In Which Denton And Diller Oil Wrestle To Be Queen Of E-Media

Who Gawks At The Gawkers?

By Molly Lambert

Web 2.0 gay tycoon Barry Diller blogged by Web 2.0 gay tycoon Nick Denton. Denton is the Orson Welles to Diller’s William Randolph Hearst.

Yes Barry Diller, you are way fucked. Maybe if you had like, hired some Valley Girls instead of like, those Vimeo goofballs you wouldn’t be like, in this mess. As if!

Nick Denton = Julia Allison = Rupert Pupkin

It’s been a week of lives lived in public. Emily Gould went through the e-wringer as Gawker ate its young and Josh Stein showed off his taste in snazzy cardigans. We got more hits than ever (thanks Pareene!) and even Julia Allison had second thoughts about the price of media whoredom. I have the perfect name for the mumblecore based around all this btw: Blogged Encounter.

What hath Diablo Cody wrought? And whither Britney Spears? Thank god TV Shows are coming back.

Nick Denton is basically George Hamilton’s character from (movie very beloved by Tess and I) Where The Boys Are. Hamilton played posh Brown University student and boating playboy Ryder Smith. I wonder if Nick knows this and purposely patterned himself this way all Gatsby-like. He is certainly a perpetual boulevardier.

Yvette Mimieux: Girl Gone Wild

Where The Boys Are is way scandalous for 1960. Co-eds were going to Florida to get black-out drunk and date-raped long before Girls Gone Wild got there.

Jim Hutton’s character in WTBA, TV Thompson, is the blueprint for every modern beatnik/slacker/hipster/whatever they’re calling the young people these days who hate working and taking showers.

Tom Sutpen’s Where The Boys Are series collects beefcake pin-ups like the above photo of a supple Clint Eastwood.

All-American debutante Dolores Hart, who starred in WTBA and a couple of Elvis jawns, joined a convent and is now the Reverend Mother Dolores Hart.

The Museum Of Bad Fads covers limbo, goldfish swallowing, pole sitting and more.

Nick Denton’s State Of The Bloggyverse address

Gawker pin-up girl Julia Allison invents the perfect holiday conflation, Valoween.

Okay, so you’ve done all that. But you’re still single. And you still hate Valentine’s Day (even after my lecture on clichés). I have only one idea left for you: Valoween. It’s a combination of the two greatest holidays of the year: the party-atmosphere and costumes of Halloween with the red/pink color-scheme and actual sex of Valentine’s Day. Throw in some remixed love songs and sangria and it will be the newest, most popular holiday in America – clearly benefiting the unattached, for once.

Connie Francis pats her weave

Ask The Stage Directions To Tennessee Williams’ Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

The humorous, the flossay flossay from Fergie Or Die.

A Photobooth Glow


Molly Lambert is the senior editor of This Recording.


“The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (live on KCRW)” – Sia (mp3)

“The Girl You Lost to Cocaine” – Sia (mp3)


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10 thoughts on “In Which Denton And Diller Oil Wrestle To Be Queen Of E-Media

  1. Ummmm . . .

    Normally I would be happy to hog the limelight and take credit for anything on our blog, whether I’m responsible for it or not, but in the case of the series you referenced, ‘Where the Boys Are’, I have to give *all* credit, every bit of it, to one-quarter of our team, Ms. Kimberly Lindbergs. It’s her series, and a fine one, and it’s nothing to do with yours truly . . . honest.

    Seriously, thanks for the mention!

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