In Which We Are A New Voting Bloc of Photosexuals

God Save The Photoset

by Barclay Memphis

We post a lot of images here at TR, most of which you can only see in this space. It is our duty to share the finest images in the world with you, male and female, human and celebrity, Jewish and gentile. We bring the images of the world to your doorstep so you can treasure them.

You don’t have to be John Berger to know that everything is photographed now. The only person upset about this is Chris Martin; everyone else feeds and clothes the paparazzi that shoot them.

As a people we are becoming increasingly more photogenic, and This Recording proves this to you on a daily basis. Enjoy the best of photosets on TR:


We have been your home for the finest in Bush photosets. His trip to Africa entertained us all.

Bush in Israel was also amusing.

Jennifer Beals’ favorite photosets.

Some of my favorite pictures from the now defunct Hillary Clinton campaign.

“The Grass Is Blue” – Norah Jones (mp3)


More pictures of Ellen Page than even I can stomach.

We also enjoy historic photosets. Molly took you into the life of Jayne Mansfield.

Audrey Hepburn: not just a legend in her own mind.

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin are the most beautiful couple ever.

Bruni and Sarkozy unite.

“White Trash Wedding” – Dixie Chicks (mp3)


Molly showed you the loving bond between ScarJo and Natalie Portman. Very moving it was.

Iraq’d! :

Angelina Jolie


So much Diablo Cody photoset you may need anti-stripper medication.

Barry Obama photosets for the ages: Part One and Two


Lambert is queen of the photoset. So hot right now.

Pictures of Michael Cera trump the original.

Cher turned back time.

Samberg and Joanna Newsom.

“Everybody’s Sweetheart” – Vince Gill (mp3)

Don’t forgot about the boyz. This is a dream photoset:


George Clooney always make for a hot ‘set. More hot Cloon here.

Jason Schwartzman, also a handsome dude.

Pictures of William F. Buckley that will make you shine anywhere.

“Man I Love” – Barbra Streisand (mp3)


gwynnie, lizzy, and maggie

More pictures of Evangeline Lilly than are necessary.

Images of Woody Allen made you feel special inside.

Molly Young in the Middle East: Part One and Two. For a couple weeks, she was the finest woman in Israel.

Hot photoset from the Office of Emergency Management, thanks to me.

Summer camp photosets.

“I Will Always Love You” – Melissa Etheridge (mp3)


Molly gave you The Society of the Spectacle. Catch up with part one and part two.

John Cage pics and Molly’s broken keyboard.

Scorsese week had so many hot pictures it’s hard to pick just one post.

The best Kanye West photos you will ever see.

“Jolene” – Mindy Smith (mp3)

After you fill yourself with the erotic energies of these photosets, you will be ready to survive the rest of your life before Galactus’ arrival.

Barclay Memphis is the inaugural This Recording intern. He lives in New York.

alex made me post this


Gilmore Girls fanfic.

The boys of 1997.

A stranger with your doorkey explains that I am just visiting.

we preferred lindsay

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