In Which You Want To Say You See Through Me

Giving You The Links You Deserve

by Alex Carnevale

Estelle’s single ‘American Boy’ has hit No. 1. The song makes us laugh a lot. Kanye is her hero. She bounced Mercy and Mercy was like, “Whaaaat.” England is a strange place, it’s like New Jersey but with a better accent. ‘Ye is her hero. People in the UK love Nickelback. The UK music industry is kinda racist. Estelle has a hot bonor for Prince. She hates Will Smith, and probably all Scientologists. Kanye’s iTunes playlist had a touch of down’s. This track is the biggest thing to happen to the end of March since April.

“American Boy” – Estelle ft. Kanye West (mp3)

You will never forgive yourself if you do not download the above track.


estelle myspace

Holla for my Tibetan readers.

The Whitney Biannual has a sweet Flickr, I might go there

The Secret History of comic books

The Secret History of Moscow

George Clooney’s girl is crazee

I like this pic of Danish. It’s just good to know that someone out there is making it cool to be a dorky libertarian. Free Mumia.


can’t wait to show his kids (Chitlin and Jeremiah) this pic!!!

So the wrong person to e-mail news of a mother-daughter advice column to.

Tom Cruise is too wired to be married.

They’re releasing this free version of Photoshop called Photoshop Express. Long overdue. My favorite image editing program is still irfanview

Quotations they still can’t source

25 most valuable blogs. If the superficial is worth that much, I figure TR has to be worth around $600,000

How to have actual sex.

Hillary’s a liar.

Usher walking his little terrier.

the Daily Growl on Colin Meloy

“They ask me, ‘If they send you to the moon, will you go?’ ” I say: ‘Absolutely. You have to go everywhere. Life is bigger than Harlem.”

SHAKIRA BROWN, who is joining an expedition to Antarctica, on comments from her students at a Harlem middle school.

Craigslist takes another life


10 weirdest video games boxes ever

I was talking to a friend of mine “Rob” yesterday. He had dumped his girlfriend a few months ago, and she’d been calling, saying she missed him. This led to the following conversation.

Me: What are you like with these girls? Do they really think you’re nice?

Rob: You know how usually I’m an asshole?

Me: Yeah.

Rob: I just tone down that part.

LATimes makes up Tupac story

Why can’t Adam Duritz get any respect?

The cooperative tactics of rooks

Girls are doing great in school, boys not so much


TrueHoop does bball links like no other

trailer for the new X-Files movie

My girl Condi keeps it rrrreal

Kate Bosworth pics

If you donate any amount of money to Fence they will subscribe you

Iron Man can lift cars:


have you lifted a ford lately?

Remy Zero gets caught for shooting her friend with a gun

Claudia is going to see the Led Zeppelin female cover band Lez Zeppelin, I am so jealous

Toronto terror plot. Remind me not to move to Toronto

David Cohen on Jasper Johns:

Who really owns major car companies?

This dude is incredible at turning old video game systems into stuff. His XBox laptop is sweet, dude also made a handheld SNES. Nice!

Teacher bangs 16 year old in her car, not cool you guys

This bloggeur linked to us and is now getting deposed. Coincidence? We think not.

I want to find a new way of ending my e-mails. One person I know signs her e-mails “Till soon,” which makes me laugh. I was using “One Love” for awhile till Danish said I stole it from him. The custody battle still rages. I’m taking suggestions, but I’ll probably just settle on a picture of Jenna Fischer.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


Music With Strangers

Unsorted Mail



Other People Exist

Jennifer Daniel

Count the Basket is a hot basketball site

Nerd Litter holding it down in BK


The old are graceful in their determination.

Get on a crash diet.

Links of the past.

there will be no one to wear this shirt

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  1. greetings from Music City!
    Your Blog Is uber – amazing. I’m in awe. If we should ever go in business, I’d like to add more indie music & artist into what your awesome team is doing here. We have a new Home! >!

    Please drop by, we appreciate networking with you & support.

    always a pleaure.


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