In Which If Dreams Don’t Come True Links Will Make Sure That Your Nightmares Are Through

best pics on the net 2007

The Couple of Doom & Other Links

by Alex Carnevale

We have discussed the import of couples lately, but up until now I have ignored another key sign of the apocalypse in our midst. That is the budding love between comedian Andy Samberg and crooner Joanna Newsom.


Andy Samberg is surely thrilled to get his girlfriend back. The “Saturday Night Live” star showed up at the Brooklyn Academy of Music the other night to applaud his elfin lovebird Joanna Newsome’s last concert before she takes an extended break.

we’re going to guess they are both sooper into the obamasphere

Newsome, a 26-year-old harpist, pianist and singer who was snapped with Samberg in December, had been on a grueling worldwide tour, but she now plans to “stay in New York with her boyfriend for a while,” a source told us.


I have only one reaction to this, and it’s similar to my feelings about Scarlett: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Check out my review of Creeley’s Selected Poems in today’s New York Sun.

Other TR on Creeley stuff is here, here, here, here, and here.

His poem from the original CapGun can be found here.

Hype’s Music Blog Zeitgeist

The best of boing boing.

The Format, one of my favorites, is breaking up. How sad.

Bob Dole’s message to Rush Limbaugh.

Jason Schwarzman, music star.

Grand Theft Auto movie with Eminem almost happened.

MLP’s Valentine Day Recipe. Why does it seem like lately she is always in her underwear?

The new Gnarls Barkley, or as it is more properly called, the old Vampire Weekend.

Mellencamp silences McCain.

Unnecessary quotation marks.


The best new wave album.

A stoner’s love for Judge Judy.

Jeter settles tax dispute.

Lynne Stewart’s daughter got nailed:

Brenna Stewart, 46, a gym teacher at the Bronx Leadership Academy II, on at least one occasion, used the fake excuses to cut school and sit in on her mom’s 2006 sentencing in federal court, authorities said.

She faces charges that include felony forgery and falsifying business records. If convicted of the most serious charge, she could get up to seven years in prison, according to a spokesman for the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. Stewart was initially busted by school investigators in April for skipping school under false pretenses nine times between October 2005 and January 2007.

Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon found that Brenna Stewart had submitted fake doctors’ notes – from her sister, Florida physician Zenobia Brown, to excuse five absences, and from a fictitious Columbia-New York Presbyterian Hospital Doctor, “Richard Zengotita,” to excuse two more – and even altered her aunt’s 2002 death certificate to justify absences.

Music from Emma Pollock.

The greatest artist of all time.

The cast of Futurama in Legos.

Largehearted Boy’s list of lists.

Sweet Rilo Kiley track.

Soar like an eagle.

The secret lives of pollsters.

Blahnik fatigue syndrome.

Getty buys a bunch of Arthur Penn stuff:

Best online date ever.

Why HillaryCare is unfortunate.

Howard Dean still with some power, weirdly. I did not even realize he was the head of the DNC.

Gallery of failed political strategems.


I’m not sure I can handle Gossip Girl boning Kyle XY, but I guess I can try.

Sweet new Ellen Forney book.

Wolverine and the X-Men looks pretty weird.

Ron answers a Poetry questionnaire.

I started listening to White Chalk, the most recent PJ Harvey album and though I am a Harvey newbie, this is probably going to make me start going through the back catalog. Would have easily made our top 20 of last year if I had heard it in time.

“The Darker Days” – PJ Harvey (mp3)

“The Mountain” – PJ Harvey (mp3)


take care i’ve been hurt before

“Quiet” – Rachael Yamagata (mp3)

Yamagata on her myspace. Judge not lest ye be judged:

so… let’s see. what do i like/ am influenced by: nick cave – ‘right out of your hand’, roberta flack – ‘ballad of the sad young men’, jeff buckley – ‘lover you should’ve come over’, stevie nicks– ‘landslide’, stevie wonder – ‘ribbon in the sky’, the beatles – ‘something’, regina spektor- ‘field below’, etc. etc. etc. jaws, the way we were, you can count on me, the notebook… here – i’ll copy some of my last entry here to close off this section cuz it remains to pertain.. lol.. I think honesty is the most important thing for my songwriting which leads me to live a lonely existence of rehashing the muddy waters of my faults and love tragedies. I’m definitely hung up on wanting life to be fair and everyone’s full story to be told and understood truthfully. I will never be a great educator because of my intelligence for facts or analytical skills, however I’m pretty damn compassionate and will probably draw people to me for some sense that ‘I’ve been there too…’ Life is not always heavy and dark, but I do spend time swimming in those areas. Go fish. xo

Paper Monument comes out for Barack Obama in the most boring development we can imagine. I liked their first issue, but geez.

Scientology schmear.

Patton Oswalt wants to referee the Puppy Bowl.

Shaq rift.

Matthew Thorburn at AWP.

Pimp C’s death ruled accidental.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


Two bands we had that gut feeling about.

So you just have telepathic conversations a lot.

Humping for a long time.

7 thoughts on “In Which If Dreams Don’t Come True Links Will Make Sure That Your Nightmares Are Through

  1. Andy Samberg is neither dating nor boning Joanna Newsom. She stole Smog (Bill Callahan) from Cat Power, and they are thtill a thuper therious couple. Andy and Joanna probably know each other from the bay area, where Joanna’s cousin is mayor.

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