In Which He Saved Latin What Did You Ever Do

This is the next installment of our series in iTunes playlists. Our last playlist was Kanye West’s.

The iTunes Playlist: Jason Schwartzman

The character Jason Schwartzman played in The Darjeeling Limited, which you can download for free using BitTorrent here, is basically himself. Presumably instead of writing thinly veiled autobiographical stories, he makes music Bon Iver-style by masturbating in North Carolina Los Angeles using solely an acoustic guitar. Schwartzman’s tastes keep expecting him to be like, Blind Melon, so instrumental, but there are some great tracks here. I guess I’m only the person who thought the soundtrack to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest totally ruined the movie, but then Milos Forman and I have never exactly been on the same page.


Dan and milos forman. Dan was unable to complete his contribution to our pinups series, so let me briefly give you an idea of the play-by-play: “GAAAA HOTTTTTTT VVVVV……V.V. HOT Yes. Ulysses level yes.” God with the Irish, everything always comes back to Joyce. Enjoy Jason S.’s favorites now:

“This Old Machine” – Coconut Records (mp3)

I made an album this year under the band name Coconut Records. I like this song on it. Shameless plug. I hope you like.

“Nothing Stays the Same” – Elastica

I loved the first Elastica album. I saw them play in 1994 and I was so into it. I loved her haircut. Then I waited…and waited…and waited for the second record. I loved it when it finally arrived. This song always sounds good to me. I never get sick of it.

“All In Your Head” – Rooney (mp3)

This is my brother’s band. But, even if I weren’t his family I would still love this song and it would still be on my list. It makes me want to roll my windows down and sing. So proud of my brother.


jason and kirsten and sofia…three crazee betches

“The Goldenheart Mountaintop Queen Directory” – Guided By Voices (mp3)

I remember when I first heard this song. I sat down in front of my stereo system for hours and hours. Though the song is short, I feel like it goes so many places. By the end I am exhausted and want to hear it again. Robert Pollard’s voice is so intimate and I love the way it sounds. Long live TDK tapes! Lyric I love: ‘…and we passed through a hallway of shatterproof glass.’

“Indian Summer” – Beat Happening (mp3)

I love this kind of constant drumming. This song makes me miss the old days for some reason.

“All We Are (Robjn Radio remix)” – Fischerspooner (mp3)

I love the drumbeat on this song. Man-played but strong and subtle. I like the ’tiss tiss’ hi-hat work. This song sounds good in headphones.


“America’s Boy” – Broadcast (mp3)

I have been told, it was made mostly in a bedroom, intimately. That makes me instantly interested. I will always gravitate towards a home demo or outtake. I like things in progress.

“Gideon’s Bible” – John Cale (mp3)

I love all the John Cale records. I like how the verses of this song are chock full of strange guitar slides and odd rhythms. And I love how after a long verse it builds to straight ahead simple chorus. ‘The force of China felt.’

“Lady Rachael” – Kevin Ayers & the Wizards of Twiddly (mp3)

‘Now she’s safe from the darkness, she’s safe from its clutch.’ I love his vocal on this song. I have another version of the song that’s 45 seconds longer, but I figured let’s keep it short and sweet. Good recorder work, too.

“The Right Equipment” – The Movies

The Movies are one of my favorite Los Angeles bands. Others include Anavan and 400 Blows. The Movies just write great songs. And when all is said and done, I personally love a strong melody. And these songs have great melodies.


“Living Without You” – Harry Nilsson

This song is from Nilsson sings Newman. I love the idea of an artist doing an entire covers record of a contemporary. This song is so beautiful. As I mentioned before, I love anything home spun or personal feeling. Nilsson somehow manages to sound smooth and technically perfect AND human and intimate.

“So Begins Our Alabee” – Of Montreal (mp3)

Alls I knows is…when I’m down and out this song lifts me outta da dumps. ‘You’re my only softness it’s true.’ I am sorry. I would have killed to have written that chorus!

somebody cast this guy as g.i. joe!

“Elijah’s Church” – Steve Earle

This version comes from the soundtrack to Heartworn Highways. I love that movie. Might be one of my favorite documentaries. This song is so sad but what I love about this particular version of it, is how everyone at the kitchen table is singing along, not always the right words, and hollering, and playing anything they want on the guitar. This might be the best jam I can think of.

“You Only Live Once” – The Strokes (mp3)

If I had to explain this one it could take hours. It destroys me.


“Baby Bitch” – Ween (mp3)

I love Ween. I love the sense of freedom they seem to have when creating music. They do what they want, or at least make it look that way. ‘baby baby baby bitch for words, I’m at a loss’ My sentiments exactly.

“Tired of Sex” – Weezer (mp3)

I remember when this record first came out. It crushed me. I went bowling with some friends when this record first came out, and one of these guys had heard the record, and they described to me how it opened with this “DING DING DING DING” I envisioned it and envisioned it for weeks. And then when I heard it, it blew my mind. The dings were way better than I could have imagined. And when Rivers screams ‘OOOOOHHHHH.’ It fucks me up.

“You Could Not Decide” – French Kicks (mp3)

Just listen to the kick drum and get your face melted.


it is oscar season after all

“Whole Wide World” – Wreckless Eric (mp3)

I just love Wreckless Eric. I love the way he sings. I love this song. So catchy. So heartfelt.

“Long Distance Call” – Phoenix (mp3)

Phoenix has always been an inspiration for me. They always seem to make their records lovingly and with care. Each sound is perfect. Each kick drum. Snare. Vocal. Guitar. It takes time to make things this wonderful.

“I Don’t Believe In The Sun” – The Magnetic Fields (mp3)

The perfect song.


“Flourescent Adodolescent” – The Artic Monkeys (mp3)

I love this song so much. I think Alex Turner is super talented.

“Let ‘Em In” – Wings (mp3)

I love the chords. I love the drumming. So pretty.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Closing Theme)” – Jack Nitzsche (mp3)

This entire record is one of the most beautiful things I know.

“Beechwood Park” – The Zombies (mp3)

Colin Blunstone is so amazing.

“That Summer Feeling” – Jonathan Richman (mp3)

I wish that this song was even longer.


“The Man With Two Brains” – The Rentals

Being a Weezer fan the second The Blue Album came out, anything Weezer was sacred. So when I heard that Matt Shapr, the then bassist in Weezer, had a side band called the Rentals, I hunted for it. I loved the first record when it came. Alex, the singer from Phantom Planet, and I went out to (the now gone) L.A. music store Black Market Music and tested out every Moog in the house. We were 14. And probably annoyed the owners very much. This song comes from the second Rentals album and I love how sexy it is. Yeah. It’s true.

Rivers and Margaret Yang?


Norman Mailer RIP

Bon Iver FTW

Alligator sex is LOL


15 thoughts on “In Which He Saved Latin What Did You Ever Do

  1. I was a cashier in Manhattan for a few months and Robert Shwartzman came in and ordered a burrito from me. It was, like, the most “star power” I’ve ever been exposed to. Pathetic.

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