In Which The Game Is Disappointingly Captured By The Hunter


the iTunes playlist: Gnarls Barkley

The new Gnarls album is on its way, and if you are enterprising you can find it out there already. It’s a bit inconsistent, but still good fun. “Going On” is a hot track, I’ll post that this weekend and let the RIAA find me. The Gnarls Barkley act, with the costumes and the Obama heritage visual, is still entertaining enough. We are a little bit more interested in the rumored Danger Mouse collaboration with Black Thought, also I have to get on finding the leaked Black Keys album he worked on, Attack and Release. Here now the long awaited Gnarls Barkley iTunes playlist:

“You Set the Scene” – Love (mp3)

‘If you want she brings you water/If you don’t then you will burn” I have always thought that burning must be one of the most painful ways to go. Luckily, on both occasions that my jacket caught on fire, there was water available. Perhaps I somehow willed it thus. But it could be a coincidence.


“Fetish Quartet” – Daniele Luppi

Mr. Luppi and I, we go way back. Over the years, he has been a powerful creative influence and a treasured friend. I am deeply in his debt. I promise that I will repay him the next time our paths cross, if I am able.

“Some Velvet Morning” – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (mp3)

The unity of all things presents itself as a riddle. Sometimes it appears weeping, sometimes in playful disguise. Many have covered this song, and for good reasons.

“Piano Fire (live)” – Sparklehorse (mp3)

I understand that this song, from the solemn and beautiful It’s A Wonderful Life LP, was inspired by an actual piano fire.

“Porpoise Song (Theme From ‘Head’)” – The Monkees (mp3)

If you remember being on the set as Head was filmed, you weren’t there. I don’t remember being there, so I cannot say whether I was there or not. The years have not dulled its brilliance.

“Roscoe” – Midlake (mp3)

A certain amount of rain must necessarily fall. And although they are easily taken for granted, the wise among us will thin of the roofs over their heads, ponder how they came to be there, and be grateful to those who sacrificed for our abundance. When I get caught outside in the rain, I often whistle this song, and it always gives me comfort.

“Sunshine of Your Love” – The 5th Dimension

Better than the first four dimensions combined.


“Disco Ho” – J-Zone & Dick $tallion

When I hear this song, I am touched with nostalgia. For the fleeting absurdity of the disco era, and for all the women whose affection has given me strength. It takes great wisdom to get this ig’nant.

“The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game” – The Marvelettes (mp3)

Had the game been captured by the hunter, the story would not have been so intriguing.

It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” – James Brown (mp3)

In the wake of his recent passing, I am still collecting my thoughts on Mr. Brown. When I listen to this song now, I am touched with nostalgia. For Mr. Brown’s outsized personality and talent, and for the women whose affection has given me strength. Time moves on, but when we say it loud, with the whole of our beings, we touch something timeless.


New video fails epilepsy test

All Things Go (top blog) on new album

for real track listing:

1. Charity Case
2. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
3. Going On
4. Run
5. Would-Be Killer
6. Open Book
7. Whatever
8. Surprise
9. No Time
10. She Knows
11. Blind Mary
12. Neighbors
13. A Little Better

“She Knows” – Gnarls Barkley (mp3)

The second leaked track is too slow


Their first collaboration

Don’t get caught behind the cultural curve

Video for “Run” was directed by collaborative Happy


Jason Schwartzman

Michael Cera

Kanye West


kanye’s rider

Ellen Page

Wes Anderson


The difference between the two points.

We go around in circles.

Fairly simple to cut through the mask.

two gentiles

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