In Which This Is The Essence Of Who I Am Now


by Molly Lambert

“Teachers want us to work, and I say fine, I’ll work. But you’ve gotta let me do the kind of work that I wanna do. And for me, it’s my drum kit, man. This is my passion. This is the essence of who I am now. But before I had this, I was lost, too. You see what I’m saying? You need to find your reason for living. You’ve gotta find your big, gigantic drum kit.”Nick Andopolis

This Recording is my big gigantic drum kit. It is my passion, my reason for living. Like most passion projects, it doesn’t earn me one red cent. If any eccentric billionaires out there wanna fix that, feel free to make out all blank checks to This Recording at

But I will keep doing it anyway for free forever, because I really don’t think I could stop even if I wanted to. Blogging is like heroin. I want to inject HTML and listen to free jazz.

I’m basically a blog in a vat, and I need to tell you about how giant jellyfish are taking over the earth anyway. But before I had This Recording, I was lost. And it just so happens that WordPress makes a nice tall podium for this short little mouthy sandwich girl. This is my passion. I wish you the best of luck in finding yours.

Indian Bones” – Dead Meadow

Food With Eyes: The Guide To Anthropomorphic Food Characters

Band Name Meanings

Anita Bryant: Drugs Are Like That

Terry Bozzio’s Big Gigantic Drum Kit

Rocky Mountain High” – Dead Meadow

Bump and Run!

“Love is hiding you who are at all times.” – Jenna on 30 Rock

Ward Jenkins’s Ward-O-Matic

It took a degree of learning, but our BBQ is full term!

All right! Gene Krupa!

Nick Andopolis would dig Dead Meadow because they are heavy like a ton of bricks. Heavy like John Bonham and Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. Heavy like their lead singer Jason Simon’s dad’s David Simon’s TV opuses The Wire and Homicide: Life On The Streets. Heavier Than Heaven.

The Hollywood Animation Archive

Teen Motherfucking Witch

Beyond The Fields We Know” – Dead Meadow


Puppet Vision on Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘s Dracula puppet musical

The Little Chimp Society

Will Finn’s Small Room


Jezebel Moe and Alex Balk argue for Date Rape

James Ellroy argues for Reagan and Nazism

Alex Carnevale argues for Ayn Rand and Whittaker Chambers.

To this day I wonder if anyone ever enters that stupid high school Ayn Rand essay contest. My guess is no.

Sleepy Silver Door” – Dead Meadow

Story Boredom

The U.S. Rural Civil Defense Office tells you what to do in case of nuclear attack (using marionettes.)

Matterhorn 1959

At The Edge Of The Wood” – Dead Meadow

V.D. is for EVERYBODY!

The Nick Andopolis Guide To Life

What’s Alan Watching?

Bill’s Prog Rock Blog

Gorillas Don’t Blog!

Blog Fink

Neato Coolville

Rose and Isabel

Character Design

Molly “Lady L” Lambert is the editor of This Recording


The Humble Greatness Of How I Met Your Mother

Becca Wiener On Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segel’s September Song

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