In Which There Is But One Love And It Is For The Chip

All I Have To Offer You Is A Faceless Sack of Song:

The Media on Made in the Dark

Track by track with the band:

Made in the Dark, the number one album of 2007.

I want the bonus DVD pretty bad.

The Jimmy Kimmel green room.

Having long mastered clever, jumping to big. Bret McCabe in the NYS:

On “Made in the Dark,” though, these forays into gossamer pop feel too precious, strung together at the album’s back end after the adrenalized opening songs. “We’re Looking for a Lot of Love” and “In the Privacy of Our Love” are the sort of keyboard-sculpted, love-drunk mopes that sustained Badly Drawn Boy and Travis for a short spell. The title track ventures into outright Van Morrison croon. And “One Pure Thought” sounds like a watered-down Stone Roses.

Comparison to Sascha Funke’s Mango:

Mr. Funke never reaches the ecstatic pop highs that Hot Chip aims for, but he so deftly achieves his modest goal of making gorgeous music that his record feels much more satisfying. He may never light up a hipster dance party the way Hot Chip can right now, but when the next generation of indie production wizards start looking for new ideas, expect to find “Mango” in their crates.

“Mango” – Sascha Funke (mp3)

Get the Soulwax remix of “Ready for the Floor” here.

Behind the scenes of the RFTF video:

Acoustic cover of “Ready for the Floor”:

Band seeks Westlife cover of Bendable Poseable.

Reminiscent of Paul McCartney.

Arizona Wildcat review.

I hope you like sequels.

Tour Diary Part 1:

Spin article:

Even more persuasive than The Warning, Made in the Dark is likely to swell the band’s fan base, but cocksure rhetoric is conspicuous by its absence. They’re already uneasy with the disproportionate popularity of “Over and Over,” even though it’s not exactly “Umbrella.” They cringe at their inadvertent association with the Klaxons-spearheaded new-rave movement — the U.K.’s Local Government Association absurdly accused them of encouraging illegal raves in the English countryside.

kylie scares us more than you know who

And they wish they’d never mentioned the offer (not taken up) to write for Kylie Minogue’s post-breast-cancer comeback album. “We have to talk about it every day of our lives now,” says Taylor with a sigh, as if being asked to work on a potentially huge pop record were not a compliment but a curse. ” ‘Ready for the Floor’ was not written for Kylie Minogue, not ever played to Kylie Minogue, not about Kylie Minogue, and not rejected by Kylie Minogue.”

The Aqua Ski remix of “Over and Over.”

Album grabs hold of you slowly.

There isn’t one genre here, there are 20.

Interview with Riverfront Times:

Taylor says he was listening to a diverse selection of artists while making Darkincluding Willie Nelson, Donnie Hathaway, Terry Riley and even R. Kelly. (The slow jam “Wrestlers” is a hilarious – and successful — attempt at aping Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt.”)

How did these things influence your writing at all?
That’s just me talking about the things that come to mind for me; I’m sure for the others in the band, they were listening to completely different things. Joe is a big U.K. garage fan, and also [likes] house and techno music. We’re all interested in different polyrhythms and things and trying to set songs in an interesting context – not necessarily just leave them as they are when they’re first written. Sometimes a song is simpler in its original form, but we sort of take it and put it in a new context. I’ve listened to quite a lot of Black Sabbath over the last few years as well. Funkadelic — the first Funkadelic album, I was going back to and listening a lot. I don’t think we were listening to these things and then consciously thinking about them. They’re just sort of in the background, you know? Listening to music for pleasure…

Rehearsing really hard.

Snoop Dogg cover to get a release.

Tour Diary Part 2:

Two tracks from the mixtape maestro.

A relentless refusal to sit still.

11 best pre-MITD Chip tracks.

phil and peter

“Ready for the Floor vs I Don’t Care Anymore (DJ Obama remix)” – Hot Chip featuring Phil Collins (mp3)


Going back to their debut.

“King’s Cross (Hot Chip remix)” – Tracey Thorn (mp3)

Hated The Warning, loved MITD, go figure.

Tour Diary Part 3:

Negative Guardian review.

The invaluable resource of the Hype Machine.

The slow songs don’t work as well.

Ready for the Floor on Jimmy Kimmel live:


Gchat about the Chip.

The best advice you’ll probably ever get.

Girl power all you betches.

11 thoughts on “In Which There Is But One Love And It Is For The Chip

  1. needs less languid balladry at the end, but this is still an 8/10 record without even blinking. If the last sound on the record was “Hold On” summarily cutting out, it would be

    anyway, good as Made In The Dark is, it gets roundly thumped by Beach House’s new one and Hercules & Love Affair’s debut, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Long Blondes and Escort and Guillemots and Juan Maclean and Mystery Jets and Lil Wayne and Explorers Club do the same. 2008: A good year to have enough money to buy music.

    also, w/r/t the Guardian: anything written by Alex Macpherson can and should be completely skipped over forever.

  2. Actually, I learned from some of the girls in my Music and Modern Society class that liking new music makes you sexist because there’s a chance you may like a band a woman doesn’t know a lot about and by discussing that band you are simply doing it to make her feel inferior.

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