” – Spiritualized (mp3)

Walk Hard apparently sucked.

Kerry totally insane about the Patriots. Is it OK to be happy he wasn’t president? 


Defamer’s top videos of 2007.

Awesome Jamie Lynn headline

Brian Leiter’s blog.

Mediocre Black Chick Reconditioning Program


Robotman was a great strip, too. 

Panda Bear on the first listen.

Josh Marshall:

A new LA Times poll shows Barack Obama (32%) in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton (30%), with Edwards a distant third (18%). In Iowa, it’s a three-way dead heat: Clinton (29%), Obama (26%), Edwards (25%).

Paranoid beliefs around Christmas time. (Strange Harvest)

Reviewing a parking garage.  

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

“Hands in the Dark” – Chromatics (mp3)

I wanted Jim to be my boyfriend, he wanted to bounce


Tess’ favorite television characters.

Rendering it all impotent

Danish gets halfway through the best tracks of ’07.

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