In Which Monday Links Make Us Feel Very Uneasy With Ourselves


Links Despite Our Differences

by Alex Carnevale

While Joe Trippi propelled the Howard Dean campaign in 2004 largely through the internet, in 2008 the impact of the web is likely for the first time to be felt in a general election.

One wrong soundbite could really hurt a candidate, and since even when Barack is being a dick to Hillary he comes off as Papa Smurf (adorable), I’d say this is going to wear more on the Republican nominee.

After all, McCain is some kind of minature-sized troll and Romney has all the skillz of a Mormon crying about his girlfriend at home while he’s in Paris.


What is weird is how the web creates a different narrative of this campaign. Watching Meet the Press and the folks covering the story of South Carolina, the big story was Clinton’s race-baiting towards Obama. On the internet, where subtlety isn’t exactly the name of the game, the Caroline Kennedy endorsement of Obama washed away all that talk.

In this way even if the Clintons try to change their message on the ground, or hurt Obama, he can get back by issuing simple press releases. It’s like the internet reduces all politics to a town of 1,000 whose opinion could shift drastically on as much as a rumor.

Suharto and his son Tommy

Thieves take an eight year old dog.

Caroline Kennedy endorses the big guy.


Jessica Biel as Pocahontas

Hitchens on racist Mike Huckabee.

Times reporter Jeff Zeleny on Obama. (mp3)

Again, the crowd applauded and laughed. One line that landed a little flat, though, was when Mr. Obama sympathetically noted that farmers have not seen an increase in prices for their crops, despite a rise in prices at the supermarket.

“Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?” the senator said. “I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff.”

Senator Barack Obama met with voters in Charleston yesterday before today's vote in South Carolina. With him from left were Mary Jacob McKinley, Anne Marie Crevar, Christina Stewart, and Josephine Richardson.

“some of my best friends died in cloverfield”

10 reasons why Cloverfield was super happy terrific hour.

The best super bowl party ever.

“Band on the Run (Wings cover)” – Foo Fighters (mp3)


Trib endorses Obama.

Backlash against free trade could be v. dangerous.

New Jersey farmer left $15 million to Israel.

The real cause of kidney stones is cola.

The “Fire Isiah” chant, which has become so popular at the Garden, is now being heard in visiting arenas.

“She knows,” Thomas said. “But we’re getting treated this way because we’re losing. And that’s how you get treated when you lose.

“My mom watches every single game, and not only our games. She still watches every NBA game. She watches TNT, she has League Pass. Regardless if we’re playing or not, she is a big fan of Pat Riley. She watches the Heat all the time. Even when we were playing against the Lakers she liked Riley.”

At home, Mary has a signed picture of Riley on her dresser. Riley is one of Thomas’ coaching idols and one of the few executives in the NBA who, like Thomas, holds the duel titles of president and head coach.

Ten worst disasters of last century.

Hot new Britney pics.

Murderer has weird slippers:

William Torres

Weed vending machine.

Crazy picture of some cats.

Craigslist for murder.

Views of Joseph McCarthy.

Boston’s better than New York, says this story.

Death of Christian Brando.

I have been reading a lot of George Oppen. I’m not really a huge fan, but his prose is great, and he has lots of interesting ideas for poems. He’s an all-around nice guy.

Jaye sent along this page from the Selected Prose:

the lines are an instrument
of thought, powerful
powerful as the tools
of the mathematician mathematics
or they are distraction

the lines being an instrument of thought, one cannot always foresee
conclusions, as the mathematician cannot
foresee the result of his work

Being, in which intelligence must come to rest. The defining limit of thought

Selected Prose, Daybooks, and Papers

I was watching the United Negro College Fund tribute to Smokey Robinson last night, and all of sudden Condi Rice popped up. Even Smokey was a little shocked.

Stay tuned to the end for an extremely uncomfortable white person.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


“Arm in Arm (hot chip remix)” – The Boggs (mp3)

“Sing Songs Along (hot chip remix)” – Tilly & the Wall (mp3)

Tilly & the Wall

“Empty Bottles” – Magik Markers (mp3)

“Felt Tip (hot chip remix)” – Love is All (mp3)

“Over and Over (aqua ski remix)” – Hot Chip (mp3)

“Do As You Please (hot chip remix)” – Diefenbach (mp3)


Lisa McMillan is Stakable

Chelsea Peretti


Angela Fraleigh

Schrute Space

RBally is back


We started out on a dusty road.

We dissed Long Island mothers.

What white people smell like. Molly says ranch dressing. Gosh I just don’t know!

Praying Mantis

from this flickr

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  1. Were you the Cloverfield of Dreams avatar commenting on Deadspin last week? I think you need to encourage that site’s style of comment here. Also, being of mixed race what does my Black side smell of?
    /dick joke

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