In Which I Don’t Believe That Anybody Feels The Way I Do About You Now

Wednesday Links Brought to You By Betty and Veronica

by Alex Carnevale

Fall-Out Boy takes cue from Oasis.

We take a cue from Oasis:

“Wonderwall vs. Tribulations” – Oasis vs. LCD Soundsystem (mp3)

“Wonderwall” – Grum Lee (mp3)

“Wonderwall” – Noel Gallagher & Gem Archer (mp3)

“Wonderwall” – Robbie Williams (mp3)

“Wonderwall” – Michelle Branch (mp3)

“Wonderwall” – Ryan Adams (mp3)

“Wonderwall” – Cat Power (mp3)

Why is PETA practicing population control btw? Not that I don’t approve, I’m just wondering. Explain, someone.

I have some issues with taking away anyone’s reproductive ability, but I guess I can make some exceptions. PETA has really been doing some great stuff lately, if you thought they were just about peeing on celebs wearing fur, you were wrong, but in hindsight, that was a great idea.

For example, one thing that really bothers me are those horse drawn carriages in Central Park. And who could be the better leader against the horse-drawn army than Pink?

Juno is racist.

Chris Matthews’ disturbing sexual history.

All the nouns you can realistically handle.

David Mamet and the Voysey Inheritance.

Vanity Fair is pretty much the only magazine worth reading.

It is helpful to have to read only one magazine.

And then, there’s Hitch! He has embarked on a self-improvement routine. This totally reminds me of Danish’s sophomore year at Brown, when he roomed with Darshan and hooked up with inappropriate women. I am so glad those days are over.

Does God exist? on January 30th. Spoiler alert! He doesn’t.

Hitch on:

The War on Drugs

Dude, weren’t you wrong about Iraq? That people believe that there could now be, only a few short years after the events themselves, a final judgment on the success of Iraq humorouses me.

Hitch’s reaction to Pinter winning the Nobel Prize:

The award to someone who gave up literature for politics decades ago, and whose politics are primitive and hysterically anti-American and pro-dictatorial, is part of the almost complete degradation of the Nobel racket.

I’m not sure how someone could argue with that, but you can try.

How to meet women on facebook consistently.

A friend of mine trained in the art of facebook seduction’s comment on this was as follows:

pbbbbbbbbtttt. my version is a lot simpler:

1. relationship status is meaningless

2. friending strangers is not rude

3. never poke

three simple rules and you too could have three 3 british girls sleep in your bed with you after an evening at a local drinking establishment


Reading Julia Allison is a little like checking in on an out of control friend and you are praying she has found her way but what is way more likely to happen is that she invites you to Applebee’s and introduces you to her “hubby,” a magician named Kenneth. That’s not going to happen to Julia, because she doesn’t do drugs. She was born a celebrity and thus never needed to learn how to cope with her fame. She was doing Huggies commercials while I was in diapers.

Does anyone else see acting in Julia’s future? If her and the Mumblecore movement could just like, grab hold of each other, and, I don’t know, mumble a lot? Would that be doing anything for you now?

Julia flashback!

Julia during her junior year in college:

Too many guys, too little consistency. I have a lot of dates and I’m so tired of it. I don’t think I can stop; dating has taken over my life. I’m worried that I’m not even an interesting person anymore … I have nothing to talk about except dating. I even listed “dating” as an extracurricular activity on my application to be a tour guide. I think I’m afraid to stop because I’m addicted to the self-esteem rush that comes from going out with a guy who wants to be with me. This realization makes me ill … am I that vain and shallow (hollow laughter. Please. Obvi)

Look at those meaty drumsticks.

Mad Men looking dreamy.

This Rachel Bilson GQ photoset is just WRONG.

Contributor to CapGun 2 (we sold out so I do not have to generate the energy to link to the website) Jackie Delamatre is reading in NYC on Friday. She won’t be featured in CapGun 3, as she knowingly trusted a Sicilian (me) when death was on the line. She also dates too many bartenders. Still, she’s a considerable talent. Considerable or emerging, Jackie loves sex puns and intelligent literary fiction. We advise you to see her read.

