In Which Your Vice Presidential Lost Recap Arrives A Few Days Late And A Dollar Short

The Collective

by Dick Cheney

“I swear by my life and my love of it I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” – John Galt in Atlas Shrugged

Who is John Galt?

“Don’t trust the captain.” Written on a note Michael presumably slipped under the door of the tanker’s infirmary, the advice immediately appeared silly. “The captain tells it like it is,” the helicopter pilot Jeff Fahey remarked. John Galt immediately told Sayid and Desmond the information that Benjamin Linus held in reserve. OR DID HE?

This Galt reminds me of a young Karl Rove, or perhaps myself at an earlier age.


it’s like looking in a mirror KR

And yet something on this ship is awry, and a suicide foretold it. Who are these people that seek out the man we know and love as Benjamin Linus? Why is there a list? Who crashed the plane? Who staged a fake crash? How do Jack, Sun, Kate, Aaron, Hurley and Sayid get off the island?

The mysteries of the real John Galt were many, and the allusion to the John Galt might not be as reckless as it seems. Galt created Galt’s Gulch, a place for the real doers of the world to retreat. Was this f’d up episode the way that the writers of Lost asserted their Galtian superiority over us? Are they traitors just like the tanker folk?

Galt prized the individual over the collective, seemingly the opposite of Lost‘s famous motto, “Live Together, Die Alone.”


meow fight

We can presume that Ben is going to lose this little war, and take the Oceanic Six off the island himself as part of a larger bargain. We can also presume that the final outcome of Sayid’s interregnum with the denizens of the freighter may not be palatable to Mr. Widmore, to the point where Sayid may be hunting the man on behalf of Mr. Linus.

At the same time, the producers are pulling a Star Trek style bait and switch about two characters who we don’t really identify with anyway. Killing the more boring of them off is a fine move for sweeps, even though it’s March.

“The Hypnotist’s Son” – Emmy the Great (mp3)


betch. please.

The black dude always dies first is the cliché from film and television, and no show, except for perhaps The Wire more enjoys the death of the black dude more than Lost. We pour one out for all our homies.

Between the vicious elimination of Mr. Eko, Michelle Rodriguez getting written off for popping a DUI, Michael busting up some peeps with a chance for a few more, Nestor Carbonell getting cast in Cane and his career dying a subsequent death, the evil Widmore accomplice turning into the smoke monster, and the Rape of Jinking, I think we can assume Faraday’s Paradox is going to deny Barack Hussein Obama the Democratic nomination for President.


no, no, you’re good

Lost goes off the air for awhile after next week, and it’s a good thing, because I’m starting to wonder whether the writers actually returned to this show. The Panda Bear scene in particular appeared to go on for something near thirty minutes.

Does one bad episode make Lost anything less than the best show on television? No.

enjoy the official lost podcast here

But as the focus in general has lessened, so too has the focus on the properties of the island and the promised focus of this season, Jacob. I don’t fault the writers for letting it play out the way that it has, but the simple fact is that a Richie Rich versus Donald Trump feud over a battle for real estate just isn’t as compelling as watching a group of people trying to survive a strange and wonderful island.

“My name’s Charles Barkley. Good to meet you.”

In addition, none of the castaways really seem to want to get off the island except Sun, for obvious reasons.

“While You Wait For the Others” – Grizzly Bear (mp3)

Some marriages are going better than ever, others are hiding successfully from law, others are finding they enjoy island sunshine more than the harsh glare of the real world. The island is starting to look pretty good.

from next week….who is that in the bottom right corner?

It doesn’t help that the world six of the castaways return to appears to be less than hospitable. Jack spends most of his time flying from place to place, Kate’s stealing people babies right and left, Sayid is falling in love like some kind of Iranian instead of the proud Iraqi he is, and Hurley’s in a looney bin. Why in God’s name would Jack believe so deeply that the people on the island need to be rescued?

I’m not asking that rhetorically: something has to happen at the end of this season to make it so, and since Benjamin Linus’ reign of terror has abated, this really can only mean one thing: Widmore’s people are going to take control of the Island.


wtf is that brotha up to?

Back next week.

Dick Cheney is the senior contributor to This Recording. He is the vice president of the United States.

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There’s a great anecdote that David Chase, creator of The Sopranos, has about going to see Planet of the Apes with his wife when it was first released. Sitting with her in the cinema, he’s watching the movie through to its famous conclusion, at which point he turns to his wife and says “they had a Statue of Liberty too?”



Lynn Xu is a genius.

I am not even entirely sure what this Molly post was about.

Luc Sante’s skill and wit was a matter of taste.

“Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks” – Los Campesinos (mp3)

breakdown of tombstone here

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