In Which Chris Farley’s Death Is Probably Your Fault

Who Killed Chris Farley? A Murder Mystery for the Ages

In the annals of people dying who couldn’t be saved, there is Chris Farley. His appetite for drugs, drink and women was insatiable. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time, and somehow seemed determined to expedite the process.

Here now we share Playboy‘s excerpt from the new oral history of Chris, The Chris Farley Show. Afterwards you can decide who killed him the most.

“Postcard from Kentucky” – Rocky Votolato (mp3)

“Chasing Cars (hey team remix)” – Snow Patrol (mp3)

“Catch My Disease” – Ben Lee (mp3)

Buy The Chris Farley Show here.


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12 thoughts on “In Which Chris Farley’s Death Is Probably Your Fault

  1. I will always love Chris farley no matter what!
    I love you Chris, you will always live In my heart!
    I will never ever forget you.
    no matter what Chris did In his life, I still love that sweet man!

  2. I think Chris Farley and his death are still very present in our minds. Maybe it’s a Generation Y thing.

  3. ohhh, its an ‘excerpt’. I guess that’s how you get around copyright infringement. Nice read, I enjoyed it. shadenfreude or whatever, man. still wondering if that’s a rosary he’s got there. Sad story.

  4. I think I could talk and read of Chris for hours. This man battled with things many people do everyday, he was just someone that needed help from those around him, he was too weak to handle it alone. I know they cared for him but they also did nothing because they were all doing the same thing, maybe just at a smaller scale. Chris I love you and love to watch your movies, I laugh as if I have never seen them before. I know you are in heaven with our maker, he knows you battled with the devil inside yourself but truly wanted to be different. You were a Christian man and it is very sweet that you were able to admit you needed help and show your weakness, many ppl do not do that. It shows you have a pure heart, I wish I could have known you. My hearts breaks even over a decade later.
    RIP Chris Farley, you were more than a “fatty that falls down to make ppl laugh” YOU WERE A TRUE SOUL. God Bless you.

  5. I think he was a great man also!!! I also think that one of his brothers and friend had something to do with his death. Why was he holding rosery beads? Why would she steel his watch but not money? Who hired the stripper? Does his brother come over every day? Finally look at the pic close, the bloody napkins when heidi was shooting him up also look at the way his legs are folded. I don’t know about you but I have fallin backwards from morphine overdose and my leggs weren’t crossed. I think he was allready sitting down.

  6. i loved chris farley he was the funniest movie maker in the world i like the way he makes jokes and make people laugh i know even do he is dead i still lives in my heart as the great comedian chris farley always know that i will miss you and that you are missed

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