In Which I’m A Lonesome Schoolboy In Your Town

Cocksucker Blues

by Molly Lambert

“Definitely one of the best movies about rock and roll I’ve ever seen. It makes you think being a rock and roll star is one of the last things you’d ever want to do.” – Jim Jarmusch

The famously unreleased Rolling Stones rock documentary Cocksucker Blues records the developmental stage of rock-star life known as “The Heroin Years.” Two years after the tragedy of Gimme Shelter (no offense to the Maysles, Grey Gardens is clutch), the Glimmer Twins are at new depths of debauchery.

Robert Frank gave cameras to all the members of the band to record their own experiences as they toured the U.S. for the first time since the events at Altamont in support of Exile On Main Street, and then edited their footage together on his own.

“It’s a fucking good film, Robert, but if it shows in America we’ll never be allowed in the country again.” – Mick Jagger

It’s the definitive chronicle of the Bad End Of The Sixties, the era of Charlie Manson and The Zodiac Killer. Directed by famous photographer and documentarian Robert Frank, Cocksucker Blues is a long bad drug trip and the horrible comedown.

One fan complains to Frank that the state’s taken her child away just because she likes to drop acid. “So what?” she says “He was born on acid!”

Cameraman Danny Seymour starts out chronicling the drug abuse and ends up neck deep in it. Mick listens to a music box and masturbates. None of this is as fun or cool as it sounds.

director/photographer Robert Frank

This clip pretty much defines the concepts of Fame and Celebrity. It’s Truman Capote and Andy Warhol backstage at a Stones show in 1972. Despite their artistic clout and backstage passes they are still a couple of pale queers giggling in the corner of a party they will always be outsiders at.

And yet somehow, amidst all the groupies and junkies and handlers and hangers-on, you can’t help but think that hanging out talking trash with Truman and Andy would beat the hell out of shooting up smack with the Stones.


Smacked Out Junkie Rock Stars

Even the fucking sound guy’s on heroin!

Keef and Bobby Keys toss a TV out of the hotel window.

Mick smokes a joint, eats some ice cream, loves Southern cuisine

classic Robert Frank photograph

I read someone (I think it was Paul McCartney, actually) give a good maxim about LSD that went: “Once you’ve got the message, hang up the phone.” Don’t drop any more acid, kids.

Two more long clips from Cocksucker Blues. Quick watch em before ABKCO takes em down!

A strikingly banal outtake from the Maysles’ Stones at Altamont documentary Gimme Shelter

The (filthy) eponymous song Cocksucker Blues, which The Stones gave to Decca in order to get out of their contract.

A 1973 interview with Keef where he is especially nasty

Mick and Keith in a joint interview

Beatles or Stones?

Shine A Light, a documentary about the family-friendly cleaned up dirty old men called The Rolling Stones, directed by fellow former cokehead Marty Scorsese.

Molly Lambert is the senior editor of This Recording


Downloadable bootleg of the complete album! Includes the aforementioned “Cocksucker Blues” and alternate versions of “Sister Morphine,” “”Dear Doctor,” “Wild Horses,” among other classic Stones jams.

Acoustic Motherfuckers – The Rolling Stones (complete album)

Rocks Off” – The Rolling Stones

Sweet Virginia” – The Rolling Stones

Stop Breaking Down” – The Rolling Stones


Flight Of The Conchords are so hot they’re making me sexist

Lindsay Lohan gives GF Samantha Ronson a monster hickey

Spike Jonze and Rivers Cuomo are both going bald


Where Can I Get My Cock Sucked

Where Can I Get My Ass Fucked

I Ain’t Got No Money, But I Know Where To Put It Every Time

This Recording’s Coat is Torn and Frayed

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