In Which A Stranger With Your Door Key Explains That I Am Just Visiting These Links


Jon Stewart Was Once A Baby Too And Other Links

by Alex Carnevale

The Daily Show has been terrible lately, but Jon’s stuff on the State of the Union was still comic gold, as when he showed Phil Simms calling him ‘Tom’. Excuse my shaky camera work, I was going for a Cloverfield feel.

Without writers, the show has been better than it has any right to be, but it’s still pretty rough.

I feel bad for Jon, a legitimately funny comedian (his stand-up of yore is tremendous) who is vamping for 20 minutes every night like some kind of cracked out Jackie Mason.

The show’s writers are now writing for the Times. This was pretty funny, but “The Topical Satire Initiative” is not.

Funny or die but funny

Danish is excited for noise pop.

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal in high school.

Mac users are dicks.

One way to deal with getting angry.


cooper will never be like his brothers

My Super Bowl prediction: 41-21 Patriots.

A Saudi woman writes to the Jerusalem Post.

Best of the soap super couples.

Alec Baldwin and small town america.

Lineup for Kanye’s new tour.

Jess on your home being a reflection of you.

Andrew Bird unreleased and live.

Molly and I find this comments thread to be the greatest in Jezebel history, and that’s saying a lot:

I know this guy who’s 27, plays video games all the time, has no interest in wearing anything besides a navy hoodie and sambas, eats junk food all the time and can’t figure what he wants his career to be.

He’s also financially responsible, wants to have children in the next five years and is married to me.

This was also funny:

Bottom line, I think, is that some people would prefer to face the world as part of a team (no judgment if you prefer to be solo). And we are no longer FORCED into marriage as our only option and babaymaking and staying home as our only career aspirations. So yeah, some of us are waiting to marry, some of us prefer cohabiting, some prefer non monogamous coupling. Whatev. Its more options for us, not a reason to panic. That said, I do think men are babies until they are nearly FORCED not to be.

Inside Said’s head.

Avril Lavigne keeping it very real.


tegan and eugene

“Poor Me” – Eugene Francis Jnr (mp3)

“Beginners We Need To Go On” – Eugene Francis Jnr (mp3)

“I’m Maculate” – Eugene Francis Jnr (mp3)

Eugene’s influences:

adem, arcade fire, the postal service, gram parsons, cat power, the carter family, peterpaulandmary, kaptainblack, beck, bob dylan, evan dando, frank black, devendra banhart, son house, jeff buckley, ben kweller, mississippi john hurt, sneaky pete, elliot smith, bert jansch, joan baez, iron & wine, howe gelb, johnny cash, joni mitchell, laura veirs, kings of convenience, boo hewerdine, joze gonzalez, nick drake, woody guthrie, leadbelly, john lennon, sufjan stevens, leonard cohen, modest mouse, the shins, belle and sebastian, broken social scene, yo la tengo, bright eyes <> most importantly stuart sutcliffe

Sounds Like evan dando whilst piggybacking beck and bright eyes but collectively on less drugs with more of a falsetto

Eugene writing about his trip to the US:

i am leaving USA today _ LA treated me with a response warmer than that of the core of the sun <> i think i may have met my future wife ><

CHICAGO _ family and friends looked after me like a kangaroo protects a roo _

NYC _ some strange weather, some hard floors, some luxurious beds <> i think i may have met my future wife here too >< maybe polygamy is back in fashion

all shows have been good, thankyou to the people who made it out

and to that certain individual who drove a round trip of 4hrs to see me

prevail <>

efj x exiting NYC

Another new band we are into.

Bob Marley is loved by drunken white frat boys.

Did everyone see that video of the two horses getting it on after a wedding? That was the most transcendent video footage of its time.

Ellen Pompeo lookin’ crazy.

New tracks from The Morning Benders.

We’re auditioning for a new header, what do we think of this:

I like these images a lot too.

Kevin Goldstein and I once had lunch and he picked up the tab, so here’s a link to his Top 100 Prospects. Thanks for lunch.

One of my favorite blogs is Armagideon Time.

Long Wang made the team.

The king of celebrity race-car drivers.

Schwarzenegger endorses McCain.

One poet’s notes.


get excited for lost tonight

Explore Jewish genius.

Katherine Heigl grossing me out.

Money money money.

Barack helped this band get visas.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

largest champagne fountain


Me, Doug, and David Cronenberg.

Follow In Treatment with Karen.

Jeff came to the end.

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