In Which We Have One Love And We Can’t Quit You Internet


is that…cloverfield?

My Homies Over At The Office of Emergency Management

by Barclay Memphis

So my blackberries over at the Office of Emergency Management (Playas!!!) were all like holla at me if you have a plan for how to house thousands of displaced people turned out of their trendy LES apartments.

It doesn’t matter the reason for the displacement: how about, I don’t know, CLOVERFIELD 2 THE BETCH IS BACK! Quentin Richardson will have a cameo as someone’s boyfriend! The Cloverfield peeps become thirty something! Tyra Banks did not just say that!

“For Emma (live on MPR)” – Bon Iver (mp3)


this is like mario’s home village where he knocks up chicks. the italian plumber projects

Shit, that Jennifer Beals post was hard, Alex! (ed. Thanks, Barclay!) If Jennifer Beals was picking emergency housing, it would surely be this effort, as it kind of reminds us of a Fischl.

Those pods would simply up and fly away, hopefully directly into an East River. Why do I have the feeling that if the government killed its citizens by accidental balloon-home drownings, it still wouldn’t dim the fervor of the masses to be Obamafied by high taxation and sexy yearbook photos?


is barry actually a character from the TV show The White Shadow?

The only thing worse than government is the internet during an awards show. The Oscar thread on Oh No They Didn’t actively makes me regret being a human.


one way to get to hell, i guess

A livejournal is like a bad pair of underwear. Between this and the Red Sox signing Bartolo Colon for some unknown reason, I am starting to doubt humanity.

Then there’s this disaster option. This is what happen to architects who never see poor people in trailers.


Speaking of which, I was talking to this architect who teaches at Iowa State today. Every year he takes 68 students to NYC and has them look at an open site. This year it was Broome and Crosby. They have to design, but he can’t tell them what the actual retail price of the property would be, because they would design totally the wrong thing, because they have no idea the difference in monies between Ames, IA and NY.

“A Breaks B” – Andrew Bird (mp3)


George Costanza wanted to be an architect. Speaking of which, this interview with Hal Steinbrenner makes me want to never work for my dad.

i have always wanted to live in a matrix-birth pod

yes that’s much better

The New York Sun article about the competition is interesting. The Oscars are so dumb, stop watching them, and reading anyone who writes about movies for The New Yawk Post.

My favorite movie this year was Transformers, unless it came out in the previous year, in which case my favorite movie this year was Southland Tales. But movies are stupid, I pretty much only enjoy Frank O’Hara and The Ultimates.

Other positives during these dark times:

this article on Julian Schnabel

Amp_live’s fucking amazing remix of In Rainbows and his YouTube explanation

“Reckonerz (ft. Charli2na)” – Amp_Live (mp3)

this three year old explaining star wars

Not this design:

the only thing more pretentious than this design is pitchfork’s feature on found sound

There’s way more bad than good. That’s just the way it is.

I mean, Raul Castro takes over. Yay, more oppression. And if Cloverfield attacks again, I’m going to have to live in a f’ing honeybee!



I mean, face it. Honeybees die after they sting, and I be stinging people all the tiiiime.

honeybees under a bridge does not somehow make it better

In the end, it’s all J.J. Abrams’ fault. I’m sorry, internet. I love you like I love the sunrise in the morning. I didn’t mean to hurt you, the words just came out wrong.

Barclay Memphis is the inaugural This Recording intern. He lives in New York, NY, and you can e-mail him at

portrait of the author as a young barclay memphis

“Last Wish” – Munck/Johnson (mp3)

ever so highly recommended


All the drugs wore off all the pills have stopped.

Our inevitable political future.

George entered the great world of sound.

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