In Which We Tell You What To Do In LA This March

LA Calendar For March 2008

by Molly Lambert


Welcome To The Good Life: ‘Ye and We’

Even Woody Allen now admits we have other cultural advantages besides being able to make a right turn on a red light. So many awesome Mario Bava movies playing this month at The Egyptian. Plus sundry Werner Herzog action, the Charles Bronson festival at The Silent Movie Theater, the Beat Swap Meet on Sunday at the Echo, and Pharoah Sanders at the Jazz Bakery. All this and Sátántangó too! I’ll spare you a description of the weather.

Thu. Mar. 6

Bad Dudes @ The Smell
Flavor Of Green Tea Over Rice, Tokyo Story @ New Beverly
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three @ Aero Theatre
Charley Varrick @ Aero Theatre

Fri. Mar. 7

Mt. Eerie @ The Smell
Journey To The Center Of The Earth, The Day The Earth Stood Still @ UCLA Film Archive
2001: A Space Odyssey (70mm) @ Egyptian Theatre
Death Wish, 10:30 PM, Death Wish II @ Silent Movie Theatre

Sat. Mar. 8

Mae Shi, Old Time Relijun @ The Smell
The Goonies 6:30 PM @ Angel City Drive-in
The Killing, The Asphalt Jungle @ Aero Theatre
Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Mahjongg @ The Echo
The Big Sleep 1 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
La Promesse @ Silent Movie Theatre
Darktown Strutters 10:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre

The Cinemagician, Georges Méliès, at Cinefamily

Sun. Mar. 9

Beat Swap Meet Record Fair Noon-6 PM @ The Echo
Méliès Matinee 4 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
The Lady And The Beard 7 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
Dragon Princess 9:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
Safety Last 2 PM @ Ucla Royce Hall

Mon. Mar. 10

Werner Herzog: Three Documentaries 7 PM @ Goethe-Institut LA

Tue. Mar. 11

Ms. 45, Alley Cat @ New Beverly
They Drive By Night 1 PM @ LACMA
Atlas Sound, Valet, White Rainbow @ The Echo
Girly Magazine Party @ Steve Allen Theater

Wed. Mar. 12

Fabrice Fabrice @ UCB
The Fly (1958), The Snake Pit @ UCLA film archive
Beach House (early show) @ The Echo

Thu. Mar. 13

Worst Laid Plans ft. Beth Littleford @ UCB
Black Sunday, Black Sabbath @ Egyptian Theatre
Pather Panchali @ Aero Theatre

Werner Herzog eats his shoe

Fri. Mar. 14

Rock Band: The Video Game: The Show @ UCB
Five Dolls For An August Moon, Blood And Black Lace @ Egyptian Theatre
Aparajito, Apur Sansar @ Aero Theatre
Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe, A Well-Spent Life @ Silent Movie Theatre
Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers @ Silent Movie Theatre
Hard Times 10:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre

Kerri Kinney Sausage Sandwich!

Sat. Mar. 15

The State @ UCB

The re-united State (of America), that means all of Stella, some of Reno 911, the cast of Viva Variety, and wow I didn’t realize Kerri Kinney was the only female in the crew. Is it because she played such a wide range of characters so convicingly, or because Kerri is naturally kind of a wigs and weaves chameleon, like Diablo Cody, Sienna Miller, or Tyra. Yeah so The State is performing new material at UCB. Here’s hoping for “Porcupine Racetrack 2.”

