In Which A Pictograph Is Worth A Thousand Words


by Molly Lambert

Today we begin again.

Originally called Semantography, Charles K. Bliss invented a language that makes ideograms out of seven hundred basic icons. Now known as Blissymbols, it is not widely used and it’s still debated whether an entirely logographic language is possible. I like it because it reminds me of rebuses and the sample sentences sounded like Talking Heads lyrics.

In the future, This Recording will be written entirely in Blissymbols.

This is my house.

This is my life.

Please come here today.

I want to go to the cinema.

She is my friend.

It is made of wood.

I lost my hat while at sea.

On icy stairs.

We learn by teaching.

I think, therefore I am.

Who can help us now?

I doubt what the government says.

Whose book is that?

Her boyfriend is jealous of her work.

Their relationship won’t last.

How did they like the giraffe?

She has beautiful teeth.

I like the music from these headphones.

Your wife said she was in the hospital because of depression.

That nonsense must stop.

Happy to help!


Burning Down The House – Talking Heads: mp3

Girlfriend Is Better – Talking Heads: mp3

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – Talking Heads: mp3

Spring, Summer Autumn Winter

If you like Godspeed and other dreamy post-rock bands from Montreal, I recommend The Besnard Lakes. Also I know they’re way hip but I really like MGMT. I don’t follow electronica too closely but Matthew Dear, who has been opening for Hot Chip, seems pretty cool. Arthur & Yu are folksters who toured with Beards & Vests. Happy most depressing day of the year!

Molly Lambert is senior editor of This Recording.


Gary Snyder and Han-shan

Beck Hansen and Peter Walker

Andrew Zornoza and Alex Rose.

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