I’m reading on Friday, January 25 in the NYU Emerging Writers Reading Series. The reading will be held at our Creative Writing Program House (58 W. 10th St.) from 7-9pm. The featured reader is my thesis advisor Darin Strauss, author of The Real McCoy and Chang and Eng ( The less featured readers are me and three other students. I’m betting there will be wine. If not, we’ll go get some afterward.

I want the guy who did Darin Strauss’ author photo to do mine.

Conceptual computer of the future.

New Cadillac concept.

I was watching the second Fantastic Four movie the other day (I know, I know). I take it that most people are not aware that Andre Braugher plays an army general in this ill-fated movie. He also shows up at a hot dance club and bitches out Reed Richards. What took me so long to get to this movie?

Ultimate Nullifier

the ultimate nullifier – nullifying things since 1966

Also, there’s this moment where Richards begs off of saving the world, and he says to the general, “Why don’t you call this guy, he’s a physics professor at Brown.” That made me almost die. Brown cannot hope to defeat the Silver Surfer.

Wolcott on Michael Gerson:

The most enchanted song stylist of presidential oratory since Peggy Noonan at her most Julie Andrews, Gerson is the Gerard Manley Hopkins of American exceptionalism, his dappled words allowing Bush to gently soar. (Though not always: “Once, in a foreign-policy speech, I managed to insert one of my favorite quotes by Pericles—and even I had to admit, when delivered, it didn’t sound very Bush-like.”) Gerson’s tendency to tilt the spotlight toward his keyboard provoked an extraordinary pre-emptive strike in The Atlantic by Matthew Scully, a former fellow member of the Bush speechwriting team, who ambushed Gerson’s book even before it left the stagecoach junction and portrayed him as a sanctimonious Sammy Glick, a head-in-the-clouds hustler. “Among chummy reporters,” Scully wrote, “he created a fictionalized, ‘Mike, we’re at war’ version of presidential speechwriting, casting himself in a grand and solitary role.”

Michael Chabon slamming Richard Cohen.

Why Brazilian women are preferred.

Is fibromyalgia real?

Via thepunkguy, a white person’s subway map.


“Drive on Driver” – The Magnetic Fields (mp3)

“Too Drunk to Dream” – The Magnetic Fields (mp3)

“Please Stop Dancing” – The Magnetic Fields (mp3)

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording. He is also known as Galactus.


We tackled Alec Guinness.

Our search for something that excites us in Hollywood.

True love waits for all the real girls.

6 thoughts on “In Which I Don’t Believe That Anybody Feels The Way I Do About You Now

  1. Do you really not know why PETA practices population control? Shortform answer: because people who let their pets procreate without forethought are most often unprepared to properly care for those litters. End result: more malnourished, unadopted shelterpets, headed for the gas.

    That said: I’ve abhored PETA ever since they tried recruiting kids whose parents wore fur by hanging out outside of Broadway shows handing out comic books claiming that “Mommy kills puppies” or sommat. Any organization that thinks its acceptable to manipulate and traumatize kids in order to get their parents to change their behavior is NO GO in my book. But that tactic isn’t exclusive to PETA: my hate goes out to the anti-drug govt. agencies that spent the nineties encouraging kids to turn their parents in, too.

    Great stream-of post, as always.

  2. Thanks for the explanation, it’s never been fully explained to me.

    I wonder if Mommy actually ever killed a puppy.

    I just put myself in that dog’s shoes and I don’t want my balls chopped off. I can’t ask him to do what I wouldn’t.

  3. PETA is an incredibly hypocritical organization. You were right, PETA has been doing a lot of good things lately, like killing 97% of the animals it receives in its animal adoption program. This number is astronomically higher than the average euthanization rate for normal pet shelters which is around 40%. I have no problem with their programs which try to end cruelty to animals but you can’t preach against animal cruelty when you willingly kill so many animals.

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