Can’t Hardly Wait TENTH ANNIVERSARY! midnight @ New Beverly
Lisa And The Devil, Baron Blood @ Egyptian Theatre
Jalsaghar, Charulata @ Aero Theatre
The Outsider @ LACMA
Lady In The Lake 1 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
The Son @ Silent Movie Theatre
Abar The First Black Superman 10:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre

Sun. Mar. 16

Boredoms @ The Fonda
Shoot Shoot Shoot Part Two 7 PM, Filmforum @ Egyptian Theatre
Kidnapped, Shock @ Egyptian Theatre
Tokyo Chorus 7 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
Yes Madam 9:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre


Mon. Mar. 17

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash @ Egyptian Theatre
Das Boot (Director’s Cut) 7 PM @ Goethe-Institut LA
Explosions In The Sky, Lichens @ Wiltern

Tue. Mar. 18

House Of Numbers 1 PM @ LACMA

Wed. Mar. 19

The Monster Squad, Night Of The Creeps @ New Beverly

Thu. Mar. 20

HALO 3: The Show ft. Nathan Fillion @ UCB
Danger Diabolik, Planet Of The Vampires @ Egyptian Theatre
Languis @ The Scene
Mike Watt, Silver Daggers, John Wiese @ Safari Sam’s

Fri. Mar. 21

Jon Brion @ Largo
Ronna and Beverly’s All Jew Revue @ UCB
The Boston Strangler @ UCLA Film Archive
A Bay Of Blood, Four Times That Night @ Egyptian Theatre
Almanac Of Fall @ LACMA
The Mechanic 10:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre


Robotrix. How could this possibly be bad?

Sat. Mar. 22

Jon Brion @ Largo
Ed Helms and Seth Morris’s Puppet Talk Show @ UCB
Derek Waters presents “LOL” @ UCB
The Wild One 6:30 PM @ Angel City Drive-In
The Whip And The Body, Kill Baby Kill @ Egyptian Theatre
Sátántangó 2 PM @ LACMA

Sun. Mar. 23

Hatchet For The Honeymoon, Caltiki The Immortal Monster @ Egyptian Theatre
The Circus 4 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
I Was Born But… 7 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
Royal Warriors 9:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre

Sabretooth and his spawn Babytooth

Mon. Mar. 24

Comedy By The Numbers @ UCB

Benefit for 826 LA featuring readings from the eponymous book, published earlier this year. Eric Hoffman and Gary Rudoren host, with guest readers Bob Odenkirk, Jay Johnston, Matt Besser, and Matt Walsh.

Sarah Silverman & Friends @ Largo
Bad Dudes @ Pehrspace
Putting Looney In The Tunes @ Ampas Linwood Dunn

Tue. Mar. 25

Hit List, Maniac @ New Beverly
Rancho Notorious 1 PM @ LACMA
Comedy Death Ray @ UCB

Wed. Mar. 26

Cruising @ Egyptian Theatre
Memory Inversion @ Getty Center
The Sparrows 8 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre


This poster is better than the movie.

Thu. Mar. 27

Doug Benson Loves Interrupting Movies @ UCB
Diva, Let’s Get Lost @ New Beverly
Voyage To The Beginning Of The World @ UCLA Film Archive
Pharoah Sanders Quartet @ Jazz Bakery

Fri. Mar. 28

Jon Brion @ Largo
The Man From London @ LACMA
Pharoah Sanders Quartet @ Jazz Bakery
The Family 10:30 PM, Rider On The Rain @ Silent Movie Theatre

Sat. Mar. 29

Jon Brion @ Largo
The Funhouse MIDNIGHT @ New Beverly
The Big Lebowski @ Egyptian Theatre
The Brasher Doubloon 1 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
Rosetta @ Silent Movie Theatre
Ganja & Hess 10:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre

Sun. Mar. 30

John Wiese @ The Smell
The Yakuza 5:30 PM @ Egyptian Theatre
What Did The Lady Forget? 7 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
Robotrix 9:30 PM @ Silent Movie Theatre
Neil Hamburger @ Spaceland

Mon. Mar. 31

Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums @ New Beverly

Molly Lambert is senior editor of This Recording. Barbara Steele!


Our first experience with Playboy and also with posting Danish’s facebook pictures on the internet without his permission.

Camille Paglia entertains us further.

Mr. Gruen passed along sordid tales of Vintage Violence.

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  1. OH MY GOD SATANTANGO; I’ve been wanting to see that ever since I got into reading Jonathan Rosenbaum. Are they playing the whole thing? if so I am the therest person on earth on the 22nd.

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