In Which Weekend Links Take You To Ghana And Back Again

when i was just a little baby boy my mama used to tell me these crazy things

Links for Rainy Days

by Alex Carnevale

We have spent most of this week recapping our favorite photosets. Since President Obama (that just looks wrong) is going to provide nowhere near the caliber of joke that our current President is, we need to cherish GWB while we still have him. Say what you want about this guy, but he is not afraid of appearing in a grotesque photoset – see his recent trip to Israel.

bush will be played by walter matthau in the feature film adaptation of this trip

Sidenote: How proud am I that if you google “Bush jewish people” the first hit is TR? Answer: beaming.

how big is your d? ten inches? eleven?

Bush’s trip to the people of Ghana was maybe the most enjoyable photoset of all time. These pictures aren’t simply entertaining, they are also heartfelt. Bush actually does care about other people, unlike say, Ronald Reagan. I think we can conclude from this paragraph that caring about other people is hardly a good thing. See the Bon Iver video.

who wants to have a key party mothafuckas!

I also have to respect Laura Bush. These people are not phonies. More than being particularly ambitious, the Bushes were glad to be along for the ride. Were they good at governing? God no. But they don’t even crack a dent in the top ten worst presidents ever.

i’m going to call you all buttermaker. how does that sound?

Did you read that recent study that said that people in negotiations never get what they could from the other party, and always think they should have gotten less than they did? That reminds me of a Bush. One quality of a good leader is the ability to listen to people and be like, “Totally, but no way.” I would have most certainly appeased Hitler, that’s why I’d make a terrible president.

Speaking of appeasing Hitler, that was a big misstep. It’s rare that you fuck up and end up killing a quadrillion people. Way to go everybody.

I wonder what Bush will do once he’s no longer the president. (Note: please do not run Major League Baseball.) His memoirs are going to be the most retarded book since Clinton’s memoirs. I should really do a review of My Life, it is quite easily the most worthless presidential memoir since Jimmy Carter‘s. Can we go back and pretend JC was never the president? Oooh, JC, I never made that connection before.

what’s that betch doing?

It’s sad news Condoleezza has taken herself out of the VP running on the Republican side. Most people think it’s going to be Tim Pawlenty, the governor of Minnesota. I have another suggestion. To combat the Obama factor: one of these guys.

Kenyans against Obama


Swimming on the edge of control.

the Year in Pictures

I enjoyed this Norman Lock piece.

Sweet pictures of musicians.

We did Bon Iver’s the other day. Speaking of which, maybe the greatest song ever:

Someone convinced me that ‘Skinny Love’ referred to AIDS for like three hours yesterday. Then again, I thought James Blunt’s “You Are Beautiful” was about Jesus for several months.

I love Megan Fox’s tattoos


Robots and mixtapes. (AZLTRON)

The Obama-Ryan Reynolds ticket.

Ideal celebrity faces horrifying as usual

Beach House loves Katt Williams. No wonder we like them so muchly.

Thao Nguyen puts a smile on people’s faces

new trailer for Sex in the City

Israeli indiepop

Everybody cares everybody understands

Spore is the next big video game, and since we recently became single again, there’s no time like the present.

Belladonna Books

Joe Louis movie on HBO tonight

Why Obama’s social security plan is a disaster.

Virus spreading among war vets.

Gabe and Jenny‘s new webseries

Each time I walk into my therapist’s office….

Awesome star wars toys

Barometers of electro-sound.

Top 10 aphrodisiacs

We’re not new rave

“Gardening at Night” – R.E.M. (mp3)

“Talk About the Passion” – R.E.M. (mp3)

Pre-order the album here.

You can get the first single from the new album here.


Atmosphere’s North American tour.

Eternal passion for Salvador:

Let the tracks speak for themselves.

“Cherry Blossom Girl” – Air (mp3)

Noose prof a plagiarist

Luke Wilson’s golfwear line for Puma

Penn Station bathrooms suuuuuck

jeter’s defense sucks


And then I went to Michigan, where I majored in…you don’t even care, do you

Half-assed Alexis de Tocqueville

I would have rather been at the celtics-suns game.

Casey takes on Susan Pinker’s The Sexual Paradox

Eliot Spitzer sux my balls

Cheney will be around with his Lost review tomorrow probs. In the meantime, occupy yrself with the Orchid Orientation film:

Cowboy Junkies rerecord their album.

Tyler sent along this: Jackie Clarke as Diablo Cody

New Hold Steady album said to be phenomenal.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


Galactus is coming!


It should totally win for best haircut.

Those with near supernatural powers.

Molly on How I Met Your Mother.

josh radnor is in his early fifties i believe

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