In Which Mary Sue Takes Back The Ship

Science Fiction Fandom Has No Sex

By Molly Lambert

There is no female mind. The brain is not an organ of sex. Might as well speak of a female liver.” – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

If you took my brain, and put it in another body, and then turned that body into a brain in a vat, you would have Annalee Newitz. Seriously, I love this girl woman person. She understands me. She gets IT. And by IT I mean both Information Technology and the big picture, the world riddle, the reasons we blog and exist and blog about existing and blogging (and so on).

Annalee Newitz blogs awesome at io9

Like any great journalist, Newitz questions epistemological falsehoods and debunks them. Especially those about gender, science, and science fiction. Also, the reason the Sci-Fi Channel has no viewers is generally because it sucks.

Annalee Newitz On io9, Breaking I.T. Down:

Science Fiction Is For Women

Speed Racer is Too Gay To Function

Why Annalee Hates E.T.

Diablo Cody. Sure you love to hate her because she’s pretty (AWESOME), but can John Carpenter pole dance?

Women love horror and sci-fi for the same reasons men do. Not because we feel some special emotional connection to the characters or have an interest in space fashion. It’s because we wanna see FREAKY SHIT that will BLOW OUR MINDS. You can ask Tess. Also probably because it’s one of the only genres to consistently feature female characters who resemble human beings, even when they are actually replicants.

“Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl!”

The Final Girl trope is deeply satisfying for young women who want to see ourselves onscreen. I will keep holding my breath for Iron Woman. Meanwhile, I’ll pray on wood for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and Diablo’s feminist horror comedy Jennifer’s Body.

Even the wiki on fangirls is ridden with sexism. Try the much better nerd girl instead. Lisa Simpson approves.

Despite the popular stereotypes of sci-fi enthusiasts as fanboys and male hikikomoris, fangirls are equally rampant. Fan fiction is actually dominated by female writers, although Alex has been known to author Archie-centric American Idol fanfics where I am the villain. (He also writes speculative Harry Potter stories). Fangirls are often denigrated as being Mary Sues.

Hermione Granger, before puberty makeover

Leslie Fish is a famous filk singer who wrote Star Trek themed joke songs. Fangirls love writing fanfiction and are not necessarily shippers. Some women write slash fiction, Leslie Fish was a pioneer of Kirk/Spock stories. Nowadays you’re more likely to find LOThR slash, such as Frodo/Aragorn or Samwise/Legolas. Even Gandalf/Gollum. Brokeback Middle-Earth is a popular setting.

Willow Rosenberg: nerdy, Jewish, ginger, Wiccan

Anime has a whole genre called Yaoi (or Boy’s Love) that focuses on male/male manga, which is incredibly popular among women and gay men. The less sexual, more romantic version is called Shōnen-ai. Teen girls love Bishōnen. I would like to read slash about Zodiac or NCFOM, personally. Hook it up.

Daria, see: names I was called in high school

Nerd Girls differ from Fangirls in that their fanship is not presumed to be about lusting for hobbits, although that can happen too. The wiki specifics on nerd girls are so broad as to make almost no sense. Sometimes nerd girls wear glasses, but sometimes they don’t. Okay, you nailed me!

Liz Lemon, Role Model To Nerdesses Everywhere

Often small in stature, prone to rants at clueless male characters. They dress unfashionably, not as a statement but because they don’t care about fashion. Typically her clothes will be comfortable; they may be somewhat “young” for her. They have expertise in a specialized area, and/or a wide general knowledge.


Rosemary Woodhouse: Mean husband, creepy neighbors, doctor who fucks with you, devil baby for you to love.

Dana Scully: FBI agent, professional skeptic, hot ginger we love.

Princess Leia Organa: Blowsy, prone to incest, gold bikinis, drinking away embarrassment caused by holiday specials and boring mom Padmé.

Alien‘s Ripley center, Navigator Lambert in back right

Ellen Ripley: Blue collar astronaut betrayed by the government, kills aliens dead, then kills them some more.

Buffy Summers: I did actually not major in Buffy studies, but I basically did. I’m partial to Willow myself (Faith is also no slouch), but you still have to bow before Buffy.

Laurie Strode: The original final girl, Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome, murks Michael Myers over and over again.

Sarah Connor: Saves the world fighting robots from the future, pumps mad iron. I hear she has chronicles now.


Girl Geeks

Rants Of A Mad Nerdess

The Park Bench is glad to have Tina Fey as de facto queen.

Girly Geekdom Blog

Where do the nerd girls gather? Um, the internets?

Nerd Girls at Tufts

Molly Lambert is the skeptical redhead at This Recording

“You’re Just a Country Boy” – Alison Krauss (mp3)

“Where D’You Go” – Jamie Lidell (mp3)

“The French Open (live)” – Foals (mp3)


Alex Carnevale Is Or Was Legend

The Complete Science Corner Collection

Darwin’s Theory Of Sexual Selection Is Wrong

This Recording is Will Elder R.I.P.

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