In Which Molly’s Fantasies Come To Life

Links to Make You Go PYRZQXGL

by Molly Lambert

I tried watching that Tin Man SciFi miniseries for one second and realized it’s totally just a Steampunk Wizard of Oz. I guess the Oz books are some of the first Steampunk novels, along with Jules Verne and a couple of other fantasy authors. Return To Oz is definitely as Steampunk a movie there is.

Map of the Land of Oz

I remember reading my way through the complete Oz books as a kid. They got progressively weirder, like Twin Peaks, as Baum tried to write them faster to make cash. The best ones were Tik-Tok of Oz and The Patchwork Girl of Oz. The Emerald City is a socialist eden. Are the citizens of Oz really called Ozians? Hmmm

Baum’s post-Oz effort, The Sea Fairies, didn’t do well but was his personal favorite

Fantasy author Edith Nesbit, most famous for The Railway Children, wrote a book about mermaids called Wet Magic. Not related to this Wet Magic.

Field Recordings of Cats Purring! I want a white noise machine of this to fall asleep to. It’s meowdorable!

necrophilia from playboy, you knew it happened, now you know when

Walt Whitman pants, from the J. Peterman catalogue (where else?), courtesy of one Mr. Benjamin A. Stein. According to Peterman, “When Walt Whitman heard America singing, these are the kind of pants it was singing in.” So actually you mean they’re the kind of pants Walt Whitman was coming in, if I remember my Song of Myself.

The Wondering Minstrels poetry archive. Reading poems online is one of the most pleasurable web activities there is.

The levels of greatness a fiction writer can achieve, by Tao Lin. I plan on being the first woman inducted into the “F-14 FIGHTER PLANE SHOOTING MISSILES AT CACTI IN NEVADA” class.

Blog Flume, the comics blog of the Buenaventura Press

“Golden Star” – My Brightest Diamond (mp3)

“Disappear (String Quartet Version)” – My Brightest Diamond (mp3)

“Men of Station” – 13 & God (mp3)

The nine most racist Disney characters

Escort service uses hot pic of Brenda Song, nfw

The quality sucks, but it’s Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and the Final Countdown. Where’s my Sega Genesis? I want my mothafuckin Sega Genesis!

God remember my piece on the Wainwrights? Classic.

Nike founder Phil Knight working on his novel at Stanford. Hopefully Will Hubbard will get the Wallace Stegner fellowship and Knight can be the Godwin Lloyd-Jons to Will’s Danny Deck. I personally liked to picture Godwin in my mind as Don Barthelme, although Larry McMurtry never studied with Barthelme at the University of Houston.

Speaking of Texas, PIMP C REST IN PEACE

Polly Vous Francais?

Amelia’s Magazine


Jessamyn West on Don Barthelme, and the social ramifications of the internet on real life. This Recording loves Jessamyn. Her IM name is “IAmTheBestArtist” which rivals Tess’s classic “TormentedArtist.”

Jessamyn is a MetaFilter moderator, Don B. enthusiast, and librarian who’s been holding it down for hypertext since the beginning of webtime. You can even visit her in Vermont, if you like a hardscrabble bed and breakfast and walks to sit down by the river. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

A Home For Unwanted Library Orphans


Molly Lambert is senior editor of This Recording.


Alex Carnevale, Film Critic

2 Days In Paris


Hannah Takes The Stairs

One thought on “In Which Molly’s Fantasies Come To Life

  1. “I guess the Oz books are some of the first Steampunk novels, along with Jules Verne and a couple of other fantasy authors. Return To Oz is definitely as Steampunk a movie there is.”

    goddamn you Molly Lambert for being My Brain Version 2.0

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