In Which Thursday’s Links Make A Plan To Love Someone


Thursday Links You Don’t Deserve

by Alex Carnevale

The new Rumble Strips EP looks pretty sweet.

Conan’s strike beard.

Halifax music festival.

What I’ve Learned: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.


I remember one time I had done some television interview, and they asked about my family life and kids. I talked about how I’m a proud father and how much I love my kids and how they’re fun and what we do and how it’s great. I was thinking that if in twenty-five, thirty years my kids watch old footage, I’d be proud for them to see their dad saying how much he loves them. Well, the show aired, and I get a phone call. “What the fuck are you doing?” I said, “Marlon, what are you talking about?” He said, “That’s none of their business!” I tried to say, “Marlon, listen, man, I only wanted my kids to . . .” And it was like he gave me this sort of once-over. “You don’t do it, man. That’s your world and it’s nobody else’s business. It’s not anybody’s entertainment.” And he was right.

Chelsea googles trainwreck.

Lauren on Ace of Base.

All you need to know about Zach.

Adam Brody gets laid.

L.A. rockers Dead Meadow.

James on Maximo Park.

Blog cliches to avoid. We like number one.

Poetry Magazine’s rebirth.

The effect of advertising.

I’m looking to make some big life changes, and I have a new guru. His name is Dr. Creflo Dollar.

Don’t be concerned. Creflo’s bio page tells you all you need to know about the erstwhile minister/doctor/god:

Who is Creflo?

One word—transparent. If you’re looking for sugar-coated words with little meaning, you won’t find it here. However, if you need someone to coach you until you get it right, that’s Creflo. He’s a coach and an inspirational speaker, who is much like a big brother, always wanting the best for you. He leaves no room for slack, excuses, bad moods or attitudes. We all miss it from time to time, he’ll urge you to get up and get back into the game.

Have God? If not, Creflo has an undeniable way of teaching the Bible with a simplicity anyone can understand. If you’re up for the challenge, prepare to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, and receive God’s truth!

We do know that Dr. Dollar is married.

I’m intrigued Dr. Dollar, even if your degree is only an honorary degree in divinity from Oral Roberts.

The consumer isn’t always right.

Disgusting stuff going on Iran.

Useless facts you’ll want to be aware of.

What did Freud actually do?

Matt Yglesias is kind of a douchebag.

How to get more comments on your blog. We can barely deal with the ones we do get.

Giuliani’s temper.

Maebe (of Maebe and George Michael fame) has a new gig, and it’s shocking.

Warner Bros. makes more cuts.

12 trends to embrace.

God I love the Hype Machine.

“Ashtray Heart” – The White Stripes (mp3)

“Conquest (Acoustic Mariachi Version)” – The White Stripes (mp3)

The exaggerated threat of food allergies.

Some acoustic Radiohead for you to enjoie.

What anti-depressant companies are hiding. This is better than an anti-depressant anyway.

Sometimes rich just ain’t enough.

Lil’ Wayne’s new EP.

Father is arrested for forcing son to wear Packers jersey.

This was the NYTimes description of an op-ed in today’s paper:

Although John McCain is too conservative, and his temperament and age raise concerns, he is too honorable to dismiss at a moment so critical to America’s standing in the world.

That’s the most retarded thing I have ever heard. I wouldn’t run that description or opinion piece in a newspaper that was made entirely of candy.

Band called At Swim Two Birds.

The violence going on in Kenya. Hmm, I wonder if the left will ignore this, too?

The new culture at the Chicago Tribune.

I enjoyed this:

No wonder Kate Hudson divorced rocker Chris Robinson – he doesn’t bathe. The Black Crowes frontman fumes about the music scene in Relix magazine: “Everything is squeaky clean. Even the punk-rock bands are clean . . . You’re not supposed to get your hair done that much, you know what I mean? You’re supposed to look like [bleep] because you did it yourself and you never bathe. You can’t be punk rock if you buy all your [bleep] at Fred Segal.

Cloverfield spoilers. M. Night spoilers.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

“Black” – Pearl Jam (mp3)



Valleys & Such Ago

We’ll Know When We Get There

A Has Been That Never Was

Here Comes the Flood

Denny Schmickle

Unchanging Window


The Bobby Fischer of competitive reading.

The meaning of Jena 6.

Russia is a sweet country.

library of congress flickr

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