In Which Karina Tells You What Makes Her Laugh

It is a trying time in American life. The onslaught of the sub-prime crisis, the price of gas, rising anti-Semitism on tumblrs around the globe, No We Can’t, Ted Kennedy’s tumor, bears stealing human food, ants going marching, gingers everywhere. It is that moment to bring joy back, to light the fire of hilarity deep within us. Our longtime senior contributor Karina Wolf starts off this epic series: Things I Find Funny.

Things I Find Funny

by Karina Wolf

Diane Keaton:

David Bowie & Cher:

Elaine Stritch understudying Ethel Merman:

The concise Coen Brothers:

The shower scene in Charade:

Celebrity pop duets like Guilty:

Woody Allen’s pastiches of Russian literature:

Spalding Gray’s perfect moment:

Dolly Parton: it costs a lot of money to look this cheap:

Diane Keaton:

Just once, Samberg.

Fats Waller:

The end jokes from The Vicar of Dibley:

Billy Connolly has dinner at the posh house:

Karina Wolf is the senior contributor to This Recording. She is a writer living in New York. You can find more of her work here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Her blog is here.

“Shine (acoustic version)” – Anna Nalick (mp3)

“Breaking the Girl” – Anna Nalick (mp3)


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7 thoughts on “In Which Karina Tells You What Makes Her Laugh

  1. Is it wrong that I like the Barbara/Barry duet? Btw, I saw her in concert a few yrs back with a guy who i didn’t even know his name… And it was too akward to ask… MOST RANDOM NIGHT.

    i also love the Lebowski clip. and of course my man Cary G

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