In Which Sunday Links Are The Means to An End


Sunday Links for Adventurous Types

by Alex Carnevale

Vanity Fair on the new Indy:

Whatever, Lucas is convinced he won’t please everyone. “I know the critics are going to hate it,” he says. “They already hate it. So there’s nothing we can do about that. They hate the idea that we’re making another one. They’ve already made up their minds.”

At least the legions of Indy geeks will be pleased, right?

“The fans are all upset,” Lucas says. “They’re always going to be upset. ‘Why did he do it like this? And why didn’t he do it like this?’ They write their own movie, and then, if you don’t do their movie, they get upset about it. So you just have to stand by for the bricks and the custard pies, because they’re going to come flying your way.” 


boys just want to have fun

“I’m the one that has to come up with the story, and the MacGuffin, the supernatural object that everyone’s going after …” Lucas’s voice trails off. He is seated in a favorite chair, its cushions lumpy and dented. “The Ark of the Covenant was perfect. The Shankara Stones were way too esoteric. The Holy Grail was sort of feeble—but, at the same time, we put the father in there to cover for it. I mean, the whole reason it became a dad movie was because I was scared to hell that there wasn’t enough power behind the Holy Grail to carry a movie. So we kept pushing to have it function on some level—and to make it function for a father and a son. To make it that kind of a movie was the big risk and the big challenge, but also the thing that pulled it out of the fire. So, at the end of it, I was like, No more of these, baby. We’re done. I can’t think of anything else. We barely got by on the last one!


Cate Blanchett as a supervillain

Ilya Bernstein’s revolutionary Year in Review piece for n+1 must be read, now.

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn in Hurlyburly. I’m so sad I didn’t think of posting this.

Murderer killed six people.

Maybe the greatest collection of all time.

“Breathe” – The Shins (Pink Floyd cover, mp3

Some John Tranter poems that are fun for the whole family.

Video killed the dubstep star.

Mischa Barton looks scary.

We are halfway through our best albums of the year countdown, catch up here and here.

I recently watched the entire new season of Nip/Tuck.

one of these things is not like the other

They are currently finishing up the Poison Ivy storyline, they also did a neat lesbian thing with Portia De Rossi and Joely Richardson. The main phenomenon of interest was Paula Marshall’s five episode arc as a Hollywood actress dating Sean. She binge eats and has violent diarrhea in a jacuzzi. It’s truly spiritual.

Paula Marshall has always been one of my favorites; it is extremely disturbing to see her as a possessive, insecure actress. I am personally going to write her a letter asking her to refrain from portraying any characters who are not either nuns or strippers.

annalynne mccord who is probably in her late fifties

John Edwards’ bus breaks down. Boo hoo, he should call a lawyer. Wait, he is a lawyer.

The perfect final meal.

My favorite part of Mia Farrow’s Proust Questionnaire:

Which living person do you most despise?
The regime in Khartoum, responsible for the ongoing suffering of millions of innocent people in Darfur.

Nate Pritts’ new book is on sale.

Some sweet haikus.

Snorkeling can be really fun!

There’s no accounting for taste.

The new Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen movie.

Sarkozy and Bruni get even more seriously.

If you’re wondering where to get the sweet origami balloon you saw in my apartment, look no further.

Gemma Atkinson entertains us:

How has your life changed since you got your new breasts?

My clothes have changed a lot, and I’ve done a calendar with my new assets. People keep saying they’re massive, but they’re the same size as they were – I’ve just lost loads of weight and had my boobs put back to the same size. They’re a 34D. I read somewhere they were a double F! I wouldn’t be able to walk!

Who called for the troop surge?

Pitchfork takes on the There Will Be Blood soundtrack.

David Cross admits to being in Alvin and the Chipmunks:

Hello, David here. I’ve internally debated the merits of addressing my appearance in, (and thus tacit condoning of) “Alvin and The Chipmunks”. I am not stupid nor unobservant. I knew going into this movie that I would be eating a lot of delicious shit for it. Usually I wouldn’t give a shit about what everyone’s feelings are about it, but I wasn’t prepared for the level, or amount I should say, of vitriol that’s been flung about like so much monkey poo.

Michelle Rodriguez goes to jail.

If you’re into ghosts or the Beatles, you’ll want to click here.

Ten best foosball games of the year.

When they weren’t getting robbed this year, Gentleman Auction House, Eric Enger’s seven piece “solo” project, was promoting the EP they dropped in October of last year. We didn’t experience this band fully until 2007, and damn did we experience them, it was like eating pudding really slowly.

“Every One Has Taken Their Hat Off But You” – Gentleman Auction House (mp3)

“A Hospital or Heaven” – Gentleman Auction House (mp3)

5 Acts wrote about GAH here.

Gentleman Auction House on hype machine.

Buy the EP here.

GAH website.

It feels like this year was a busy year.

Submissions are open for the new Storyglossia.

R.I.P. Pimp C.

Shea Hillenbrand loves animals and hates strike zone discipline

Rod Liddle’s New Year’s Resolution.

Super Mario scarf.

All the best gifts for cooks.

None of Catfish Vegas’ Top Ten makes our Top Twenty, but I mean, Feist almost made it.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


We are all crosses of each other.

Tyler wasn’t there.

The Ryan Gosling Cupcake Connection.

Philip Roth reads This Recording. Shouldn’t you?

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