In Which Links Come Quietly Finally Drop About Me On Me In The Old Ways

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Links In the Time of Cholera

by Alex Carnevale

With the most depressing day of the year behind us, it’s time to think about the post-MLK Day future.

For example, I don’t really know how I feel about climate change. People who I trust say it’s the most important issue, other people don’t seem that concerned. I think for me the thing is I’m not really going to be too upset if the Earth becomes uninhabitable for humanity (sorry, humanity). I mean, I’ll still have my blog, right?

So many zings in last night’s debate

Obama told the former first lady he was helping unemployed workers on the streets of Chicago when “you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart.”

Moments later, Clinton said that she was fighting against misguided Republican policies “when you were practicing law and representing your contributor … in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago.”


Obama seemed particularly irritated at the former president, whom he accused in absentia of uttering a series of distortions to aid his wife’s presidential effort.

“I’m here. He’s not,” she snapped.

“Well, I can’t tell who I’m running against sometimes,” Obama countered.

Ooooh, Barack, that’s going to get Hillary’s base riled up. Actual analysis here and here, including Rich Lowry becoming an Obama fanboy.

Sweet photos of Editors.

Darren Aronofsky’s blog.

Did you get MMJ tickets?

lantzilla flicka

Are cholesterol drugs a scam?

J.R.’s top ten of ’07.

Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black teaming up.

Google Experimental Search freaks me out, but no more than most things.

Roman Polanski documentary.

The New Yorker nearly gets bounced from Wal-Mart:

One magazine executive said it might actually help magazines that made the cut, because it will remove some of the clutter and give the survivors more visibility on the racks inside Wal-Mart’s 4,000 stores.

One of the biggest corporate losers appears to be Meredith Publishing. Its flagship Better Homes & Gardens is out, as is its sister service magazine Ladies Home Journal. Family Circle stays, however.

Time Inc.’s In Style will remain, though its spin-off title In Style Home is out. The main Sports Illustrated will remain on shelves, but Sports Illustrated for Kids is getting the heave-ho.

Hearst’s Town & Country is out, as is Hachette’s Home and Metropolitan Home.

Condé Nast lost space on Wal-Mart’s racks for upscale parenting magazine Cookie, the urbane and sophisticated The New Yorker and the glitzy oversized W. Self magazine made the cut, but some slower-selling special interest spin-offs got the ax.

“Scummy” – Artic Monkeys (mp3)

Suzanne Pleshette also died. She was not an anti-Semite, as least as far as we know.

Finally it’s here. (Certified Banger)

Best video game related underwears.

Bill Clinton’s kinda freaking out.

What the NY Post is going to do to Tom Brady over the next two weeks is so wrong.


Tom carrying some poppies to his player pad in the West Village

One more awesome things from this morning’s Post:


Very good thread to discover some new music in.

Levy is a band from BK.

Other blogs diss/compliment us.

This Virginia Heffernan column in the Times on Friday Night Lights is one of the dumber things I’ve read recently.

Sometimes girls just need to talk about their period.

Myspace: a place for you maybes?

Nothing quite said Martin Luther King Three Day Weekend like Steve Reich.

Michael Ledeen takes issue with Jonah Goldberg.

Hillary’s plan to wreck the housing market.

married to the sea

The new issue of Ander Monson’s DIAGRAM is out now.

New strain of staph linked to gay men.

NFL pulls something out of the air.

I can’t believe Juno got nominated for Best Picture. Not that it matters, it just kinda disgusts me.

Christianity in the U.S. for your eyes only.

We are really obsessed with this band These United States. They are playing at Union Pool on February the 23rd. Here is the music they like from their myspace:

a lot of clever Nouns, proper and otherwise, and then also some Music: Beck, The Flaming Lips, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bob Dylan, Django Reinhardt, Johnny Cash, Andrew Bird, Greg Brown, Violent Femmes, Taj Mahal, Simon Joyner, Talking Heads, Paleo, Dave Van Ronk, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Pieta Brown, Beirut, Willie Nelson, Wilco, Bruce Springsteen, Outkast, Bonnie Raitt, Beauty Pill, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Miles Davis, Neil Young, Lou Reed, The Cassettes, Sly and the Family Stone, Aimee Mann, Modest Mouse, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Tom Petty, The Who, Nina Simone, Gipsy Kings, Billie Holiday, Adam Arcuragi, My Morning Jacket, Manu Chao, Pink Floyd, Iron & Wine, The Silent Years, The Jackson Five, Shortstack, Toots and the Maytals, The Rolling Stones, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Beatles, Neko Case, Blind Melon, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, The Clash, Gentleman Caller, Leadbelly, OK Go, Ray Charles, Revival, The Band, Aretha Franklin, The White Stripes, Chuck Berry, Warren Zevon, Art Brut, Neko Case, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Catfish Haven, The Dandy Warhols, Paul Simon, Vandaveer, Urban Verbs, Nick Drake, Arcade Fire, Velvet Underground, Tom Waits, Kitty Hawk, Gorillaz, Otis Redding, Califone, and, oh, you know.

These United States website

Their debut album is out in March:

“The Business” – These United States (mp3)

“Sun is Below and Above” – These United States (mp3)

The above is already one of my favorite tracks of 2008.

Pop versus country.

Sweet links from Stop Okay Go.

Instrumental Analysis is back at Virginia Tech with a sweet mix.

Phone hoax amuses me:

By the end of the day, Leandro Barbosa was laughing about a practical joke that had him scurrying around the team’s Beverly Hills hotel Thursday. But for a while, a phone hoax that had Barbosa believing he was traded to the New York Knicks was no laughing matter.

Barbosa, who made the mistake of registering under his own name, was in his room when he received an anonymous phone call “informing him” of a trade, and telling him he needed to meet Suns general manager Steve Kerr in the hotel lobby.

“My heart was hurting,” Barbosa said. “Every time I hear the word ‘trade,’ … it’s just not a comfortable word for me at all. This is my team. I went a little crazy.”

lb and gf

Frantic and near tears, Barbosa rushed to the lobby in search of coaches or team personnel for answers before he was finally assured it was all a hoax.

“I said, ‘L.B., use your head. Don’t you think I would have told you if something like that was even possible?’ ” said Suns assistant and Barbosa confidant Dan D’Antoni, who was able to put his fears to rest. “I told him, ‘You’ve got to use someone else’s name when you check into a hotel. If someone told me to come down to the front desk and pick up a million dollars, do you think I’d start running for the elevator?’ ”

Even hours later, it was no joking matter for Barbosa. “That was a terrible thing,” he said.

John McCain’s daughter’s blog is pretty sweet.

Winter schminter!

I think everyone except Molly is excited for the new Counting Crows album. My plan is to buy it immediately and never tell anyone, does that work for you?

Reading the Iliad…what fun!

Ivy League making itself affordable.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


“Falling Down the Stairs” – Even As We Speak (mp3)

“Stop Me” – Mark Ronson (mp3)


The glories of American Psycho.

Danish introduced you to Rocktober.

Anthony Minghella disgusted and appalled us.

Blogging’s tough work.

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