In Which The Piece Beneath Takes Hold Of You And Nails It

Don’t Hate The Game, Hate The Players

by Molly Lambert

Beatrix Campbell says that The Game “sexually objectifies women,” and argues that, “in a way these courses are helping men to be a bit less useless in their engagement with women, using charm and a bit of ingenuity to seduce. But the only thing that will help them in relationships is empathy and liking women.”

I don’t know Beatrix, everyone can use a good anti-slut defense.

My buzzy comedian friend Max Silvestri has been blogging about The Game since forever. He told me about J-Dog’s most ridiculous strategy a superlong time ago but it’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me meow.

Ross Jeffries aka J-Dog

Method: Speed Seduction

Style: Neurolinguistic Programming & “Magick


“Unstoppable Confidence”

“Fear into Charisma”

“Gold Walk-Up”

“Secrets of Advanced Irresistible Arousal

Another Jeffries device is phonetic ambiguity. Sentence example: “Standing on the hill, I could see the river twinkling below me.” According to Jeffries, the words “below me” could be unconsciously interpreted as an embedded command to “blow me”. Especially, if at the point those words were spoken, you spread your hands palms up with fingers pointing down at the crotch area.

David DeAngelo

Method: Double Your Dating

Style: Cocky & Funny


“Attraction is not a choice.”

“You cannot bore a woman into liking you.”

“I do not apologize for my desires as a man.”

Neil “Style” Strauss

Method: Annihilation Method

Quotes: “In the seduction community, Strauss is known by the pseudonym Style. Some of Neil’s top students went on to publish their own seduction material, such as How to Fuck Strippers, a controversial book.”

Strauss, before and after his PUAkeover

Strauss won the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for his coverage of Kurt Cobain’s suicide for Rolling Stone and his profile of Eric Clapton in The New York Times Arts & Leisure section.

Wayne “Juggler” Elise

Method: Charisma Arts

Quotes: “Elise focuses on ‘genuinely’ connecting with people, rather than the use of canned material or routines, in order to demonstrate qualities to a woman.”

Eric James “Mystery” Horvat-Markovic

Method: Venusian/Mystery Method

Quotes: “At age 16 he managed to win his first talent show, with a magic performance and the appearance of six doves. In 1995 Erik performed his first self-levitation in Quebec. He appeared on a Show titled Natural Magic in Russia. In 1996, Markovik created a Madonna from concentrated liquid flesh at Kingswood Music Theatre in Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. By 1999 Erik traveled to Los Angeles where he performed for Will Smith and friends.”

Zan Perrion

Method: Enlightened Seduction


“A natural seducer doesn’t pick and choose who he flirts with — he’s charming to all women.”

Zan was one of the first to teach the concept of “natural game”, the belief that women will respond favorably to men who are confident and fun – but not arrogant. He advocates the notion of honesty and respect toward women.”

“Women are not attracted to men who are good looking – they are attracted to men who are attractive.”

things most women are not attracted to

Sigh…False Dichotomy, gender binary, double standards etc.

Also women are not a game of RISK. That a former D & D/current magician geek would hope seduction could be condensed down into a Role Playing Game is not surprising. If most women were into RPGs in the first place these dudes wouldn’t have had to develop such complicated magical thinking bullshit strategies to meet girls.


If you’re that hopeless you can probably still get a girlfriend through World of Warcraft. Juno scribe Diablo Cody met her husband on the internet. It’s the 21st century man, even hikikomories are getting laid just by clicking some buttons.

Neil Strauss’s website looks like it’s from 1997. Go out and seduce a better web designer, Neil.

More men to avoid at the bar.

PUA perspectives on LTRs

Practice Long Term Relationships by adopting a cat: Cats are like women. They are always moody, they only come up and rub themselves against you when they want something, even though they don’t eat that much, you still have to feed them. But the most important thing I’ve learned about cats is that they are not loyal like dogs. Just like a woman, you must re-earn a cats affection every day of your life or you lose them.

