In Which Michael Cera Maintains The Complex Eroticism of The Original

The iTunes Playlist: Michael Cera

Michael Cera’s revolutionary performance as George Michael Bluth in the WP show Arrested Development will live with us forever. We disdain his meek Juno identity and prefer the strong, masculine George Michael who hooks up with cousins and loves Quicken.

If we can get Michael Cera to comment on this post, I will have achieved one of my three major life goals, the other two largely being based around the Wii edition of Mario Kart.

Enjoy Michael Cera’s tremendous celebrity playlist, as posted on iTunes.

“Toy Computer” – Jim Guthrie (mp3)

Please help me make Jim Guthrie rich.

“Strange” – Built to Spill (mp3)

I listen to this song.

“I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” – Louis Prima and Phil Harris

Put this on a CD and drive around playing it as loud as you can handle.

Michael: Your Uncle Gob seems to think that he saw you down at the docks today. Was that you?
George Michael: No. Maybe it was the other George Michael. You know, the singer-songwriter.
Michael: Yeah, that makes sense.

“Not the Lovin’ Kind” – Dino, Desi & Billy (mp3)

I happened upon this record one day and really liked this song a lot.


“Care of Cell 44” – The Zombies (mp3)

If you’ve ever been to jail this song will have a tremendous impact on you. If you haven’t it will sound stupid.

“Till the Morning Comes” – Neil Young

A fantastic new talent from the mighty plains of Canada.

“I’m A Pearl Diver” – The Microphones

This song made Ellen Page pregnant in real life.

“The Sun Shines Down On Me” – Daniel Johnston (mp3)

Making this list has drained me in a way I can’t describe.


Michael: Besides I already got George Michael the big present for his birthday…
George Michael: A suit! Dad, is it Jack Welch?
Michael: I want you to look under the pants
George Michael: Quicken Premiere! Dad, I hope you kept the receipt.

“The Good Life” – Weezer (mp3)

Weezer is my favorite band ever. This song is incredible, as is the remainder of this album. Also, Rivers Cuomo is releasing an album very soon that consists of 15 years’ worth of demos that he recorded on his own. It will be the best thing to happen to music since 1996.

“Ghost Mountain” – The Unicorns

This song made Jason Bateman refuse to learn how to play guitar in real life.

“Don’t Break the Mailman” – Dion McGregor (mp3)

I don’t know if you’re familiar with this man or not but his name is Dion McGregor and he became best known for talking in his sleep. This is one example of his frantic and consistently desperate somniloquies.


Ann: I think that church and studying are fun. I thought you felt the same.
George Michael: Well, I do. I like not having fun. I like your idea of fun… I mean, our idea of fun. I like not having that.

“A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done” – Sonny & Cher (mp3)

A painfully dramatic song about a man who knew no fun. He was so handsome women cried.


“Let Me Roll It” – Brendan Benson

Brendan Benson is amazing, this song especially kills me. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for my descriptions of these songs being so short. When I saw down to do this, I thought I would end up apologizing for them being so long. Now I’m 3 songs in and I’ve got like 4 lines to show for it. In my own defense, though, I figured people would rather just download the songs and listen to them. That’s what I’d do. I think I was right in keeping them short. I’ll try to continue to keep them short. I’m sorry this one was so long.

Gob: Steve Holt’s not my son.
George Michael Bluth: Steve Holt? What, the moron jock?
Gob: That’s my son, you pothead.


“Night Is the Day Turned Inside Out” – Beulah (mp3)

My understanding is that Beulah is currently disbanded, which is a shame considering how amazing they were. However, Miles Kurosky (the former frontman) is going to be releasing a solo album in the very near future which I suggest you keep your eyes out for because it’s going to be amazing.

“Ain’t It Strange” – Dr. Dog (mp3)

This song turned J.K. Simmons into an understanding parent in real life.


Tobias Fünke: He might be afraid of sex, but you’re not.
George Michael Bluth: I’m not afraid of sex.
Tobias Fünke: Well, OK, have sex with this girl. Right now. Get in there, have some sex with her.
[George Michael hesitates]
Tobias Fünke: I thought so.


Cera’s audition tape for Superbad.

Funny or Die interview with Cera.

Cera on Letterman:

Anyone else but you.

Cera will star in Youth in Revolt.

more AD quotes here


Kanye West

Jason Schwartzman


Ellen Page


Creeley & Olson.

Men become wolves.

The efficacy of horoscopes.


18 thoughts on “In Which Michael Cera Maintains The Complex Eroticism of The Original

  1. This is exactly the playlist I needed from Michael Cera. Except for Juno, this kid can do no wrong, and I’m sure he’s making loads off of that “indie” sensation so even Juno can be forgiven.

    The lead singer of Beulah tried to get my ex-gf in a threesome, true story.

  2. D.A. lulz, the lead singer of Beulah asked Barbara and I where the college girls hung out after we saw them in Boston. Nothing like having your rock heroes go Rex Manning on you.


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