In Which The Kites of April Signal A Hot Weekend

What To Do In The 415

by Danish Aziz

Here’s my muxtape with most of the songs below. Find SFDenmark online at and in the dairy section of your local grocer.

Tuesday, April 15

  • Cat Power @ The Warfield. I hear post-Karl Lagerfeld Cat Power doesn’t get drunk and flip out on stage anymore 😦
Cat Power – “Cross Bones Style” (mp3)
  • Handsome Furs @ Bottom of the Hill. Husband/Wife duos are almost always awesome.
Handsome Furs – “Handsome Furs Hate This City”

that’s the ray that murdered that woman on the boat in florida. bastard.

Wednesday, April 16

  • Apocalyptica @ Slim’s. Classically trained Finnish cello metal band, well known for their covers of Metallica.
Apocalytpica – “Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)” (mp3)
  • Half-Handed Cloud @ Rickshaw Stop. The trombonist from Sufjan Stevens’ band the Illinoisemakers.
Half-Handed Coud – “Picnic Few Want” (mp3)

holy fuuuuck the invading forces manned up with a freaking kitten OH MAH GAWD

Thursday, April 17

Rilo Kiley – “Asshole” (mp3)

kite: “how come you always get my profile?”

Friday, April 18

  • Devin the Dude @ Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley. Friendliest rapper you know.
Devin the Dude – “I Hi” (mp3)
  • Elf Power @ Bottom of the Hill. Legends of Athens, Georgia’s finest.
Elf Power – “Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home” (mp3)
  • The Papercuts @ Cafe du Nord. SF indie stalwarts.
The Papercuts – “John Brown” (mp3)
  • Romanowski @ Mighty. SF DJ makes Dub for the dance floor.
Romanowski – “Speaking Of” (mp3)

ok, that’s a dog…and that’s his rainbow colored excrement maybez?

Saturday, April 19

  • DJ A-Trak @ Amoeba. Tour DJ responsible for the hipsterization of Kanye West.
DJ A-Trak – “Don’t Fool Wit’ The Dips” (mp3)
  • Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, NERD, and Rihanna @ HP Pavilion in San Jose. Two of our best producers on one stage.
Lupe Fiasco – “Superstar” (mp3)

  • Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival @ Japantown. $3 pints of beer, lots of food, and free music.

get under the sand castle, hide! eat your brother for sustenance!

Sunday, April 20

  • Jay Z and Mary J Blige @ Oakland Arena. No description necessary.
Jay Z – “Soon You’ll Understand” (mp3)
  • Cypress Hill @ The Fillmore. Remember the 90s?
Cypress Hill – “How I Could Just Kill A Man” (mp3)
  • Last day of the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival @ Japantown. Parade!

Monday, April 21

  • The Von Bondies @ The Independent. The dude who got beat up by Jack White.

The Von Bondies – “C’mon C’mon” (mp3)

Danish Aziz is the senior contributor to This Recording.


To Molly, Alex disappointed = as bad as death

To Danish, True Love Waits — but death waits for no one

To Alex, art = death + some great mp3’s

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