Juggler and Style at a book-reading

Alex Carnevale and I on the day he first tried to pick me up

This message board explains seduction completely. But you must be able to translate French, naturellement.

I am half Irish and half Jew, these Jersey girls have one of each.

Webstalking, a shocking true story that will scare you straight.

This bit of funfetti is why you’ve got anhedonia

Unusually high or low levels of MAOs in the body have been associated with depression, substance abuse, attention deficit disorder, and irregular sexual maturation. PET scans have shown that MAO is also heavily depleted by use of tobacco cigarettes.

Antidepressants may not ruin your sex life as much as you worry they will.

Why girls get creeped out by nice guys. Don’t worry we’re also creeped out by guys who get their dating advice from the “Online Seduction Community.”

You just need to call 1 (877) TAME – HER to get Frank T.J. Mackey, the master of the muffin. God I must have called that toll-free number ten thousand times when it was in service. I love extratextual gimcracks! That one was the best. PTA and I love Das Unheimliche. It’s because we grew up in the Uncanny Valley.

They also found that for purely sexual relationships, “niceness appeared relatively less influential than physical attractiveness” after acknowledging that women’s preference for “niceness” could be inflated by the social desirability bias

Hey, women also apparently want guys on the Psychotic end of the personality spectrum because they’re more likely to be dominant and disinhibited. That’s clearly why New York kept The Entertainer around so long even though his neck veins looked like cables ready to pop.

Frank ‘TJ’ Mackey was apparently PT Anderson’s riff on ‘J-Dog’.

In France, it’s Séduire et Détruire!

MAOs: responsible for your neuroses and dysthymia

Misogyny, Emosogyny, or just equally hateful Misanthropy?

Play along at home with these three stories from The New Yorker‘s latest fiction issue:

Work Hard, Play Hard – Palace Music: mp3

Raymond “Rigoletto” Carver

He thought about it a minute and then went on, “But at one time I thought I loved my first wife more than life itself, and we had the kids together. But now I hate her guts. I do. How do you figure that? What happened to that love? Did that love just get erased from the big board, as if it was never up there, as if it never happened? What happened to it is what I’d like to know. I wish someone could tell me.”

Player’s Ball (reprise) – Outkast: mp3

Junot “Da Joker” Diaz

She waits for you on the stoop, and when you pull up in her Saturn and notice the journal in her hand your heart plunges through you like a fat bandit through a hangman’s trap. You take your time turning off the car. You are overwhelmed by a pelagic sadness. Sadness at being caught, at the incontrovertible knowledge that she will never forgive you. You stare at her incredible legs and between them, to that even more incredible pópola you’ve loved so inconstantly these past eight months.

We Came 2 Play – DJ Quik: mp3

Waltz Of The Tennis Players – Fraser & DeBolt: mp3

Jonathan “Magickal Realestness” Lethem

Sentences were bodies, too, as horny as the flesh-envelopes we wore around the house all day. Erotically enjambed in our loft bed, Clea patrolled my utterances for subject, verb, predicate, as a chef in a five-star kitchen would minister a recipe, insuring that a soufflé or sourdough would rise. A good brave sentence (“I can hardly bear your heel at my nape without roaring”) might jolly Clea to instant climax. We’d rise from the bed giggling, clutching for glasses of cold water that sat in pools of their own sweat on bedside tables. The sentences had liberated our higher orgasms, nothing to sneeze at.

Playhouses – TV on the Radio: mp3

Molly Lambert is senior editor of This Recording and commentator/referee of the game.


Rich kids fondling in penthouses on Gossip Girl.

Alex tried to learn if men and women can be friends.

The Bachelor did not love them hoes.

Jack Nicholson charms your pants off and bolts.

Celebrity couples are the way a decadent society expresses itself.

6 thoughts on “In Which The Piece Beneath Takes Hold Of You And Nails It

  1. Wow you literally have everything wrong

    To start with, Ross Jeffries is not J-Dog

    Secondly, seduction chronicles is not Neil’s website

    And then there’s the total misunderstanding of the entire way the community works.

    Read into things thoroughly before casting judgement.


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